Items that You Must Carry in SSB Interview

When you finally get the letter for your SSB interview, it's normal to feel really happy. But sometimes, because you're so excited, you might forget to bring important stuff with you. So, we made a list of things you really need to bring

Can I lie in SSB Interview?

They say everything is fair in love and war, and SSB interviews can feel like a battle for many of us. Everyone wants to get recommended by any means necessary. However, when we don't receive a recommendation, we often find ourselves

10 Tips to Speak Fluently in PPDT Narration

The Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) is conducted on day-1 as the second test of the Stage-I screening series. It includes story writing, narration, and group discussion. While story writing is important, narration holds

5 Daily Habits SSB Aspirants Must Follow

The SSB Interview is a dynamic assessment of your personality, including both voluntary and subconscious aspects, as well as various Officers’ Like Qualities (OLQs). The selection process seeks individuals who, despite being average or