A salute is a token of regard and trust among warriors which supports a pride in their consistently sparkling regalia while simultaneously raises them in their own eyes by helping them all to remember their calling and practices of valor and civility. When saluting a person, as distinct from a flag or a national anthem or other symbolic melody, the gaze must be towards that person, also when returning a salute. Thus, the respectable salute includes a greeting.

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In India, the three forces have different salutes with the Indian Army and the Indian Navy following the British tradition.

1- Indian Army – Open palm facing the individual in front

In Indian Army, a salute is executed by an open palm signal with the weapon hand, with fingers and thumb together and the center finger practically contacting the hatband or the eyebrow. It sets up trust among the staff as well as demonstrates that the individual saluting has no bad expectations and no weapons concealed up anyplace.

2- . Indian Navy – Open palm facing the ground

In Indian Navy, a salute is executed with the palm facing the ground at a 90 degree point to the brow. Essentially, the explanation for this is to conceal the hands of mariners that get grimy because of oil or oil stains while working at the ship.

3. Indian Air Force – Open palm at a 45 degree point to the ground

In March 2006, Indian Air Force gave new salute standards to its faculty. This new salute includes the palm at a 45-degree point to the ground and the right arm being forcefully raised from the front by the most brief conceivable way. It is a mid-way between the Army and Navy salute and was normalized to make it more advantageous for the IAF. Prior, IAF hand salute was actually similar to the Army one.

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Para-military: Indian Para-military powers, for example, CRPF, ITBP salutes in the same way as INDIAN ARMY.

In the event that you thought salutes in our ARMED FORCES was only a way of showing regard. PONDER ON IT AGAIN!

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