NDA Science Books Pdf Download by MKC

The National Defense Academy Examination is one of the best to get selected in the Indian Armed forces as an Officer. Competition is too much in this field, One will have to prepare so well in order to clear the examination. Here in this article, I will talk about the preparation and the Best NDA Science Books Pdf download by MKC. Most of the questions in the Science portion are asked questions based on the CBSE syllabus. Check out the blog below to get complete details about the best study material for the preparation of the Science portion of the NDA Written Exam.

NDA I 2021 Syllabus Of Mathematics and GAT with Marking Scheme

NDA Science Books Pdf Download by MKC:

All the candidates who are preparing for the NDA Examination must have the proper idea about its syllabus and its exam pattern etc. The GAT Portion of the NDA Examination covers the maximum Syllabus of the Examination. In the GAT Examination, there is separate portion of Science where A candidates will be asked questions from the:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology etc

There is no book available in the market that could give you the complete preparation for the Science portion. The Major Kalshi Classes has designed the book for the Science portion of the NDA Examination. The team of Our Coaching institute has designed the Best book for the preparation of the NDA Examination. This book is specially designed for a person who can not join the coaching institute. So that they can do their complete preparation from home.  There are many coaching who analyze Every year’s paper on physics, Chemistry and Biology etc and they have made a list of questions that are asked on a regular basis.

Best NDA Study Materials For Mathematics and General Ability Test

Download MKC NDA Science book in Pdf:

There are many books available in the market for the preparation of these subjects. Always buy the best book from the market for the preparation of this. Most of the books in the market are just full of questions that are available in the market is completely useless for this cause. You can buy the books of Major Kalshi classes for the preparation for the NDA Examination. This Institute has designed the best books for the preparation of this.


NDA English Grammar Book Pdf Download by MKC Publication

Is it Important to prepare Science for NDA Exam:

That completely depends on you. There are many subjects. You just have to score better in the examination. The Science portion will cover around 180 to 240 marks in the examination of 900 marks. If you think, you can prepare other subjects in a better manner and score maximum marks in those. You can leave the Science. The Cutoff of NDA Examination has never gone over 470 marks our of 900 marks. You just need to score good enough to beat the cutoffs. There are many other subjects in the GAT portion like History, Civics, Geography, Indian Polity etc.

I would suggest to manage your time properly and cover the entire syllabus of the examination if possible. It will increase the chances of your selection would be high.

NDA Physics Important Questions with Video Solutions

How to prepare Science portion of NDA Exam:

The preparation for the Science portion can be easily done with the MKC Study Materials. It is important to select the right study material to start your preparation for the examination. You must start your preparation with Basics, Once you are clear with basics, you can move to the advanced level books for NDA Science.

Once you are done with your preparation. You must appear for the Mock tests. the Mock tests prepare you better for the Examination and give you a proper idea about the Examination. You must appear for this and try to solve the maximum question papers of this subject to get better practice. to 12th. There are no perfect tips that you can follow to clear the NDA, there are few tips that actually work to make your preparation a little bit better. Prepare your syllabus accordingly, do not study over. You just need to score better than the other candidates.

Chemistry important topic for NDA Exam.

How to prepare for NDA Science?

Questions in the Science portion are asked till class 10th level. You can prepare this portion through NCERT Books or can buy the Books of Major Kalshi Classes for better preparation.

Name of the subjects in NDA Science Portion?

One will need to prepare Physics, Chemistry and Biology till class 10th level.

Number of Questions asked from Science in NDA?

Around 50-60 questions would be asked from the Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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