Best SSB Interview Coaching for CDS 2022 in India

On 10th April 2022, the Union Public Service Commission has decided to conduct the Combined Defense Services 2022 written examination all over India. In this exam lakhs of candidates from across the country will try to perform better in the written exam to join the Indian Armed Forces. Out of which many candidates after earning success will be invited for the next stage of CDS, SSB interview. But you will need the best guidance to crack the CDS SSB Interview Exam. That’s why today we are going to give you information about such a coaching institute through this article, which is today the best coaching institute among the coaching institutes preparing for the armed forces of India. We are talking about the Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute situated in the holy land of Allahabad Prayagraj.

This coaching institute has been successful in conducting the selection of thousands of candidates for the posts of officers and non-officers of the Indian Armed Forces for the last many years. This coaching institute has achieved this success with the guidance of the best teachers of its coaching institute and retired officers of the armed forces for SSB interviews. Let us know why you should join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to prepare for SSB Interview after clearing the written exam of CDS on 10th April 2022.Many congratulations from Major Kalshi Classes for appearing in the exam before the written exam of CDS. Let us know what you need to do when you reach the SSB centre for the SSB interview for CDSand why Major Kalshi classes are better for doing these activities. SSB Interview Coaching for CDS.

CDS SSB Interview Process:-

As you already know that after preparing for CDSE, the candidate who clears the written exam is called for the next stage SSB interview. In the SSB interview, the candidate has to do various activities consisting of physical and medical, and written examinations for 5 to 6 days at the SSB centre of the Indian Armed Forces. Let us know which tasks you have to complete each day of the SSB interview.

Day 0:- Reporting Day (PIQ Form Filling)

Day 1:- Screening Test (Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) etc.

Day 2:- Physiological Test

  1. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test etc.

Day 3 and 4:- GTO Task

  1. Group discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise (sometimes known as Military Planning Exercise)
  3. Progressive Group Tasks
  4. Half Group Tasks
  5. Individual Obstacles
  6. Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  7. Command Task
  8. Lecturette
  9. Final Group Task

Day 5:- Personal Interview and Merit list announcement

All the tasks mentioned by us are done at SSB centres but the given task and day may change. Candidates should note that none of the tasks conducted by CDS is for only one department. Rather, CDS also prepares candidates for the Indian Army, Air Force, OTA, and Navy. SSB Interview Coaching for CDS.

Why Major Kalshi Classes are first choice For SSB Interview:-

Why Major Kalshi Classes are everyone’s first choice today for CDS preparation and why do candidates want to join MKC for SSB Let us now discuss this topic.

Major Kalshi Classes provide you with a wide range of facilities to make you successful in the SSB Interview. SSB Interview Coaching for CDS.

Hostel Facility: –

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute has a separate hostel facility for both male and female candidates. All 24 hr. hours of electricity and water facility are available to you in this hostel. For the students residing in the MKC hostel, the rules and regulations followed in the army are valid. By following this rule, if the candidates are selected for cadets in the army, then they do not face any kind of problem with the rules and regulations of the army.

Large Coaching Campus for SSB Preparation: –

Major Kalshi Classes is a great and big coaching institute spread over about 1.5 acres. All types of activities are done in the coaching institute to prepare you for SSB.MKC conducts training of candidates in its coaching campus for the physical examinations to be conducted during SSB interviews. All this training is done under the patronage of retired trainers and officers of the army.

Best trainer for physical activity: –

A team of best trainers is available in MKC so that students can get better performance and the proper type of guidance in the physical activities conducted in the Army. All these trainers are mainly retired trainees of the Indian Armed Forces or the best trainers in their field. Their role is to guide the SSB interview properly and prepare the candidates physically through proper guidance. The candidates are trained by the best trainers in an open environment. If you also want to get the best guidance for your physical training by joining MKC, then visit the official website of MKC and enrol yourself.

SSB Preparation: –

After the written exam, candidates do not have much time to prepare for SSB. Therefore, the teachers of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute and their team try their best so that the preparation of SSB can be done completely in the stipulated time. One monthly academic session is organized for the preparation of SSB by Major Kalshi Classes. During this, the candidate is made to prepare for all the stages of the SSB interview.

