Advance weapons in Indian army (airforce, military and navy)

Advance weapons in Indian army:- Friends, today we will give you information about some important and useful weapons of the Indian Army, which are proving very effective for the country in today’s time. State-of-the-art weapons used from small scale to war level are used. As you know, different types of weapons are manufactured each year to increase military strength in the Indian Army. DRDO and other arms manufacturing companies have taken up this task to secure and strengthen the military force in India too. Let us give you detailed information about the country’s most advanced weapons.

Advance weapons in Indian army

Weapons given to an ordinary soldier are small-scale weapons in the country. While weapons are giving to an army or battalion used in large quantities. We are giving you information on the use of weapons and their capabilities.

Small arms

  1. Pistol Automatic 9mm 1A:- Today, this weapon used by the Indian Army and Canadian soldiers. This weapon used by the Special Forces in Small Number. It is made under the OFB license. It is a semi-automatic pistol. A 9 mm bullet used in the special Condition. which is useful in Indian Military and Police departments.
  2. OFB 12 Bore Pump Action shotgun:- The weapon used to establish the status of Indian Army soldiers in the country is an advance weapon. This weapon is giving to ordinary soldiers so that they can use it in any short war. It has a new and advanced technology short gun equipped with pump action.
  3. AK-203:- This assault rifle is a very advance technical rifle from AK-74m. Recently, this rifle has produced in India since December 2020. This rifle, which provides long-range firepower to the Indian Army, is based on very advanced technology. Till now this rifle used only in India and Russia. A K103 assault rifle given to the soldiers of the Indian Army’s dreaded paramilitary. In the near future, AK-203 assault rifles will also be made available to the Indian Army.
  4. Dragunov SVD:- This weapon designed for the masked man in the country is a very dangerous weapon. In the Indian Army, the weapon is used here in place of the 7.62 mm NATO DMR. The use of this rifle is considered very usefully during shooting.
  5. Vidhvanshak:- Anti-material rifles are also used in the Indian Army. The use of this anti-material rifle has the capability of demolishing enemy small weapon vehicles and bunkers.
  6. INSAS LMG:- This is an automatic machine gun known as the Light Machine Gun to Indian soldiers. The use of this machine gun will replace by the new upcoming IWI Negev NG-7 in 2021.

Explosive, Rockets and Mortars

  1. Multi-Mode Granade Shivalik :- The Multimode Grand Shivalik is an excellent granite in the existing And Granite near the Indian Army. Today, about 1.8 million multi-mode grenade Shivalik is available. This grenade acts like a modular grenade ie available in hand made defensive and rifle mode.
  2. Multi Grenade Launcher 40mm: – It is a very dangerous grenade launcher present with the Indian Army. This launcher designed to explode large-calibre projectiles frequently with smoke warheads. This is the most common type of portable grenade launcher that can easily carry on the shoulder.
  3. B-300 shipon:- This rocket launcher in the Indian Army is 82mm. This rocket launcher made by an Israeli company. Today, this launcher used by Marcos and para-special forces soldiers in the Special Forces. The good feature of this rocket launcher is that it can carry easily by any individual.
  4. OFB E1 51mm:- In simple language, it is known as Mortar. There are a total of 3 variants of this type in the Indian Army. Which popularly known as OFB E1 81 mm, OFB E1 120 mm mortar respectively. At present, the Indian Army has more than 5000 motors of OFB E1 81 mm used by soldiers.

Vehicles – Advance weapons in Indian army

  1. Arjun MBT: – The most dangerous tank in the Indian Army as a Main Battle Tank is the Arjun Tank. 118 Arjun tanks included in the Indian Army after a trial in February 2015. This tank is about 60 meters long and made up of 1400 horsepower. Which can easily outnumber enemies in any situation.
  2. T-90S “Bhishma”:- Among the dangerous tanks in the Indian Army, Bhishma Tank is the most dangerous. The tank was first inducted into the Indian Army in 2001, follow by a new variant T-90M of Bhishma Tank on 26 October 2006 and T-90 Ms in 2007. More recently, the 90M new variant T-90 MS has inducted into the army.
  3. T-72 Ajeya:- Dangerous tanks are to talk about and do not include Ajeya. This is not fair for the Indian Army. The Ajeya tank is a tank whose combats are so secure that the tank shells of any country cannot have any effect on it. At present, about 2410 tanks of Ajay or tanks have been inducted into the Indian Army.

Tank destroyer (NAMIKA)

The Indian Army has more than one tank destroyer available to eliminate enemy tanks. But at present, the NAMIKA Tank Destroyer was inducting into the Army after successful trials on 13 July 2020.

NAMIKA Tank Destroyer is a very dangerous tank destroyer made by India. This tank destroyer includes a snake missile called Proserpina. This missile is a third-generation missile that can annihilate its enemy under any circumstances. The firepower of this missile ie tank destroyer is so accurate that no tank can escape it.

New weapons of Defence that under trial in DRDO

Other Weapons of Indian Army

Apart from all these weapons in the Indian Army, there are many such dangerous weapons that make the Indian Army extremely strong. Apart from the military, the weapons of the Air Force and the Navy are also very dangerous in the Indian Army. Information about the weapons of the Indian Navy and Air Force is given below.

  • Prithvi Air Defense: It is a missile that is useful for making the Indian Air Force extremely strong in the next 2 years. With this missile, the Indian Air Force can easily send any target in the range of about 2000 km.
  • Prithvi Defense Vehicle Mark 2
  • Advanced air defense missile
  • s400 Triumf
  • Barak -1
  • Akash
  • Shaurya (hypersonic cruise missile)
  • Nirbhay (subsonic cruise missile)
  • Agni all variant
  • HAL (light combat helicopter):- It used in light attacked.
  • Boeing AH-64 Apache
  • HAL Rudra
  • Dhruv
  • Cheetah
  • Chetak
  • Rustom
  • Ashwini (military radar)
  • Rohini (military radar)

In today’s article, we gave you information about all the important advanced equipment and weapons present in the Indian Army. If you want to see and read similar interesting and important information, then do tell us in our comment box. In the near future, the link to the article informing about the subject of weapons in the Indian Army is given below.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What are the weapons currently available with the Indian Army?
    Answer:- At present, the Indian Army has weapons of advanced technology. Read the complete article above to know the names and characteristics of all the weapons.
  2. Who are the weapons of new technology in the Indian Air Force? Answer:- The Indian Air Force has a number of aircraft of new technology such as Tejas, HAL helicopters, Apache helicopters.
  3. Which missile was tested in Tejas aircraft?
    Answer:- The Agni missile made by the Indian research DRDO is used by Tejas aircraft.
  4. What weapons can the Indian Army get in the near future?
    Answer:- In the near future, the Indian Air Force will receive a variety of advanced technology weapons for all departments. Click on the link given in the article for more information.
  5. Are Indian Air Force and Navy equipment manufactured by DRDO? Answer:- The equipment produces in the Indian Navy and Air Force is manufacture at the DRDO research centres.
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