Required Vision Standards for Indian Armed Forces

Are you willing to be a part of the Indian Armed Forces? You might think that you only have to clear the written examination of NDA and crack the SSB interview in order to get a job in Indian Defence services. However, along with this, you need to meet certain physical and medical standards. Indian Armed Forces have three most prestigious wings, including the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Forces. To become a part of any of these three wings, candidates have to undergo the medical and physical examination held by medical boards of the Indian Armed Forces. Here, we bring a complete detail about vision standards required for Indian Armed Forces.

Vision Standards for Indian Army

  • Eye vision or eye sight requirements for Indian Army are given below:
  • Uncorrected without glass: 6/12
  • Corrected with glass: 6/6
  • Limits of Hypermetropia: +2.5
  • Limits of Myopia: 3.5
  • Limits of Colour Perception I
  • Binocular vision III
  • Candidates must be able to read 6/6 in a distant vision chart with both eyes with or without glasses. Myopia should be less than 3.5D. Hypermetropia should be less than 3.5D, including Astigmatism. For female candidates, the minimum acceptable vision acuity is – Distant Vision better eye 6/6 worse 6/18, Myopia of less than -5.5, including Astogination.
  •  Candidates must have good eye binocular vision. The colour vision standard should be CP III for Indian Army A candidate and they should be able to recognize red and green colours.
  • Candidates who have evidence of Radial Keratotomy will be rejected.
  • Candidates with LASER Surgery for correction of refractive error will be considered for commission in Indian Army if they are 20 years old.
  • The uncomplicated stable LASIK laser procedure is done for Myopia or Hypermetropia, with stable refraction for a period of 6 months after the procedure.
  • Candidates should have a healthy retina.
  • Candidates should have 6/6 vision in the better eye as well as 6/9 in the worse eye with maximum residual refraction of + 1.50 in any meridian for Myopia or Hypermetropia.
  • Axial length within permissible limits.

Vision Standards for Indian Navy

  • Uncorrected without glass 6/12
  • Corrected with glass 6/6
  • Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5
  • Limits of Myopia -1.5
  • Binocular vision III
  • Limits of Colour Perception

Vision Standards for Indian Air Force

  • Candidates must have 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other eyes, which should be correctable to 6/6 only for Hypermetropia.
  • Near vision must be N-5 each eye.
  • Colour vision must be CP-1.
  • Colour Perception-1: The correct recognition of coloured lights shown through the paired apertures on the Holmes-Wright lantern at Low Brightness at 6 meters distance in complete darkness.
LASIK Surgery – Vision Standards
  • LASIK Surgery should not have carried out before the age of 20 years.
  • The axial length of the eye should be less than 25.5 mm.
  • No history of any complication due to LASIK.
  • Candidates with high refractive errors (>6D) prior to LASIK will be excluded.
  • Candidates should not have any colour or night blindness.

At 6 meters

  • Exophoria 6 prism Diopters
  • Esophoria 6 prism Diopters
  • Hyperphoria 1 prism Diopters
  • Hypophoria 1 prism Diopters

At 33 cm

  • Exophoria 16 prism Diopters
  • Esophoria 6 prism Diopters
  • Hyperphoria 1 prism Diopters
  • Hypophoria 1 prism Diopters

If you fulfill the above vision standards, you will be eligible to apply for the Indian Armed forces. To update yourself with details related to the Indian Armed Forces, stay connected with Major Kalshi Classes.

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