Navy SSR AA Medical Test 2022 full detail

Navy SSR AA Medical Test 2022:- It is always required in the Indian Armed Forces to be physically fit in all aspects. It may be the navy, the air force, or the Indian Army, for example. To assess the overall performance of the candidates, each force performed its own fitness and medical exams. In this post, we will discuss the Navy SSR AA Medical Test, as well as the needed physical standards in the Indian Navy for the AA and SSR, as well as the numerous sorts of Medical Tests in the Navy SSR/AA. Today, we’ll go over all you need to know about the Navy SSR and AA medical tests. Check out the article below for more details about the Navy SSR/AA medical exam 2022:

Navy SSR/AA Physical Standard:-

  • The minimum height should be 157 cm.
  • Candidates must have good physical and mental health. They should be free from any defect
  • Weight and Chest should be proportionate.
  • The minimum expansion of the chest should be 5 cms.
  • The candidate’s hearing must be normal.
  • The better eye should be 6/6 and the worse eye should be 6/9 without glasses.
  • Tattoos: Permanent tattoos will be allowed only on the inner face of forearms, that is, from the inside of the elbow to the wrist and on the reserved side of the palm/backside of the hand.

Visual Standard of Navy Sailors:-

Type of EntryWithout glassesWith glasses
 Better EyeWorse EyeBetter EyeWorse Eye
MR Musicians6/606/606/96/24

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

As a physical fitness test in the AA /SSR examination, the candidates are given the task to complete the given task in a certain time. Candidates cleared for the medical test by clearing the below-given task. The following are the tasks of a physical fitness test to be taken for the AA SSR exam in the Indian Navy.

Running1.6 km7 minutes
Squat ups20
Push ups10

Navy SSR AA Medical Test 2022

On arrival, approved Military Doctors will perform a medical examination in accordance with the medical standards set under current rules applicable to Indian Navy personnel. The complete medical standards recommendations are provided below.

  1. The candidate should possess good mental and physical health.
  2. He should be free from any disease/ disability and have no cardiovascular disease.
  3. He should be free from surgical deformities like Knock-Knees, and Flat-Foot.
  4. The candidate should not have a past history of fits or psychiatric ailments, Varicose-veins etc.
  5. He should not have any type of infection in the ears.
  6. Candidates are advised to get their ears cleaned for wax and tartar removed from teeth before appearing for the written test, which is followed by PFT and Medical examination.
  7. Candidate should possess Colour perception standard of CP II and Eyes Visual standards should meet the under mentioned prescribed standards for both the conditions that is with glasses and without glasses.

Once you complete this all, now you have to go to the internal body checks and in these tests, the following internal body organs will be checked:

  • Chest X-ray for your lungs.
  • Ultrasound for kidney stones.
  • The liver problem will be checked
  • Blood test
  • Urine test

If a minor problem is discovered during your internal body examination, the medical board will offer you time to remedy it, but the applicant must do it within a certain time frame. The time duration might vary depending on the type of problem.

How to Avoid Medical Rejection in Navy SSR AA Medical Test:-

You can be fit if you follow some guidelines. Eat sensibly, exercise on a regular basis, and aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

There is no way to conceal your sickness from the doctor, and if you have an issue that cannot be acknowledged, you will be refused. However, you must attend medical testing as part of any defence examination. Check to see if you’re in good shape. You can go for standard body component exams, which are a common reason for temporary rejection, such as eye checkups, ear, nose, hydrocele, stones, and so on. If you have an issue, you can request a leave of absence from the medical board and return later. This is the most effective method of avoiding rejection in medical defence tests.

Navy SSR/AA Selection Process:-

For AA- Selection of recruits is based on the all India order of merit on their performance in Computer-based Examination, subject to qualifying Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and fitness in Medical Examinations.

For SSR- the Selection of recruits is based on State wise merit of their performance in Computer-based Examinations, subject to qualifying Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and fitness in Medical Examinations.

Indian Navy SSR/AA Exam Pattern:-

One common examination will be conducted for AA and SSR entries-

  1. The question paper will be computer-based with a total of 100 questions, each carrying 01 marks.
  2. The question paper will be bilingual (Hindi & English) and objective type (multiple-choice).
  3. The questions paper will comprise four sections i.e. English, Science, Mathematics and General Knowledge.
  4. The standard of the question paper will be that of a 10+2 Syllabus
  5. The duration of the examination will be for one hour.
  6. There is a 0.25 negative marking for every wrong answer.

Syllabus of Indian Navy SSR/AA Examination:

A candidate has to prepare a total of four subjects. The weightage of each subject is equal. So it is important to prepare each subject in a better manner.  Here are those subjects that one has to prepare for the Navy SSR Online Examination:

  • English
  • General Awareness
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Strategy to Qualify Navy AA/SSR 2022

Friends, as mentioned above, questions about English, Science, Mathematics and General Awareness are asked in the examination of AA SSR. Below we will share with you information on how to properly prepare for each subject and how to crack the Navy AA SSR exam.

Strategy for English Paper:-

  • In the AA / SSR exam, questions of generalizability 10th and 12th are asked.
  • To prepare for subjects like English, candidates need to have detailed information about Active Passive Voice, and Direct in Direct.
  • The exam consists of questions based on synonyms, antonyms and vocabulary.
  • To solve questions like letter writing and fill in the blanks, it is necessary to emphasize the grammar of most English.
  • Knowledge of each form of verbs is necessary to solve questions like correction of sentences and use of verbs to be asked in the exam.
  • The everyday candidate is required to study English newspapers for preparing a subject like English.
  • A note should be prepared by marking the new English word published in English newspapers.
  • To solve questions like Active Passive Voice and Direct in Direct, candidates should keep solving question papers daily.
  • For the improvement of vocabulary, many types of English words should be used and pronounced continuously every day.

Strategy for Mathematics Subject

  • To complete a difficult and big syllabus like Mathematics, candidates should first make notes of useful formulas of Mathematics.
  • By regulating the formulas to be applied in mathematics, the formulas are memorized.
  • There is only 1 hour to solve the question paper in the Navy AA SSR exam. In which you have to solve about 25 questions of Mathematics.
  • In this short time, the candidate should use the method of using mathematics formulas in a shortcut manner.
  • For other parts of Mathematics, candidates should set different times and give the same time to each topic.
  • Give more time to solve questions like vector, trigonometry, quadratic equation, etc. in the exam
  • Use the formulas and keep solving previous years’ question papers and sample papers continuously to solve the questions in a short time.

Strategy for Physics

  • For the preparation of science subjects, candidates should follow the complete syllabus of classes 10th and 12th.
  • Questions related to the maximum theory were asked in the exam.
  • For the preparation of theory, the candidates must make notes of all the topics of the Physics subject.
  • For preparing for Physics topics, candidates should prepare notes of different topics daily in their simple language.
  • Assess the prepared topics according to the sample paper daily.
  • For the preparation for Physics, the candidates must remember the simple formulas because questions will be asked on a formula basis.

Strategy for General Awareness:-

  • In general awareness, candidates are required to solve the questions related to reasoning.
  • Candidates can use the books of General Knowledge present in the market for preparing the questions asked on the basis of General Knowledge.
  • In the general awareness section, questions were asked related to historical geography. Therefore, follow the syllabus taught in class X.
  • For the preparation of current affairs in general awareness, the candidates must read the current affairs of the last six months
  • For the preparation for the current affair, the candidates can also get information from the news broadcast in the daily newspaper, and on television.
  • Make a note of this information, follow them
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