11 Things to Certainly Do Before Next SSB Interview

SSB interviews happen all year round, with candidates arriving in batches and going through the process. Only a few make it through in the end. Some candidates even show up without knowing what SSB stands for. As a responsible candidate, there are a few things you should do before your next SSB interview.

Things You Must do before your SSB Interview

Make a Time Table

Create a timetable and thoroughly understand all the tests in SSB. Stick to this timetable diligently until you leave for the interview.

Buy Appropriate Dress

Purchase appropriate clothing and gather all necessary materials well in advance. Avoid last-minute panic, as it can affect your performance and results.

Know about the OLQs

I recommend memorizing the OLQs and recognizing which ones you apply in your daily life. Try to incorporate as many OLQs as possible in your activities, such as general discussions with friends.

Physical Fitness

Include daily exercise for about an hour in your timetable. This will help keep you fit and aid you during your GTO tasks.

Study Current Affairs

Start reading English newspapers immediately to stay updated on national, international, and trending news. This will enhance your vocabulary and knowledge. Also, review basic science, general knowledge, and current affairs from the past six months.

Polish Speaking Skills

Practice speaking skills regularly as they are crucial during interviews, group discussions, group planning exercises, and lecturing. Speaking skills are also an important aspect of the trainable OLQs, particularly the Power of Expression. Pay attention to the words you use to express yourself to sound more composed and articulate.

Keep Your Documents Ready

Ensure you gather all the required documents mentioned in your SSB call letter and make copies of them. Missing even one document can lead to disqualification, so be thorough and organized with your paperwork.

Be Positive

Stay positive throughout the SSB process, as optimism is a key aspect of personality assessment. Your choice of words, body language, and ability to remain calm in challenging situations can reflect your optimism and boost your confidence.

Make Yourself Mentally Prepared

Prepare yourself mentally for the climate of the SSB location, especially if it differs from your hometown. Research the climate and pack appropriate clothing to adapt quickly and stay in good physical condition.

Why do you want to join Indian Armed Forces?

Be ready to answer the interviewer’s question about why you want to join the forces. Take your time to prepare a genuine and honest response, focusing on reasons such as pay, allowances, adventures, and other motivations that resonate with you. Avoid lying in your answer and choose the most compelling reasons to share.

Keep Knowledge

Make sure you have in-depth knowledge about common topics such as your academic background (both technical and non-technical), India, current affairs, history, and the specific service branch you’re interested in joining, whether it’s the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Expect questions on these topics from both the interviewer and the GTO, so be well-prepared.


Success in the SSB interview requires consistent effort and the right mindset cultivated daily. Before your next SSB interview, ensure you are physically fit and mentally resilient to tackle the tests. Prepare yourself mentally for the duration of the stay, the climate, making new acquaintances, and the screening process. Wishing you all the best.

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