What is Conference in SSB Interview ? | SSB Interview Conference Day

SSB Interview Conference Day : The SSB interview, or Service Selection Board interview, is a recruitment process through which a candidate’s skills are assessed intellectually, physically, psychologically, and through group activities. There are three primary methods of evaluating candidates according to SSB’s established standards:

  1. Psychological Test
  2. Interview Test
  3. Group Test

These assessments are conducted over the course of a five-day SSB Interview Process, with the fifth day, known as the Conference Day, serving as the final phase of the interview.

What is SSB Interview Conference Day Procedure ?

In the SSB interview, the Conference takes place on the 5th day of SSB testing. During the Conference, all the assessors of a specific board, including the president and deputy president, convene to discuss and compile the results of candidates based on the 5 days of testing. There are several rumors and doubts among candidates regarding the Conference, and let’s address them one by one.


The Board Conference marks the conclusion of the five-day testing process. Chaired by the President and Deputy President, the Board Conference includes the participation of all assessors, including the GTOs, Psychologists, and Interviewing Officers, who have evaluated each candidate. During this conference, each candidate’s performance is thoroughly discussed by the three assessors, who have independently assessed the candidate’s demonstrated abilities using specific techniques. They work together to reach a consensus on the acceptability of each candidate. The process involves in-depth validation and counter-validation to arrive at the final decision regarding the candidate.

Candidates will be individually called before the board during the conference. Questions will be posed to the candidates during this interaction, and their responses are also taken into account. The board then makes the final recommendation regarding the suitability of the candidate and determines the final marks to be awarded to each candidate.


Once all the candidates have appeared before the board and the results have been compiled, the Technical Officer of the board will announce the outcome. Candidates who do not meet the required standards are seen off at the railway station. Those who receive recommendations from the board will continue to stay for the medical examination, which may take approximately one week.


On the 5th and final day of the selection process, the focus is on the Conference. The day commences with the Closing Address, which is typically delivered by the Deputy President of the board just before the Board Conference. During this address, the officer will emphasize the merits of the selection system, elucidate the qualities that the Armed Forces seek in your personality, and offer clarification for any doubts or questions that candidates may have. This is also an interactive forum where candidates can raise any issues, complaints, or suggestions that they may have encountered during their stay at the SSB.


Recommended candidates undergo a medical examination after the SSB results. It typically takes 4 to 5 working days for the respective Military Hospital to conduct the medical examination, and following this, the candidates are released. NDA candidates undergo examinations for both the Army and Navy unless otherwise instructed, and their fitness status is endorsed accordingly.

The President of the medical board will provide guidance to the candidates regarding the Appeal/Review Medical Board procedures. Candidates who have been declared unfit may seek the advice of the President of the Special Medical Board for the review or appeal process.


DAY- 1Introduction to SSB
(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)
DAY- 2Screening
DAY-3Screening test, Mock practice, and Feedback 
DAY-4Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test 
DAY-5Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)
DAY-6Self  Description Test & Complete Psychological Test
DAY-7OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)
DAY-8Personal Interview Briefing 
DAY-9Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-10Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-11G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette
DAY-12P.G.T,  H.G.T,  G.P.E, & G.O.R.  
DAY-13IO, CT, FGT and Conference

Things to Carry for SSB Interview Conference Day :-

Candidates should ensure they have the following documents and items when reporting for SSB interviews:

  1. Call Letter: Maintain at least three copies of the call-up letter. One copy should be in hand when reporting at the railway station, and the others should be safely retained by the candidate.
  2. Copy of the Filled Form: In some cases, such as TES (Technical Entry Scheme) and TGC (Technical Graduate Course), the Selection Boards may request one or two copies of the online form filled with an attested photograph. It’s crucial to carefully read and follow the instructions when filling out the online application form.
  3. Original Identity Proof: Acceptable identification includes school/college ID cards, government-issued ID cards such as PAN card, AADHAR card, voter ID, UPSC admit card, and driving license. The ID card must include a photograph.
  4. Educational Certificates: Candidates should have at least four attested copies and originals of the following documents: Class 10th mark sheet and certificate (matriculation certificate), Class 12th mark sheet and certificate, mark sheets of semesters completed during graduation, and the graduation/post-graduation degree certificate (if applicable).
  5. Extra Achievements: Candidates should carry original certificates and their authenticated copies for NCC (National Cadet Corps), sports, and co-curricular activities in which they have participated or achieved recognition.
  6. Photographs: Candidates should have at least 25 passport-sized and 10 stamp-sized recent photographs with them. If a candidate wears spectacles, the photographs should reflect them wearing spectacles. The background of the photographs should be either blue or white.
  7. Clothing: Three pairs of formal clothes (blazer and tie are optional) with matching shoes. Two pairs of white shorts and T-shirts with collars for men, and two pairs of white lower pants and T-shirts with collars for women. A pair of white PT/sports shoes and three pairs of white socks.
  8. Other Clothing: Woolen clothing, if required by the weather. Civil clothing such as nightwear, casual clothing, undergarments, towels, etc.
  9. Miscellaneous Items: Grooming kit, slippers, bathing kit, lock and key, and other general-use items.
  10. Essential medicines, if necessary.
  11. Uniform: A set of uniforms suitable for the season, and combat dress for those serving in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Coast Guard.
  12. Adequate Writing Material: 9. At least four sets of ball/gel point pens (black and blue) and a writing pad for the interview process. A rough notebook or plain white pages can also be carried.
  13. Final Check: It’s essential to verify that all items tally with those mentioned in the call-up letter.
  14. Don’t Panic: If the candidate forgets any of the above-mentioned items, they should promptly inform the authorities at the Selection Centre. The staff at SSBs are generally helpful, so there’s no need to panic if something is inadvertently left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

1: What is the purpose of the SSB Interview Conference Day? Answer: The SSB Interview Conference Day is the final day of the Services Selection Board (SSB) interview process, where the assessors, also known as the Board, come together to discuss and finalize the assessment of all the candidates who have appeared for the interview. The primary purpose of this day is to determine the suitability of candidates for a career in the Indian Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Board reviews the assessments and recommendations made by various assessors during the preceding days and collectively decides the fate of each candidate, whether they are recommended for selection or not.

2: What happens during the SSB Interview Conference Day ? Answer: On the SSB Interview Conference Day, the Board members gather to conduct a detailed review and discussion of each candidate’s performance throughout the SSB interview process. They analyze the individual assessments made during the Psychological Tests, Group Testing, and Personal Interview rounds. The Board members discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and deliberate on their overall performance. Ultimately, they arrive at a consensus to recommend or not recommend each candidate for selection. This day is critical as it determines the fate of the candidates and their eligibility for joining the armed forces.

3: How are candidates informed of the results of the SSB Interview Conference Day? Answer: Candidates are typically informed of the results of the SSB Interview Conference Day on the same day or the following day. The results are usually announced individually to the candidates in a personal interview with the President of the Board. There are three possible outcomes:

  1. Recommended: If a candidate is recommended, they will receive a “Recommendation Letter” which is a formal document indicating their selection for further training and commissioning in the respective service (Army, Navy, or Air Force).
  2. Not Recommended: Candidates who are not recommended are informed of the decision, and they are not eligible to proceed further in the selection process for that particular entry.
  3. Conference Out: In some cases, candidates are asked to attend another conference with the Board members to clarify certain points or discuss issues regarding their assessment. After the conference out, the Board may recommend the candidate, ask for additional testing, or not recommend them.

It’s important to note that the decision is final, and candidates recommended for selection proceed to the next steps in their respective service entry, while those not recommended must consider other career options.

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