5 Daily Habits SSB Aspirants Must Follow

The SSB Interview is a dynamic assessment of your personality, including both voluntary and subconscious aspects, as well as various Officers’ Like Qualities (OLQs). The selection process seeks individuals who, despite being average or ordinary, can demonstrate extraordinary capabilities and actions when necessary.

The Indian armed forces seek officers with unmatched courage, sharp intellect, military bearing, unwavering determination, and keen social intelligence, setting them apart from others. Therefore, unlike typical academic exams, preparation for the SSB interview requires continuous effort integrated into your daily routine.

Begin by making a timetable. An ideal timetable must include-

  1. Allocate specific time slots for exercise, study, reading/watching news, and engaging in sports.
  2. Once you have established your timetable, work on changing your behavior and reactions to daily tasks. For instance, try to avoid procrastination when given a chore by your mother, and aim to complete projects on time. Although it may take time, practicing punctuality will become a habit.
  3. Participate actively in extracurricular activities such as organizing events, giving presentations, or any activity that involves interacting with strangers.
  4. Develop useful hobbies such as drawing, poetry, cycling, or reading. These activities not only sharpen your mind but also teach you valuable time management skills.
  5. Maintain your composure in stressful situations. Instead of panicking when faced with an impending deadline for an assignment, focus on finding solutions calmly.

Do your daily tasks as if you’ve never done them before

In our daily lives, we often engage in various activities without much thought, simply going through the motions. However, if we strive to emulate the discipline and precision expected of cadets in an academy, we can cultivate self-discipline, leading to improved performance and task execution. For instance, I would return home from work and slip off my shoes without bothering to untie them, leaving them scattered on the stairs instead of neatly placing them on the shoe rack.

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Working out for physical and mental stamina

Practicing self-discipline is essential, and one effective way to do so is by prioritizing your overall well-being. Regular exercise is particularly crucial for defense aspirants as it not only enhances physical strength and toughness but also fosters self-discipline. Following a consistent workout routine or engaging in morning exercises can bolster your determination and provide a sense of achievement as you meet your daily fitness goals.

View Educational Programs

Watching daily debate shows on news channels is an excellent way to prepare for group discussions. We often retain more information from what we see than what we read. Therefore, consider watching talk and debate shows on channels like Rajya Sabha TV. These shows offer valuable insights and discussions on various topics. You can also find them on Rajya Sabha’s official YouTube channel.

The first step in preparing for General Awareness is to read a newspaper

It will not only help you with current events, but the articles on the editorial page will also help you develop your logical and critical thinking skills. In your personal interview, and sometimes in your conference, you will be asked direct questions about the latest national and international news (if you are the borderline case). The facts and figures from the newspaper articles will help you back up your arguments in Group Discussion and form your points in Lecturette.

This is a key distinction between an officer and the average citizen. They do not panic, even when their men are in danger of being killed. That is why they are able to handle any situation.

Finally, be a cheerful, upbeat person. Allow your enthusiasm to spread happiness. Maintain a positive attitude toward life and face challenges with a smile.

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