C- 60 “Crack Commandos”


C- 60 force well known as “crack commandos” is the idea that born in the mind of veteran police officer of Maharashtra cadre KM Raghuvanshi in the year 1990 who later went to become Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad chief after the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare in 26/11 attack.

This elite commando force has designed to tackle the problem of rapid increasing of Maoist violence, Naxalites and insurgency in the Maharashtra Red Corridor area primarily in the region of Gadchiroli district.

Crack Commandos

Why in News?

Recently in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra a big counter insurgency operation has done by the C-60 crack commandos killing 26 Naxalites.

This operation is executed to avenge to death of 15 police commandos of C0 60 wing who are attacked and killed 2 years ago by the Maoist in Kurkheda, Gadchiroli.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also praised the force in a tweet.

About C- 60 crack commando force

A batch of 60 commando was formed as a C- 60 crack commandos contingent in late 1990’s which consist more of tribals inhabitants of the area with the motto to end the Naxalites activity. They have fast maneuvering capability and can easily communicate with the locals of that area. Like Maoist they also live-in jungle and shoot them.

They are more or less similar to the Special Operation Group formed during the Operation Greyhound in Telangana.

The Main principle of this group is “Virbhogya Vasundhara” and are very active to do the operation in dense forest and mountainous areas with proper guerilla tactics. 

In addition, with doing counter – insurgency operations and fighting they are also tasked to make the Maoist and Naxalites surrender and bring in the mainstream so they can also live normal life or can contribute to the society. 

They also inform the Maoist and Naxalites about the government’s strategy and policy for their proper rehabilitation. 

History of Maoist attacks and Insurgency

Insurgency first erupted in the Andhra Pradesh and then the Naxal activity spreaded to other less developed areas of state like Maharashtra, Odisha, Jharkhand and other state making the Red Corridor. The Gadchiroli district which was separated from Chandrapur district in the year 1982 was most affected by Naxalite activities.

The term Naxalism has derived from the village of Naxalbari in far flung areas of West Bengal. A peasant inhabiting in the area is exploited by local landlords and thus the rebellion started in 1967.

Its main objective is to valid redistribution of lands to the peasants. The rebellion is led by under the leadership of Kanu Sanyal and Jagan Santhal.

Red Corridor

Red corridor is the area which is influence by Maoist and Naxalites. Some years back they boasted to the slogan “from Tirupati to Pashupati”. At that time government has not taken them seriously but now the scenario is completely changed, especially after so many deadly attacks executed by them.

From 1940 the insurgency in form of rebellion started from a small place of West Bengal has spread to at least 16 of India’s 29 states till 2000’s.

Insurgency also in other words called Left Wing Extremism raised many troubling questions for Indian Policymakers

What are the reasons to become Naxalites?

Why the acts like Forest Conservation act 1980 backed by government is rightly implemented?

Why they displaced from their inhabitant lands?

Operation Greyhound

Operation Greyhound is a joint operation of the special forces unit of the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana police departments. It was the proved to be a major success in eradicating the influence of Maoist and Naxals in the area. According to the Indian paramilitary force, police and jungle experts it was considered to be the best anti- insurgency operation till date.

Way Forward

These questions do not possess any easy answer, but it can’t be ignored that Naxal problem is the biggest security challenge for India, it is way big with numerous reasons mis- governance, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment and lack of infrastructure development.

The government should approach a better planning and strategies. The Relief and rehabilitation policy which government started in the year 2010 following the operation green hunt in order to bring the Naxalite in the mainstream has proved to be a big success.

  • The Government need new and innovative solutions for these Nasal’s affected regions
  • Local police, people and tribals which are residents of the area are the most important assets to tackle the situations as they know the language and topography of a region.
  • Operation like greyhounds led by Andhra government should be done in a integrated way with the proper collaboration of other state also.
  • The main purpose is to now improve the condition of Naxalism affected areas and development of people living there by bringing them in the mainstream.
Crack Commandos

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