Can I lie in SSB Interview?

They say everything is fair in love and war, and SSB interviews can feel like a battle for many of us. Everyone wants to get recommended by any means necessary. However, when we don’t receive a recommendation, we often find ourselves reflecting on our performance, replaying the events in our minds to analyze if we may have made a mistake or been dishonest in any way.

If you have lied at any point during the SSB testing, you might consider it as a reason for not getting recommended. On the other hand, if you have been completely honest throughout, you might question whether revealing everything about yourself, including any negative qualities, was a mistake.

The question remains: Can we lie in an SSB interview? While there may be topics you prefer not to discuss or feel uncomfortable about, it’s important to handle them tactfully. Instead of outright lying, you can divert the conversation (cleverly) away from such topics, especially if they are raised by the interviewing officer. The direction of the personal interview in SSB largely depends on the aspirants. It’s advisable to steer it towards your strong points rather than dwelling on negative or sad aspects.

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How to Create Good Impression in SSB Interview ?

  • Be mature and articulate, but avoid being overly serious or nervous. Maintain a joyful demeanor and inject humor into the conversation, even if you’re feeling bored in real life.
  • Remember, attending an SSB interview is still a dream for many, so approach it with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Be prepared to support your actions and decisions in life, taking accountability for your failures without blaming others.
  • Speak as if you’re trying to impress someone, displaying liveliness and charm. Avoid self-boasting and focus on demonstrating your qualities indirectly.
  • Listen attentively to the interviewer, pausing before responding to show thoughtfulness. This not only helps you formulate better answers but also demonstrates a valuable quality.
  • Strive to showcase Officer-Like Qualities (OLQs) subtly, as everything you do will be noted.
  • Aim to highlight as many positive qualities as possible throughout the interview process.

How to get rid of Difficult Questions ?

  • Difficult questions don’t necessarily refer to general knowledge questions; they can also encompass topics you’re uncomfortable discussing.
  • While it’s not advisable to ignore questions outright, you can indirectly address them or steer the conversation in a different direction. For instance, if you’re not particularly interested in sports, provide a reason for your lack of involvement and pivot to a topic you excel in. Always counterbalance a negative quality with a positive one, highlighting your strengths instead.
  • If faced with a deeply personal question, you can politely inform the interviewer that you’re uncomfortable discussing such matters. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about divulging personal details about your family or relatives, and it’s acceptable to refrain from sharing if it doesn’t align with your comfort level or personality.

Shall I tell Something Negative About Me?

  • No, it’s never advisable to speak negatively about yourself during an SSB interview. With the exception of acknowledging basic negative qualities, it’s best to avoid divulging overly negative or detrimental information about yourself. Instead, employ discretion and aim to conceal such aspects as much as possible.
  • Furthermore, refrain from becoming emotional or assuming that sharing a sad story will elicit sympathy from the interviewer. Remember, the interviewing officer is tasked with evaluating your suitability for the armed forces and remains impartial throughout the process. While they may appear friendly, their primary focus is on observing and assessing your behavior and responses. Therefore, it’s crucial to approach the interview with a strategic mindset and adhere to a well-thought-out plan. As for me, I don’t have personal experiences like lying in an SSB interview, but I can certainly provide guidance on how to approach such situations effectively.
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