OTA Passing Out Parade 2023 conducted on 29th April 2023

On April 29, 2023, the Officers Training Academy (OTA) Chennai witnessed a grand Passing Out Parade, marking the culmination of a year-long rigorous training program for the cadets. The parade was held at the Chetwode Drill Square, and it was a sight to behold. Here we will get to know all about the Chennai OTA Passing Out Parade 2023.

Chennai OTA Passing Out Parade 2023:

The OTA Chennai Passing Out Parade is a crucial event for the cadets, as it marks their transition from being trainees to officers. The parade is also an opportunity for the cadets to showcase their skills, discipline, and physical prowess to their families, friends, and well-wishers.

The parade started with the arrival of the reviewing officer, Lt Gen Gaurav Chauhan, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, and GOC-in-C Southern Command. The cadets marched in perfect unison to the beat of the drums, displaying their immaculate drill and impeccable bearing.

The highlight of the parade was the oath-taking ceremony, where the cadets pledged to serve the nation with courage, integrity, and honour. The oath-taking ceremony was followed by the presentation of the Sword of Honor and the Gold Medal to the cadet who excelled in academics, physical training, and overall performance during the training program.

OTA Sword of Honor 2023:

The Sword of Honor was awarded to Academy Cadet Adjutant Rajat Singh at the OTA Passing Out Parade 2023, who displayed exceptional leadership skills, dedication, and hard work throughout the training program. The Gold Medal was awarded to Academy Under-Officer Nidhi Mishra, who topped the batch in academics, physical training, and extracurricular activities.

More about the OTA Passing Out Parade 2023:

The Passing Out Parade also included a display of weapons, tanks, and other equipment used by the armed forces. The cadets demonstrated their proficiency in handling various weapons and equipment, showcasing their readiness to serve the nation.

The parade ended with the playing of the National Anthem, and the cadets marched off the field, marking the end of their training program. The families and friends of the cadets, as well as senior officers and dignitaries, congratulated the newly commissioned officers on their achievements.

The OTA Passing Out Parade 2023 was a momentous occasion, not only for the cadets but also for the armed forces and the nation. The newly commissioned officers will now take up their responsibilities to serve the nation, safeguard its borders, and uphold its values and ideals.

What is the Training duration at the OTA Chennai?

The training duration at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) Chennai varies depending on the type of training program. Generally, the duration of training at OTA Chennai can range from 49 weeks. The Short Service Commission (SSC) training program at OTA Chennai is 49 weeks long, and it is designed for graduates who want to serve in the Indian Army for a limited period.

The Pre-Commission Training (PCT) program at OTA Chennai is 49 months long, and it is designed for cadets who are selected for the Permanent Commission (PC) in the Indian Army. The PCT program includes both theoretical and practical training and covers topics such as weapon handling, tactics, strategy, communication, leadership, and physical fitness.

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How many students passed in the OTA 2023 Batch?

The OTA Passing Out Parade was conducted on 29 April 2022 and the Cadets of SSC-114 & SSC(W)-28, after 11 months of gruelling training have appeared in the OTA Passing Out Parade 2023. After the event, the newly commissioned officers are posted to various units across the country to serve in the Indian Army.


The Chennai OTA Passing Out Parade on April 29, 2023, was a spectacular display of discipline, commitment, and patriotism. The cadets, under the guidance of their trainers and mentors, have undergone a transformative journey, and now they are ready to take up the mantle of serving the nation with pride and honour.

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