7 Crucial Tips Used by Toppers to Successfully Crack AFCAT 2023

Many of us dream from childhood to join the Indian Air Force that sometime we will join the Indian Air Force and appear for the service of the country. Although there are many such applications to join the Indian Air Force, if you want to work as a pilot or officer in the Indian Air Force, then you have to clear NDA and AFCAT exams. These exams are not ordinary. To clear these, candidates have to study more and prepare for the exam with the right strategy.

Even if you can find a good coaching institute, you can easily crack an exam like AFCAT by using the guidance of the teachers. Today we are going to tell you some special tips to crack the AFCAT exam for Indian Air Force on the first attempt. These tips can provide you with a better strategy for your exam preparation. Especially aspirants who are toppers of the AFCAT must use these 7 Crucial Tips. Let us know, what are the seven Crucial Tips that you should also follow to crack the exam through toppers?

7 Crucial Tips by Toppers for AFCAT Exam

Air Force Common Admission Test toppers work hard as well as devise a smart strategy to prepare for their exam and crack the exam using some smart tips. If you also follow these tips, then surely you can easily crack the AFCAT or any other type of armed forces exam. Below we will give you information about 7 tips that prepare toppers for study.

  1. Reading
  2. Strong Reasoning
  3. Mathematical Tricks
  4. Solve Question Paper
  5. Know the Mark Weightage
  6. Don’t Waste Time
  7. Take an Online Mock Test

Let us now give you detailed information about all the topics started by the toppers.

1. Reading:-

Candidates need to read as many books as possible for the Indian Air Force exam. By doing this, one can prepare for the General Ability section of AFCAT very easily. To prepare the General Awareness and Current Affairs properly, the candidate has to read different types of books and newspapers continuously. So candidates always keep reading books related to all types of General Awareness and Current Affairs and keep writing the necessary information in one of your notebooks by pointing out the necessary information. By doing this you will be successful in getting the information about the current affair in the last moments of the exam. If you want to get the current affairs of each day then you can visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes to attend the current affairs of each day and their quizzes.

2. Strong Reasoning:-

In the AFCAT exam, candidates also need to focus more on reasoning while preparing according to the syllabus. There are many reasoning questions in the AFCAT exam so you should attempt at least 20 reasoning questions each day using different books. To solve the reasoning question, you can buy AFCAT reasoning books present in the market or you can also get the books sitting at home by visiting the official website of MKC. Venn diagram, Complete the Series, Find Out and Even Numbers, and other types of questions are also asked from the Reasoning Section in the question paper. In this way, you solve a minimum of 20-20 questions daily for each topic, and then you will be able to understand and solve them better in terms of the exam.

3. Mathematical Tricks:-

In the AFCAT exam to join the Indian Air Force, candidates need to solve Class X maths questions. According to the syllabus of class X, in the examination, many questions related to simple interest and compound interest are present in the subject of mathematics. Apart from this, general arithmetic questions from Mathematics are also present. To prepare for the mathematical section of AFCAT in less time, memorize the formulas and attempt the questions through short tricks. You can also go through maths books published by Major Kalshi Classes to practice maths short tricks and more. To strengthen the Mathematics section, you need to have more focus on your preparation and accuracy to solve the question papers.

4. Solve Question Paper:-

The best thing that toppers do to crack the AFCAT exam is to solve previous years’ question papers. To make the exam preparation even better by the toppers and how to solve the last minute question papers, they keep solving the previous year’s question papers in the stipulated time. By doing this, the candidates preparing for the exam get to know all the aspects of the question paper and their pattern and the strategy to solve the question papers in the stipulated time. If you want to get AFCAT Previous Years Question Papers and continue your exam preparation with study materials then visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes. Here you will get books and study materials related to previous years’ question papers.

5. Know the Marks Weightage

While preparing for the exam candidates should always remember which part they have to prepare more and from which topic questions are asked for maximum marks. Candidates are asked a different number of questions for different subjects in the stipulated time. The question papers asked in the written exam are mostly sitting in multiple parts. As the number of questions in the numerical section is 10 to 12 and their weightage of marks is generally less. But still, you are given three marks for solving these questions. In this way, you can assess that if you get 10 to 12 questions completely correct then you can easily get 30 to 35 marks in the exam.

Let us tell you that a total of 100 questions are asked in the AFCAT exam and each question carries 3 marks. If you have answered any question wrong then you will be deducted one mark.

So always keep in mind that when you are solving the questions of the question paper, then solve those questions first that you know easily and their answers accurately. Click on the link given below to know about AFCAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus.

6. Don’t Waste Time:-

One of the most important ways for aspirants who follow the methods to become the toppers in the AFCAT exam is not to waste their precious time. As you already know that AFCAT cut-off is one of these exams and candidates also have limited time to solve the question paper. That’s why while preparing for the exam, you should pay more attention to your time and also pay attention to the time given to solve the question paper while appearing in the written test.

The total time to solve the question paper asked in the AFCAT exam is 120 minutes and you have to attempt 100 questions in this stipulated time. If you do not solve the question paper within this time then they affect your marks. So always keep in mind that any kind of carelessness while solving the question paper can deprive you of your success. To solve the question papers within time, you keep trying to solve more and more previous years’ question papers and also keep estimating your marks according to the marking.

6. Take an Online Mock Test:-

To become a topper, apart from the above-given tips, it is better to constantly appear in online mock tests, the most important task. By doing this you not only get to solve the previous year’s question paper but you also learn the tricks to solve the question paper in the stipulated time. Punctuality is extremely important in the AFCAT exam. So you must go through the AFCAT Mock Tests conducted by Major Kalshi Classes and keep assessing your exam preparation.

Today we have given you information about some special tips used by toppers. If you also follow these tips and tricks and prepare for the exam by working hard, then you will get selected. If you are looking for a better coaching institute for Indian Air Force AFCAT preparation or want to get AFCAT books then visit the Major Kalshi Classes website today. Here you will easily get all kinds of information and books related to the examination.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Can one crack the AFCAT exam easily?

If you have worked hard to prepare for an exam like AFCAT and prepared for the exam using the right strategy then surely you can crack this exam.

What is the syllabus of the AFCAT?

In the AFCAT exam syllabus, questions are asked from various subjects like Maths, Science, Reasoning and General Awareness, English for class 10th and class 12th as well as graduation.

How are the marks determined in the AFCAT exam?

A total of 100 questions are asked in the written test of AFCAT and each question carries 3 marks. One mark is deducted negatively for a wrong answer.

What to do to become AFCAT toppers?

To become the topper of any exam, you will need a proper strategy, the best books, and guidance from proper teachers.

Is any coaching institute better for AFCAT preparation?

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute located in Prayagraj is one of the best coaching institutes to prepare for Armed Forces Exams.

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