Rafale Fighter Jet Specification and Capability

Dassault Rafale delivered first Rafale Fighter Jet to Indian as a part of 59000 crore deal signed in 2016, Here Major Kalshi Classes is going to share detailed Specification and Capability of Rafale Fighter Jet. It is multi rolled fighter jet developed by the Dassault Rafale, France based company. Indian aiming to buy 36 Rafale Fighter Jet and 4 fighter jet will be flying over the Indian skies by May 2020. Indian Airforce was not as strong as India’s neighbour Air Force that’s why India needs Rafale Fighter Jet. Here we are going to discuss Rafale Fighter Jet Specification and Capability.

Rafale Fighter Jet Specification and Capability:-

The Induction of Rafale Jet in Indian Airforce will strengthen India’ Air Defence System, the primary users of Rafale Fighter Jet are French Air Force, French Navy, Egyptian Air Force and Qatar Air Force. and now India is going to join this squad. First photos of IAF’s Second Rafale Jet RB 002 have been Released by its Maker Dassault Aviation. The company Handed over the first Rafale Jet 001 to defence Minister of India in a ceremony hosted by the Dassault Aviation’s chairman and CEO Eric Trappier.


Rafale Specification:-

The fully versatile rafale can carry out all combat aviation mission including air defence, anti-ship strike, nuclear deterrence. It is capable to do air to air, air to ground strike. it can fire 2500 round bullets in one minute. Rafale has a speed of 2222.6 Km/hr with climb capability of 50000 ft. It can be refuelled in Mid Air. The 15.27 metre long aircraft has wing length of 10.8 metres each. It’s greatest specification is to carry up to 9500 Kg Bombs.

Its ‘delta wings’ makes it far superior to its competitors due to extremely stable and supersonic speed. The aircraft’s advanced engine is capable of allowing the throttle to shift from combat to idle power in less than three seconds. It can jam enemy radars, detect targets anywhere including sea, ground and air. Other superior capabilities of Rafale include close air support, dynamic targetting, air-to-ground precision strike, anti-ship attack capability and buddy-buddy refuelling.

India’s air defence system is still a week and we need to work more on our air defence system. Rafale can strengthen the Indian Air Force.

Types of radars developed by DRDO for Indian Armed Forces

The missile used by the Rafale Fighter Jet:-

The advanced Rafale aircraft can carry next-gen air to air MICA missile, long-range air-to-air Meteor missile, long-range SCALP missile, anti-ship AM39 EXOCET missile, laser-guided bombs with different warheads, non-guided classic bombs. It can also carry Nuclear weapon. MICA’s stealth power can hit targets beyond visual range (over 100 km).

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