Classes of Psychological Test: –

Major Kalshi Classes conduct Psychological Test classes to make the candidates mentally sound to qualify for the SSB Interview. More number of candidates is kept in these classes. So that the candidates can prepare for their psychological test in a better way. During these classes, the candidate is given different types of preparation related to the Thematic Appreciation Test, Word Association Test, and Situation Reaction Test. Major Kalshi also conducts class books to perform better in these exams. SSB Interview Coaching for CDS.

Best Books for SSB Interview: –

Major Kalshi Classes has also conducted books for the preparation of Psychological and PPDT so that there is no shortage in the preparation of the candidates. In the books published by MKC, detailed information has been given about the questions related to different types of problems and which answers should be given for them. If you want to continue your preparation with the best book then definitely read the books of Major Kalshi Classes. To get these books, you can buy them by visiting the official website of the Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. Apart from this, if you want, you can also get the books home by downloading the learning application of Major Kalshi Classes.

Conduct of mock interview: –

Such candidates, who will pass the written examination of Combined Defense Services for the first time, do not face any kind of problem in the SSB interview, so MKC conducts the mock interview. In this interview, retired officers of the Armed Forces give mock interviews to the students and also give information about the many merits and precautions of appearing in the actual interview. If you want to perform better in the Personal Interview Section of SSB Interview then visit Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today and get yourself enrolled. Only limited students are enrolled in MKC for SSB interviews, so get yourself enrolled without delay.

Conducting English language classes: –

Officers serving in officer positions in the Armed Forces should be fluent in and fluent in the English language. That is why daily English classes are conducted by MKC for the students studying in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. By taking admission to the school established by MKC, candidates can learn to speak English fluently under the guidance of excellent teachers. If you also want to gain knowledge in English subject and make a better career in future then enrol in Swiss school of MKC and learn English fluently. To join this school, you can use the link to the official website given below. SSB Interview Coaching for CDS.

Health Care Center for Medical Test: –

Major Kalshi Classes also conducts medical observation of the candidates to make the tireless exam preparation successful for the candidates. Along with preparing the candidate physically, there is no shortage of any kind medically, so that the students are fully examined in MKC Health Care Center. The doctors of MKC Health Care Center examine the students keeping in mind all the standards considered in the military force.
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All these doctors have mainly retired doctors of Indian Armed Forces hospitals. If you want that there is no shortage of any kind in your preparation, then choose Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute and improve your preparation.

Today we have given you information about Major Kalshi Classes, one of the best coaching institutes in India for SSB preparation after the written exam of CDS. This coaching institute located in Allahabad is one of the best coaching institutes for SSB preparation. Students studying here can prepare for their exams in both English and Hindi languages. If you are still looking for a coaching institute for SSB preparation then we suggest you go for MKC to improve your preparation. You can use the official website and the contact number is given below to join Major Kalshi Classes and make your preparation successful and start a great career in Armed Forces. MKC is the best SSB interview coaching in Allahabad, India.

Frequently Asked Question:-

When will the CDS written exam be conducted?

Combined Defence Services 2022 written exam will be conducted on 10th April 2022 all over India.

Where to prepare for SSB after the CDS written exam?

After the written examination of CDS, the candidates who are looking for a coaching institute for preparation of SSB must join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.

Why choose Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute?

This coaching institute in Allahabad provides you with the best faculty and team facility for all the stages of SSB interview preparation. In addition to this excellent team of you are available in Major Kalshi Classes to perform better in the exam. With these qualities, you can choose Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.

Which are the best books for SSB preparation?

To get the best book for SSB preparation after the CDS exam, you must go through the books published by Major Kalshi Classes. All the books of anyone will be available to you on the official website of Major Kalshi Classes and you can start your exam preparation by ordering these books even sitting at home.

How to prepare for CDS on the online platform?

If you want to prepare for an SSB interview online and are looking for the best coaching institute, then you can subscribe to a youtube channel to join online classes conducted by Major Kalshi Classes. Additionally, you can download the MKC Learning Application and choose an online platform for your exam preparation.

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