All You Need to Know About Territorial Army

The Territorial army is the secondary line of defense after the Regular Army. The Territorial Army is neither a profession/ occupation nor it is a source of employment. The important thing about Territorial Army is that the representatives of Territorial Army are participants who are already employed in civilian professions. Usually, they get the military training and serve in the uniform for a few days each year. The Territorial Army is an armed force that can be deployed at the time of exigencies.

Background About Territorial Army

The first thing everyone wants to know about Territorial Army is its history. The Territorial Army emerged in 1949 after passing the Independence Territorial Army Act in 1948. The TA has its original from the Territorial Army lifted by the British in 1920 through the Indian Territorial Act, 1920. During the Britishers’ ruling period, the TA was classified into two, The Auxiliary Force’  (for Europeans and Anglo-Indians) and ‘The Indian territorial Force’ (for Indians volunteers). After independence, The modern Territorial Army was inaugurated by C. Rajagopalachari, the first Indian Governor-General of India, , on October 9, 1949.

Role of Territorial Army

The next thing you would like to know about Territorial Army is it’s role in the nation’s security. TheTA is a part of the regular Indian Army. The current role of TA is to mitigate the Regular Army from fixed duties and aid civil administration to deal with natural disasters. When the country’s security is endangered, TA is asked to perform essential services. Another important thing about Territorial Army is that it also provides units for the Regular Army in cases of requirement.

Force Structure

At present, the Territorial Army has a force of around 40,000 first line soldiers and 16,000 second line troops. The members of TA serve in units like Railways, ONGC, IOC, telecommunication and General Hospital. They also serve in non-departmental TA units of infantry battalions and ecological battalions associated with the various infantry regiments in the Army.

Eligibility Criteria for The TA Personnel

Any graduate with an agebetween the age group of 18 and 42 can apply to the advertisements for the recruitment into TA published twice every year. The candidates need to pass the screening (written exam and interview) conductedby aPreliminary Interview Board (PIB) at the specific Territorial Army Group Headquarters.  After this, they have to undergo theService Selection Board (SSB)and Medical board for the final selection in the Territorial Army.


The Territorial Army provides full opportunities to the youth of the country to serve the country. Being a common citizen of the nation, you can also play the role of a soldier.  Promising young people can indulge in the military environment by becoming a part of Territorial Army.

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