Why Major Kalshi Classes is best for NDA 148 SSB entry?

Major Kalshi classes, leading and prominent defence institute located in Prayagraj is specialized for the Defence entrance exam and SSB Interviews. Our institute is pioneer to offer exclusive course for SSB Interview. In Last 15 years our institute has touched new heights of success by inducting thousands of Defence aspirants in Indian Armed Forces.

Major Kalshi Classes

As you all already read about the selection procedure of the examination that for commissioned ranks you have to go through the SSB Interview. Our Institute will provide Complete Training for SSB Interview from renowned defence experts, top faculties and various analysts who will guide you for Screening Test, Psychology Test, GTO Task, Personal Interview and Conference. Each and every task has a different weightage.

MKC Learning App provide all the facilities and quality training as well as quickly analysed performance to enhance your ability so that you can excel in your career.

Information about SSB Interview Procedure:

Here we are providing the detailed information about the whole SSB Procedure:


  • Officers Intelligence and Rating
  • Picture Perception and Description Test 


  • Thematic Apperception test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation reaction test
  • Sele Description test

Group Testing Series

  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Test
  • Group Obstacle Race
  • Half group tasks
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Lecturette
  • Command Task
  • Final Group task

Personal Interview

Rapid fire round

Final Board Conference

Selected Gems of Major Kalshi Classes in SSB :

We have a huge number of selections this time because we did not stop to teach the students in this Pandemic. We have launched an Online classroom program for those students who were not able to join offline classes. And we also closed the offline due to government guidelines. Now we have opened the institute for offline too. So those who want to join us please come to campus.

Here is the list of selected candidates who have cleared the NDA written examination under the guidance of Major Kalshi Classes.

Rithik Kumar

Major Kalshi Classes

Congratulations to Rithik Kumar who took SSB training at Major Kalshi Classes and has been successfully recommended from SSB Kolkata in NDA 147 10+ 2 B. tech entry to join prestigious National Defence Academy

Saharsh Chaudhary

Congratulations to Saharsh Chaudhary who took proper guidance from the expert faculties of Major Kalshi classes and has been successfully recommended through JAG entry.

Devansh Mishra

Major Kalshi Classes

Congratulations to Devansh Mishra to get recommended through 20 SSB Bhopal in NDA 147 entry. He had also taken SSB training at Major Kalshi classes from the highly qualified military veterans and experts.

Harsh Sharma

Congratulations to Harsh Sharma for getting recommended through 34 SSB Allahabad in 147 NDA entry. He trained in Major Kalshi classes in 14 days special SSB course program which gave him real time SSB experience.

Prince Kumar Kushwaha–  

Congratulations to Prince Kumar Kushwaha for getting recommend through 19 SSB Allahabad in 147 NDA entry. He took proper guidance in Major Kalshi classes by experts and defence veterans.

Join the Major Kalshi Classes 14 days SSB program which will give you real time experience of Service Selection Board. The classroom programs and assessments will assess your strength and weakness. From screening test to final selection board, we will provide everything of the matter. The Real GTO ground experience at MKC will give you an idea as how to perform on the particular day .

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