Situation reaction test (SRT) is the third test in the battery of psychological tests. Psychology tests are conducted on the second day of your reporting to SSB.

Once you are screened in on the basis of your logical reasoning and intelligence you are then tested on your psychological aspects.

The psychology test is a battery of four tests conducted continuously for 2 hours. The four tests are :

  • TAT-Thematic Apperception test
  • WAT- Word Association Test
  • SRT-situation reaction test
  • SDT-Self Description Test
  • Situation reaction test proves to be a bit difficult as the number of situations is 60 and the time allotted to react to them is 30 minutes. The allotted time is on purpose cut short, so that you write the very first reaction that comes to your mind. When you dwell on a certain situation for too long, you are likely to contradict your own personality.

 Also, the reaction has to be written by you, which implies that the test is subjective and not objective. Therefore, do not waste time on writing long reactions to any of the situations. Write short yet complete responses

To excel in this test, you must bear following points in mind:

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that you have to try your best to attempt all the questions.
  • Secondly, sometimes the same situations may be repeated, so you have to be alert as to not pose any contradictions for your own personality
  • While reacting to the situations keep in mind that you have to provide temporary +permanent solution to the situation provided.
  • Think and answer like a normal person, avoid displaying yourself as a super hero.
  • Try to provide practical solutions to the problems in front of you, as they are situations very much similar to your daily life incidents.
  • Choose your words wisely, use of precise words will be beneficial for you. Remember there is a time limit.
  • Give complete solutions to the problems or in this case situations. Write meaningful solutions that make complete sense
  • Do not forget your primary objective while handling the situation in hand.
  • Lastly, the most effective strategy is PRACTICE. With practice you will be able to handle the time stress.

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