Joining the military is a certainly the dream of many, for this you should have that unique quality out  of the rest; however, being unique is one thing and utilising that uniqueness to bear the stars on your shoulders is a different call. My dear warriors, acquiring the SWORD OF HONOUR in a military training session is not an easy task.

Think about the chances: Every six months, on a normal, around 6 lakh candidates apply for a military institute. Of those, around 30-40 thousand get chosen for the SSB on clearing the test (right me). Of those 30-40 thousand, on a normal, 500-700 get recommended. Furthermore, out of those last 500-700, the best 250 comes to the institute. In this way, the chances are each 1 of every 2000 candidates will join the esteemed foundation.


These are those steps that take you to the goal of procuring the SWORD OF HONOUR :

1.      Physical Tests: This is the most expected one out of any cadet to be considered for the sword of honour. At the point when you are in an establishment whose roots lie in the actual wellness, this can’t be compromised. This incorporates a wide range of drills and swimming tests. The fitter you are, the higher your opportunities to get on the top in the legitimacy list.

2.      Field Training: This is the essential military expertise to work covertly and the strategies used to do as such. Productive field preparing is just conceivable by investing energy, exertion, and consideration regarding retain war zone subtleties, penetration and departure courses, development and work of concealing positions, adversary power tenets and hardware.

3.      Service Subjects: When you are in conclusive term, you are given your particular help subjects. These are the subjects you acquire in case you are equipped for it. Along these lines, similar as field preparing, spend significant time in your administration subjects, that acquires your additional credits to be at the top in the legitimacy list.

4.      Active Participation: A functioning member is enjoyed by everybody – one who doesn’t say ‘no’. You are relied upon to partake in games and sports and dominate in it.

5.      Holding Appointments: This boundary puts to test the hierarchical and the board abilities which are by the main abilities an officer should have. Holding arrangements makes it clear with regards to what you are prepared to do.

6.      OLQs: For the individuals who thought OLQs are just restricted till the SSB screening, reconsider. You are tried for OLQs in light of the fact that you are relied upon to convey forward something similar. Your OLQs are tried at every single point in the foundation.

7.      Additional Course: Those who have picked an extra course like ‘Essential Para’ have an advantage against the people who haven’t. Henceforth, it again procures you bonus recognition to top the legitimacy list.


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