10 Key Points to Remember while filling PIQ Form in SSB Interview

PIQ form in SSB Interview is a very confidential document. PIQ form is very helpful to decide your personal interview result. Here we are providing the PIQ form SSB Interview in detail that how you can fill up this PIQ form.

In the first round of selection of the SSB Interview. One will need to submit the Personal Information questionnaire form (PIQ). It is important to fill that form in the right manner. It is the first step of SSB Selection. I have shared step by step process to fill the Personal Information Questionaire form in the correct way AND 10 Key Points to Remembe while filling PIQ SSB Interview.

Importance of PIQ Form in SSB Interview:-

The Questions in the PIQ form will be related to your personality like your interests, your hobbies, etc. Whatever answer you write in the form must be satisfied your action during the SSB Interview. If you write well in PIQ Form then most propbly your chance of selection increased. But be honest during the filling of PIQ form. Mostaly questions asked in Personal Interview from your PIQ Form.

How to fill PIQ form in SSB Interview

What is PIQ Form?

It is a kind of psychology question. Be honest and do not mention anything that you are not aware of. In the personal Interview round of the SSB, Most of the questions will be asked on the basis of your answer given in the PIQ form.

Top 10 Key Point To Remember in PIQ form:-

  1. Avoid Overwriting
  2. Be honest, no fals information
  3. Write Officers liker hobbies and interest
  4. Mentions your Achievement carfully
  5. Convert CGPA to percentile
  6. Act according to PIQ Form
  7. Write some extracurricular activities
  8. Do remember what you are writing in PIQ.
  9. Consider it as your resume
  10. Practice for writing PIQ Form.

1. Avoid Overwriting:-

This is very important point to remember during the filling of PIQ form. Overwriting reflects your bad personality, and interview can assume about you that you are a confused type of person.

2. Be honest and No false information in PIQ SSB Interview Form:-

Honest is the best policy, this line is thought us in the school time because this line is not a just line it is a great lesson of life. Be honest during writing you PIQ form. If you write anything false and you can not justify your answer then interviewer can predict bad personality about you. So avoid it.

3. Write officers Like hobby and interest:-

Officers like hobby reflect that you are a mature man and armed forces need a mature man. So it will help you to show that you are much serious and mature man.

4. Mention your Achievements carefully:-

Achivements show that what type of task you are doing in your life. So just write a good achievements like, you did something for humanity or you have participated in the rescue operation and help the civilion etc.

5. Convert CGPA to percentile

You’ll have to write your percentage and division of class 10th, 12th, and in Graduation. So convert your CGPA into percentage beforehand to avoid any extra work during documentation and form filling.

6. Act according to PIQ form in SSB Interview.

Write only thing on PIQ form which is relly belong to you otherwise you have to perform according to PIQ form if you given any false information. So just write honest things about your otherwise practice well according to PIQ form.

7. Write some extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities show that you are not a introvert type of person. Armed forces need only extrovert type of officer. So please try to write some extracurricular activities if you done in your college/school etc.

8. Do remember what you are writing in PIQ.

Try to memorise what you written because most of the questions asked from the PIQ SSB Interview form.

9. Consider it as your resume

Your Psychologist read your PIQ before assessing your psychology Dossier and your I.O. will read your PIQ before calling you in for interview. So write about your achievements and qualifications thoughtfully as it will reflect your good qualities and multiply your chances of RECOMMENDATION.

10. Practice for writing PIQ form in SSB Interview.

Practice makes a man perfect. So last but not least, practice filling PIQ form before going to SSB as it will give you an idea of it, and you won’t face any confusion during the actual process.

How to fill the Personal Information Questionnaire form?

  • Write legibly, Take your time and Carefully fill the PIQ form.
  • Know your personal details and avoid mistakes in the basic information.
  • Write true statements and answers.
  • Do remember what you are writing, it may help during the interview.
  • Write correct achievements and hobbies, make sure you know about what you have written in the form.
  • Avoid cutting, Mistakes, and overwriting.
  • Avoid matching with other Personal Information Questionnaire form.
  • Write the correct number of total attempts you have done so far.

Download the PIQ form in Pdf:

Here below, I have shared the complete PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form in Pdf. You can download the complete form by clicking on the given link below:

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