For you to get recommendation in your SSB interview, at first you need to get screened in. The screening test has two phases, the first being the OIR (OFFICERS INTELLIGENCE AND RATING) test. OIR rating plays an important role in your interview and conference. But for the current phase that is screening, your PPDT (PICTURE PERCEPTION AND DESCRIPTION TEST) plays an important role. Here are some ways to improve your story narration.


Here in this test, you at first need to write a story based on the hazy picture shown to you for 30 seconds. Once you are done with the perception on the picture shown to you, you are now supposed to describe the story written by you. The description of your story decides whether you are getting screened in or no. Which means that the description of your story should be of great influence. The way you narrate the story plays an important role.

To improve your story narration, I will provide you with some tips and tricks. These shall definitely prove beneficial for you.

  • Firstly, to get the familiarity directly in the spot and the capacity to utilize your considerations just as your composed articulations, a competitor needs to rehearse a great deal. One method of getting familiarity is to rehearse the story portrayal and talking your contemplations openly before the mirror or with your companions.
  • You will do botches and that is without a doubt yet once more, it will allow you an opportunity to introspect your shortcomings in this specific situation and you can clear them bit by bit.
  • Secondly, you should recollect something vital that the vast majority of the up-and-comers will in general neglect. Everybody will get some time as a brief break of around 15-20 minutes after your story composing. At the point when everybody is tattling near and doing senseless stuff, you can utilize that chance to portray your story somewhere around 8–10 times to you or softly. We have composed the story simply sometime prior and our mind needs to foster the commonality to talk it with no obstacle or hindrance. You simply need to continue to recount the whole story yourself and you will see that it will help you in your portrayal.
  •  For sure, portrayal by the applicant is a way forward to go in the story portrayal. A competitor ought to have the option to welcome the gathering in a striking way and portray the whole story without bungling. It very well may be done in a force pack way by recollecting that you don’t need to address the assessors and rather your gathering sitting surrounding you. Keep a light smile coming from your heart during the whole movement.
  • Also, with regards to tending to the gathering in a successful way, you have around one moment to portray the story effectively. You don’t need to take the long course in presenting yourself. You can begin the portrayal by basically saying “Great Morning, Gentlemen!!/Ladies, I have seen x no. of characters, their age is around y years and the consolidated state of mind of the image is apparently certain.” This could be a superior beginning for your story portrayal and it’s straightforward yet viable in the methodology.
  • Keep in mind that the assessors have no time just as the tendency to pay attention to the additional piece of your story as good tidings as there is an enormous horde of competitors in the screening test and they are simply checking for the fundamental degree of insight just as the view of the applicant around there. The competitors in screening ought to address the point and in a compact way without sneaking off the additional words that don’t hold any worth. Additionally, they should know how and when to finish up and stop the portrayal while the dice is in their grasp.
  • As we as a whole realize that you have quite recently a solitary moment or less time, so you ought to portray the outline and primary concerns of your story since all they need to know is about your considerations with respect to the image. You don’t need to talk line by line or basically duplicating the whole stuff from the story composed on the sheet. You should know the brief of the story and should zero in on talking just the significant focuses that can be covered well inside as far as possible.
  • What draws in everybody to you in the story portrayal? It is the way that you portray the story. An applicant with cool and cool composure, having great control on stream in portrayal, and focusing on everybody draws in different up-and-comers and assessors the same.
  • The most ideal method of portraying the story is to keep your ears and psyche open to everybody’s accounts and afterward moving toward the gathering with a trace of a customized approach in your method of portrayal. Talking from my own insight, don’t attempt to outfox every other person or demonstrate that you are a lot of better than the remainder of the gathering in any way.
  • Your voice ought to be uproarious and clear enough so your gathering of 12-18 up-and-comers alongside the 3 assessors can hear you obviously. You ought to have the option to regulate your manner of speaking and realize when to raise the tone or when to keep it latent. The method of talking alongside the beat of your voice ought to be calming and ought to be overflowing certainty.
  • Do as you are approached to do and adhere to each expression of guidelines cautiously. The competitors should address their gathering and not the assessors. Many applicants think that they need to portray the story to the assessors or they essentially need to see the response of the assessors while they are portraying the story. The best to manage it isn’t feeling like a test is going on however describe it with certainty very much like you are conversing with in the midst of your companions yet in a proper way.

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