World Environment Day 2022, Theme and Why we celebrate on 5th June?

To keep our earth and life safety, the environment needs to be safe. The countries of the world are moving towards modernity, but in this way, the use of plastics, coal, and fossil fule has increased day by day in the world and, due to which the environment is in danger. There is a deep relationship between man and the environment. Life is not possible without nature. In such a situation, humans have to adjust to nature. But the environment is getting polluted continuously, due to which many types of problems are increasing, which are not only affecting our life but are also causing many types of natural calamities.

World Environment Day 2022:-

Protection of the environment is essential for a happy and healthy life. World Environment Day is celebrated every year for this purpose. On this day people are made aware of the environment and are encouraged to preserve the environment. When and why World Environment Day is celebrated, what is the importance and need of this day, and since when did the celebration of Environment Day begin, you will also be aware of the environment.

Meaning of World Environment Day 2022:-

Human life is not possible without nature, but still, we are harming the environment in the race of development and modernity. We are moving away from nature. Now we have to go far to see the waterfall, river, lake, and forest. We are also facing the brunt of harming the environment from time to time. Sometimes there is a flood and sometimes the clouds burst. Somewhere the water in the earth is drying up and somewhere the land is spewing fire. All this is happening only because of Climate Change. Due to the cutting of trees, the air has become so polluted that even breathing in the cities has become difficult.

The life of cities has become far away from the environment and nature, people living here are getting such diseases which people have never heard or seen before. The reason for all this is our deteriorating lifestyle somewhere.
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On the occasion of World Environment Day, awareness campaigns are run all over the world to save the environment. That is why World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June.

World Environment Day 2022 Theme:-

Every year there is a special theme of Environment Day. This year the theme of World Environment Day 2022 is ‘Only One Earth’. This means ‘living in harmony with nature is a must.

Why do we celebrate on 5th June?

Species of animals are becoming extinct due to increasing pollution around the world. People are also having respiratory problems. Not only this, but increasing pollution is also a big reason for serious diseases like cancer. Because of the damage caused to the environment, for the first time in the year 1972, the United Nations had announced the celebration of Environment Day.

Since then 5 June is celebrated as Environment Day all over the world. Even though the United Nations has announced to celebrate World Environment Day, for the first time the Environment Conference was held on 5 June 1972 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. At this conference, people were made aware of saving the environment. 119 countries participated in the conference.

When we celebrate World Environment Day 2022:-

World Environment Day is celebrated every year in June. All countries around the world celebrate Environment Day on 5th June. This year also the environment is being celebrated on 5th June in many countries including India to make them aware of the environment.

Environmental Protection Law:-

India is also serious about environmental protection. For this reason, India has made a law for environmental protection. Under this, the Environment Protection Act was enacted on 19 November 1986. When World Environment Day was being celebrated for the first time, India also celebrated Environment Day. The Prime Minister of the country at that time was Indira Gandhi, to whom she expressed her concerns about nature in a program organized on environmental protection.

When was celebrating 1st time World Environment Day:-

Even though the United Nations has decided to celebrate World Environment Day, Environment Day was first celebrated in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. The first environmental conference was held in Stockholm in 1972, in which 119 countries participated.

Ways to live a sustainable life while keeping the environment in mind:-

  • Make your purchases more eco-friendly and sustainable. Instead of carrying plastic bags, it is better to use reusable cloth shopping bags.
  • A steel or metal flask will not only last longer but will also help reduce plastic waste.
  • Use reusable cotton buds or towels instead of disposable wipes. Bamboo paper towels are an eco-friendly option for wiping down dishes or surfaces.
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable garbage bags are a great alternative to waste disposal without the use of plastic.
  • If you enjoy tea, move from tea bags to lose tea leaves. Doing so can help reduce the amount of plastic waste.
  • Cleaning detergents, soaps, and liquids contain a lot of plastic, so switching to all-natural products is beneficial for you as well as the environment.
  • Making small changes to our routine or taking small steps on the road to stability can help us go a long way.

Let us all contribute together to protect the environment on an individual level on World Environment Day.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • What was the theme of World Environment 2022?
    The main theme of World Environment Day celebrated on 5 June 2022 was One Earth Only. This means that we should live a happy life in harmony with the environment.
  • Where did the first World Environment Day start?
    World Environment Day, celebrated as a world-class, was first celebrated in the Swedish capital Stockholm in 1972.
  • What is the main objective of celebrating World Environment Day?
    In 1972, because of the ever-increasing pollution and increasing disease due to pollution, on June 5, 1972, more than 50 countries of the world celebrated this day together.The main purpose of which is to explain the importance of oxygen and other materials obtained by nature to the animals and every living being on the earth.
  • What is the significance of Environment Day in India?
    Ans:-On November 19, 1986, when the world knew that Environment Day was celebrated, the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi passed the Environmental Protection Law to save the environment.
  • At present, how many countries are organized for Environment Day?
    Ans:-At present, more than 119 people in the country are organized to celebrate Environment Day.
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