Items that You Must Carry in SSB Interview

When you finally get the letter for your SSB interview, it’s normal to feel really happy. But sometimes, because you’re so excited, you might forget to bring important stuff with you. So, we made a list of things you really need to bring for your SSB interview.

Items to Carry in SSB Interview

  1. Call Letter: Make sure you have at least three copies of your call letter. Keep one in hand when you go to the railway station, and keep the other two safe in your bag.
  2. Online Application Copy: Some selections like TGC and TES might need copies of your online application form. So, be sure to keep one or two copies with you along with a photo that’s been attested.
  3. ID Proof: Bring your original ID cards with you. School or college IDs, along with government-issued IDs like Voter Card, Pan Card, Aadhar Card, driving license, and UPSC admit card are all good, as long as they have your photo on them.
  4. Educational Certificates: Have at least 4 copies each of your original and attested Class 10th and 12th mark sheets, graduation and post-graduation certificates if you have them. Also, bring copies of your semester mark sheets.
  5. Extra Activity Certificates: If you’ve been active in sports, NCC, or other co-curricular activities, bring originals and copies of your certificates.
  6. Photographs: It’s smart to carry around 10 stamp size and 25 passport size photos. Make sure they have a white or blue background. If you wear glasses, keep them on in your photos.

Remember to bring the originals of all your documents along with 4 sets of attested copies. If your original certificates are held by your college or organization, get a custodian certificate stating they have them.

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7. Clothing: Pack at least three sets of formal clothes (ties and blazers are optional). Men should bring two collared T-shirts and white shorts, while women should bring two collared T-shirts and white pants. Don’t forget white sports shoes and socks, and bring winter clothes if needed. Remember casual clothes, nightwear, towels, and undergarments too.

8. Other Essentials: Bring slippers, grooming kit, lock and key, bathing kit, and any other personal items you might need. Don’t forget essential medicines and a first aid kit.

9. Uniform: If you’re joining the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard, bring a uniform set suitable for the season, along with combat dress.

10. Writing Materials: Carry at least four black or blue pens and a writing pad for your interview. You can also bring plain white pages or a notebook.

11. Final Check: Before leaving, double-check that you have everything listed in your call letter. Think of it like packing for a regular trip and stay relaxed.

Note: Avoid bringing valuable items like expensive phones, laptops, or jewelry. Carry minimal cash and consider bringing an ATM card instead. If you forget something, don’t worry. Just let the authorities know; they’re there to assist you.

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