The New NDA Squadron for Females Candidates that will be Sierra in 2022-23

Women cadets’ squadron at National Defence Academy to be named Sierra. Now women can also give their service to the country by appearing in examinations like National Defence Academy. According to a senior official, prefab shelters have been set up in the NDA for the new squadron of girls. All types of facilities are available in New NDA Squadron for females and the name is Sierra. Along with this, women officers are also being deployed in them. In addition to women officers, women doctors (gynaecologists) will also be deployed in this new NDA Squadron Sierra.

New NDA Squadron Sierra for Female Candidates

It has become clear that now women will also be appointed to higher posts through the NDA examination. For this, training will also be given to girls in the National Defence Academy from June 2022. For the first time, only 19 girls cadets will participate in this training. It will take a minimum of 3 years for their next squadron to be ready. In this squadron formed for girls, only 19 girl cadets of the first batch will get the opportunity to be trained.

What is NDA Squadron Sierra for Girls Candidates:-

Sierra is the first squadron formed to train women at the National Defence Academy. Only 19 girls will join this squad for the first time. In which 10 girl cadets of Indian Army, 6 of Air Force, and 3 of Navy will be included. In the National Defence Academy training of 3 years, each action is of 6 months. About the equal number of girls cadets will be entered in each Term.

Girls are allowed to Join NDA from 2023 and can appear in NDA 2022 Examination

In this manner, the first squadron of girls will be ready within 3 years. At present, the strength of the squadron of NDA cadets is 18. Each squadron consists of 110 to 120 cadets. All these cadets’ squadrons are known by different names. Names ranging from Alpha, Bravo, Charlie to Romeo have been given. A new squadron created for girls in NDA has been named Sierra.

Who will get training in Sierra?

It is expected that women officers, as well as women doctors, will be appointed in the upcoming squadron Sierra, formed to train girls in NDA. It has been told by the top army officers that shelters have been built in Sierra, in which all facilities are available for girls. In this, women officers will be appointed as well as women doctors (gynaecologists) will also be posted. Training will also be given to PT Master and Drill Master. In a way, there will be gender sensitization training. PT Master and Drill Master will be sent to Officers Training Academy Chennai for training. In this academy, they will be taught that what is important to take care of in training with women and men.

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