Type of Medical Test in Defence Examination.

Type of Medical Test in Defence Examination:- Friends, today when everyone on every side is thinking every step to fulfil their ambition and working towards moving towards what they have to achieve. In such a situation, it is very important that we recognize the qualities inside us and work to give them a new height. By identifying our inner qualities and choosing a career through it, we will be counted as a special human being. In this way, it is necessary to have an internal power within us that can help us in time to make us our separate identity.

The defence is a good field that serves as a guide to your difficult efforts. The Defense Examination is the first step to join the Indian Army. Through this, all three armies, air, and navy can be recruited in the country. The Defence Examination is conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and other Defence commission every year.


12th pass students can participate in the written examination of NDA and CDS conducted by UPSC. In which the selected candidates have to attend a five-day interview by the Services Selection Board (SSB). In which it is also mandatory for the candidate to pass the physical and medical test. Let us know what are the provisions of medical examination in Defense:

Type of Medical Test in Defence Examination

In the Medical Test of Defence, the candidates have to fulfill the following criteria.

  • Weight
  • The height
  • Eye sight
  • Ear
  • Disease status in candidates

Internal Body Test

Other internal and external body diseases due to which candidates are not selected:

  1. A person suffering from any heart and blood-related disease cannot be included in the defence.
  2. The defence has some provisions for people suffering from scoliosis, if you are unable to meet those provisions then you are disqualified.
  3. Having enlarged liver will disqualify.
  4. A person suffering from any type of skin disease is also not eligible.
  5. The defence’s medical examination also includes a urine examination. In case of any abnormality, the candidate will be declared unfit.
  6. A hernia is a disease which if not treated properly can put a person in a serious problem. The Defence can therefore reject any candidate with a severe hernia problem.
  7. The candidate should not have any type of chronic or new diseases. Such as hemorrhoids, abdominal pain, intestinal distortion, etc.
  8. The order of teeth in the face of the candidates should be well organized.
  9. There should not be any type of disease in the teeth like a cavity, yellowing, etc.
  10. There should be a fixed spread in all the joints of the fingers. The palm of the hands should work better.
  11. Total 14 points of teeth present in the mouth should be completed.

Weight / height

The height criteria and weight of the candidates in the Air Force and the Army by the NDA and Combined Defence Service (CDS) are as follows.


Height (for men) (in centimeters)Weight in kg (18 years)Weight in kilograms (20 years)Weight in kilograms (22 years)


Height (in centimeters) for the Air Force and the ArmyWeight in kg (16 to 17 years)Weight in kilograms (17 to 18 years)Weight in kilograms (18 to 19 years)
(Medical Test in Defence)

For Navy by NDA and CDS Exam

A discount of 10% (less or more) will be provided for the height of the candidates in the Navy.

The required height and weight for the Navy (Medical Test in Defence)

Height for navy (cm)Weight (16 years)Weight (18 years)Weight (20 years)

Height & Weight (For Women) (Medical Test in Defence)


Height (cm)Weight (20 years)Weight (25 years)Weight (30 years)
(Medical Test in Defence)

Eye sight (Medical Test in Defence)

In order to join the Defence, candidates must meet the criteria of eyesight. The criteria for eye position are as follows.

Indian Navy and ArmyIndian Air Force
Vision without glasses6/66/6, 6/9
Vision with glasses6/66/6 (Only for hypermetropia)
Far sight defect limit+1.5 D+2.00 D
Color blindnessCP-I MLTCP-I MLT
Estigmatism+0.75 cyl
MyopiaN-5 (For each eye)
Type of Medical Test in Defence Examination
  • Candidates who use glasses permanently cannot apply to the Air Force.
  • It is considered ineligible to apply in the Air Force after laser surgery.
  • Candidates who have undergone cataract surgery in their eyes also cannot fill this application form.
  • Candidates with color blindness are not eligible for Air Force.

For Flying Branch (Medical Test in Defence)

The criteria for candidates to become pilots in the Air Force are as follows.

leg length99 cm- 120 cm
Sitting heightmax. 644 cm
Thigh length81.50 cm – 96 cm
Type of Medical Test in Defence Examination

Outer Body Test (Medical Test in Defence)

Guidelines for candidates who have any type of permanent tattoo on their body:

  1. Tattoos should not be offensive in any way.
  2. Tattoo belonging to the tribe or community of the culture is valid under the tattoo policy of Defence.
  3. According to the Defence Tattoo Policy, candidates with tattoos on the back of the palms on the anterior face and on the back of the palms are allowed entry.
  4. When suffering from the severe hunchback.
  5. If a candidate is found to have a flat foot, he is permanently rejected from the defence.
  6. Persons suffering from suffocation are also permanently rejected for coming to the defence.
  7. Any type of abdominal disease can cause rejection. (Medical Test in Defence)

Candidates wishing to join the defence need to be very careful about their physical and mental health. The slightest carelessness towards your health can affect your dreams and career. In the Defence Examination, candidates are examined in every field. The special focus is on intelligence, physical ability, or physical health. Defence is quite strict about the prescribed standards of physical fitness and hence a slight lapse disqualifies a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the medical criteria for joining the Indian Army?
    Answer:- Information about the medical criteria in the Indian Army is given above. Candidates are selected on the basis of all these parameters.
  2. Are all Medical Test in Defence the same?
    Answer:- All medical standards of the Indian Army are almost the same. But the Indian Air Force has different medical standards for fighter pilot or flying branch.
  3. What is the eligibility of the eyes for defence?
    Answer:- In general, the eligibility of any candidate should be 6/6. Read the article for other details.
  4. Does a candidate become disqualified if there is a small reduction in the medical criteria on admission?
    Answer:- No, that candidate is disqualified for some time but between 15 and 20 days he/she can again take an object for Medical Test in Defence.
  5. For how long are candidates temporarily excluded?
    Answer:- Candidates are excluded from the Temporalee medical criteria for approximately 15 to 20 days. After which they may again be available for medical criteria.
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