60 Important Topics for SSB Interview Lecturette

Lecturette is task conducted in GTO series in which candidate is asked to deliver a short talk on given topic that one you choose from given four.
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The main motto of conductinglecturette is that to inspect speaking capability of candidate because every officer has to command his troops, motivate them and brief them the plan. This needs confidence and clarity in voice and words. To check all these, SSB panel conducts a test in GTO.

What things you have to prepare before lecturette because you have only 3 minutes a little time to interact soyou have to wind up topic in 3 minutes so include only valid points and conclude the topic in best way to create a mind set before speaking make outline what you have to speak, don’t give bulky and unnecessary description, time is limited so you have to include valid points and support your view point with facts and figures this will also show your knowledge and clarify your ways.

Conclude the topic with

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Be confident while speaking and stand in ease with confidence and minimize hand moments, follow the sequential and chronological order to orate your point.

We are giving you some list of topics if you have SSB in coming months these topics will definitely helpful for lecturette round

  1. E-governance
  2. Water scarcity
  3. Corruption
  4. Infrastructure in India
  5. Start-up India
  6. US elections
  7. Human rights
  8. North eastern states – an integral but walled part of India
  9. Sex education
  10. Social networking
  11. SAARC
  12. Stress Management
  13. Money Laundering
  14. Privatization of education
  15. Missile projects in India
  16. Public distribution system
  17. Role of Army in National Peace
  18. Incredible India
  19. Reservation in India
  20. Role of youth in National Development
  21. Start-up India
  22. India’s growing economy
  23. Water Management In India
  24. South China Sea
  25. Missile development in India
  26. Reviewing Reservation
  27. ISRO achievements
  28. Sectors contributing to Indian GDP
  29. India and NSG
  30. Refugee crisis management
  31. Disaster Preparedness In India
  32. Recent state elections
  33. Make in India
  34. Media – eye of the world
  35. Sino India relations
  36. Indian economy
  37. Indo-Pak peace process
  38. Weapons of mass destruction
  39. Nuclear energy
  40. Defence budget
  41. SAARC
  42. ASEAN
  43. BRICS summit
  44. Red tapism
  45. AFSPA- armed forces special powers act
  46. NATO
  47. Corruption
  48. Terrorism/ Naxalism
  49. Politics and religion
  50. Democracy
  51. Global warming
  52. Unemployment in India
  53. Women in armed forces
  54. Crimes against women
  55. Indian judicial reforms
  56. Do we need more states?
  57. Compulsory military training
  58. Disaster management
  59. CPEC effect to world
  60. Increasing BPO in India

Topics given in card can be from international issue, national issue and social issue that only requires a fair amount of general knowledge and self-awareness. Do prepare well and excel in your lecturette.

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