Roles and Duties of the Colonel in a Regiment.

Roles and Duties of the Colonel:- Today in the Indian Army each infantry regiment has 16 to 20 battalions and the basic combat unit is about 1000 men and commanded by a Colonel. In the Armoured Corps, Artillery, Engineers and Signals it is called a Regiment. Colonel is usually the seniormost serving officer of that regiment or corps. It is an honorary position and largely ceremonial. He will be assisted by the three CROs, Adjutant and other Officers for the effective and efficient functioning of the establishment.

Roles and Duties of Colonel:-

  1. Commanding Officer (Colonel) is responsible for the maintenance of discipline, efficiency and proper administration in the Records Office.
  2. Colonel Officer will pay particular attention to the preservation of the health of the troops.
  3. Colonel will monitor and control all duties performed by under his command.
  4. It is the duty of Colonel to see that no officer, JCO, OR, noncombatant or civilian employee under his command who is unfit to perform his duties is retained in the service.
  5. Colonel is responsible for the correct receipt, issue, accounting stock taking of all supplies, stores and equipment.
  6. Colonel is responsible for the proper application of all public and regimental funds. He will monitor and control the committees formed for their management.

These are the basic Roles and Duties of the Colonel in a Regiment during peace time. But in war time Duties of the Colonel increased, he has to command all the officers and make to plan to destroy the target.

Indian Armed Forces Officers Ranks And Salary:-

Air ForceArmyNavy
Air Marshall (AOC-in-C / VCAS)Lieutenant General (Army Commodore / VCOAS)Vice Admiral / FOC-in-C / VCNS)
Air MarshallLieutenant GeneralVice Admiral
AVMMajor GeneralRear Admiral
Air CommodoreBrigadierCaptain
Group CaptainColonelCaptain
Wing Commander (S)Lieutenant Colonel (S)Commander (S)
Wing Commander (TS)Lieutenant Colonel (TS)Commander (TS)
Squadron LeaderMajorLieutenant Commander
Flight LieutenantCaptainLieutenant
Flying OfficerLieutenantSub Lieutenant
Ranks   Salary
Lieutenant Colonel1,12,000
Major General
Lieutenant General

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