Important Questions related to COP 26 for defence Exams

Important Questions related to COP 26 for defence Exams:- Various types of questions related to current affairs are asked in Defence exams. Information about current affairs is prepared by looking at the various activities happening in the country and abroad and the conclusions drawn from them. Today we will get you detailed knowledge about important information related to current affairs for defence examinations.

Today we will talk about COP 26. COP 26 is a very popular topic in defence examinations and is important and informative for one-day examinations from the point of view of current affairs. So let’s know about COP 26 and all the important questions related to it which can be asked in defence examinations. Before giving information about the questions, let us discuss COP 26.

Why is COP 26 in the news after all?

The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 26 has been hosted by the UK from 31 October to 12 November. Earlier, about COP 26, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had presented its assessment report on the Earth’s climate. This assessment report highlights the increasing heat waves, extreme rainfall, drought, and continuing sea-level rise in the coming 10 years. Looking at these reasons, it is in most news in today’s time.
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Important points related to COP 26:-

According to the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention, the main task of COP 26 will be to achieve the following four goals. Let us know what those four goals are.

  • Net-zero targets by 2050.
  • Adaptation aims to protect natural habitats and communities.
  • The goal of raise finances for the future.
  • The goal of work together to deliver the COP’s tasks.

Net-zero targets by 2050:-

  • COP 26 has been promoted to limit global warming to an increase of 1.5°C and to preserve Global Net-Zero by the middle of the century.
  • In the coming 20 years, countries are being asked to move forward by acknowledging ambitious emission reduction targets to align with reaching zero by the middle of the century.
  • To meet the above goals, all countries associated with COP 26 will have to do the following.
  • Net-zero can be met by accelerating the space out of coal.
  • Increasingly dependent on electronic vehicles.
  • To stop the deforestation present in the world and new rules related to forests will have to be formulated.
  • Investment in renewable energy by developing and developed countries will have to be encouraged.

Adaptation aims to protect natural habitats and communities:-

  • Countries should consider this work together to earn a livelihood, run a household, and even save from the loss of human life.
  • Unions must join together to protect and restore the ecosystem built for the people and build a security resilient infrastructure and warning system.
  • With this goal adaptation to human life and natural habitats and communities can be established by the middle of the century.

Raising finance for the future:-

  • The developed countries of the world must fulfill their promise to raise at least $100 billion in climate finance every year. By doing this, financial assistance can be made available for any developed or developing, or backward countries in the future.

Together intending to distribute the works of the COP: Another important task by COP26 is the finalization of the Paris Rulebook. All countries must work together to create a list of leader-detailed rules created under COP26 that will help fulfill the Paris Agreement.

Suggestions for India for COP:-

With India joining COP26, they will have to update the nationally determined contribution every year. That is, NDC India provides details of various efforts made by each country to reduce national emissions. Sector 10 sector plans are required for any country to be developing.Hence the need to look at and maintain electricity, the decarburization of the transport sector, and the carbon per passenger mile through COP 26.Under COP26 it is seen here that countries need to work more carefully on how to convert the coal sector on a war footing.

Conference of the Parties i.e. CPO 26:-

The CPO means the Conference of the Parties under the UNFCCC which was formed in 1994. The main objective of setting up the UNFCCC was to do more work toward the stratification of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Any supreme decision-making authority under the UNFCCC Board rests only with the CPO.

A list of responsibilities for the member states has been prepared by the CPO 26, which includes the following tasks.

  • The task of the members involved is to devise the best measures to reduce climate change.
  • Member States have a responsibility to cooperate in preparing for adaptation to the effects of climate change.
  • The members have to promote any kind of training, education, and public awareness related to world climate change.

In the meeting to be held for CPO members: – All countries of the world are members of CPO, they have been meeting continuously since 1995 every year.Currently, the members of the UNFCCC are 198 countries, including the United States, India, and China.Usually, the meeting of CPO members takes place in Bonn, the seat of the Secretariat. This meeting continues until someone makes an offer to host the party session.

Presidency of CPO: – The office of the President of the Conference of the Parties usually rotates among the world’s five UN regional groups. These are the 5 United Nations Areas.It has fixed offices in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Central, and Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and other countries.The president of any country that hosts that year is usually the environment minister of his country. Thus, when a country hosts, the President of that country is felicitated as the President immediately after the opening of the CPO session.

Above we gave you detailed information about CPO 26. Hope you have covered a better topic for your current affairs preparation by saying the above-given information. Below we are providing some important questions for the students preparing for the Defense Exams which may appear in the upcoming exams.

Important Questions related to COP 26 for defence Exams

  1. What is COP?
    Ans: –
    The full form of COP is the Conference of the Parties. Held every year from 1995 till today. Thus the COP held in the year 2022 is being considered the 26th edition.
  2. How many members does CPO have at present?
    Ans: -At present, 198 countries in the world are members of CPO.
  3. Where is the headquarter of the CPO?
    Ans: -The headquarters of the CPO rotates in 5 United Nations territories. The year, in which the hosting is done or hosted by the President of the developing or developed country, the headquarters is established under the same United States.
  4. Is India a member of CPO?
    Ans: –
    Yes India is also a member of CPO.
  5. What is the main purpose of CPO?
    Ans: –
    The main objective of the CPO created by the World Organization is to find solutions and provide facilities in the context of global warming and resources suitable for human life.
  6. What is the suggestion for India under CPO?
    Ans: –
    According to the decision taken by the CPO, the best facilities such as electricity, roads and all the important facilities for life are to be provided inside India.
  7. How much finance is collected by the developed country every year through CPO 26?
    Ans: –
    Under CPO 26, there is a provision to collect $100 billion of finance annually by all the developed countries of the world.
  8. What is the main goal of CPO 26?
    Ans: –
    The main objectives of CPO 26 are the goal of net-zero by 2050, protecting natural habitats and communities, further strengthening finance, and working together.
  9. Who is the chairman of CPO?
    Ans: –
    The CPO is headed by the President of the hosting country.
  10. Where does the CPO 26 meeting take place?
    Ans: –
    CPO 26 meetings can take place anywhere in the United States of America, India, or China, as well as in 198 countries.

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