What is Short Service Commission (SSC)?, Know the Pros and Cons of SSC

What is Short Service Commission:-There are mainly two ways to join the Indian Armed forces. A candidate can join the service as a Short Service Commission or as a Permanent Commission. There are numerous benefits of joining the Indian Armed forces. The Salary and allowances in the service are extremely awesome and no other government sector pays that many allowances.

What is Short Service Commission?

The SSC in the Indian Armed forces is for just a certain period of time, this is just 7 to 14 years of service, In this service, you cannot take retirement before the 7 years of service and you cannot work more than 14 years, but all the perks and allowances are the same as the PC Permanent Commission, only the difference would be in the Promotion, you will not be promoted quickly, but if you do any extraordinary work, definitely you will be promoted. A person with the SSC will not get the allowances and benefits after retirement as Permanent commission officers get.

There are many benefits of Joining the service as an SSC. Let’s see the benefits of Joining the Short Service Commission of the Indian Armed forces.

Benefits/Pros of Short Service Commission:-

The Short Service Commission is very lucrative for the youths as they get the honour at a very young age and they just have to work for at least 7 years. Here we will see some advantages of Joining Short Service commission and after that, we will see the disadvantages also.

  • A person who becomes a pilot in the Indian Armed forces as Short Service Commission. They can take retirement after the 7 years of service and can fly the Commercial plane and can earn huge money. It is very easy for retired officers to get a job in commercial Airlines.
  • A person who becomes an Engineer in the Indian Armed forces, they can also do the same as the Pilot. They can take retirement after the 7 years of service and can join the corporate field and earn much better. This is one of the most common. Most of the engineers of the Armed forces do this.
  • A person who is a flight instructor in the Indian Armed forces, after retirement they can earn huge money in the corporate field.
  • A person who is a flight engineer, they can also join the Airline companies after retirement and can earn a very handsome salary.
  • The Short Service Commission officers get a job very easily and even before retirement they can get placed in the other Government sector or PSUs etc.

Cons of Short Service Commission:-

There are many disadvantages also to join the Armed forces as a Short Service Commission officer. A person will not get a pension after retirement. No facilities will be given to the candidates after the retirement like canteen Facilities, Medical Facilities and other facilities that are given to the permanent commission officer.

To be in a pension Zone, A person will have to do at least 20 years of service to get a pension from the service. The SSC officer has a chance to extend the duty period but that can be maximum go up to the 14 years but then too then will not be in pension zone.

Salary and Allowances to SSC officers:

They get a very good salary in the defence with lots of perks but the salary may vary in the army, Air force, and Navy, etc. The Commissioned officer of the Indian Armed forces gets a starting salary between 62000/- to 80000/- this is just salary which they get, after this they get perks:

  • Lifelong Pension
  • Transportation Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • Housing Allowances
  • Kit Maintenance Allowances
  • Field Area Allowances
  • Parachute Pay
  • High Altitude Allowances
  • Annual Leave of 2 Months
  • Casual Leave of 20 Days
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn
  • Study Leave of up to 2 Years with Full Pay and all Benefits
  • Air/Rail Travel Concession
  • Free Hospital Facilities
  • Low-Interest Loans
  • Canteen Facilities, Rations, etc

The Short Service commission is best for you if you just want to serve the nation for some limited period of time. I hope you got the answer about the benefits of Joining SSC.

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