Airforce X Y Phase-2 Process and Tips

After the written examination of Airforce X and Y candidates has to go through the Phase-2 selection process. The detailed process of Airforce Phase-2 is given here. You can know the complete selection process. You must know the Airforce X and Y Phase-2 preparation tips along with the selection process. So now let’s see the full information of Airforce X and Y Phase 2 below of this para.

Airforce X Y Phase-2 Process

In phase II, There are four stages that one has to clear. It is very important to clear those tests to proceed with the next phase of selection.

  • Documentation
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Adaptability Test I
  • Adaptability II


The candidates are to bring the following documents while reporting for Phase II of the Selection Test at the allotted Airmen Selection Centre-

  • Colour Print out of duly filled application form downloaded on completion of online registration.
  • HB Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Glue stick, Stapler and Black/Blue Ball Point Pen for writing.
  • Ten copies of un-attested recent (which was used for the online application registration) passport size colour photograph.
  • Four self-attested photocopies and Original Matriculation Passing Certificate (required for verification of Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth).
  • Original and four self-attested photocopies of Matriculation Marks Sheet (only applicable for three years Diploma Course holders when English is not a subject in Diploma Course).
  • Original and four self-attested photocopies of Intermediate/10+2/ Equivalent Examination Passing Certificate and Marks SheetOR Original and four self-attested photocopies of Three years Diploma Course Passing Certificate and Marks Sheets of all semesters.
  • Original phase-I Admit card used during a phase-I online test, bearing Air force seal and invigilator’s signature.

Physical Fitness Test:

Candidates who pass Online Test and are shortlisted as per merit which will be displayed on the CASB Web Portal on a stipulated date will be called at the designated Airmen Selection Centre for Physical Fitness Test (PFT) which would consist of

  • 1600 meter run to be completed within 06 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Candidates will also have to complete 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 20 squats within the stipulated time to qualify for the Physical Fitness Test.
  • Note: Candidates are advised to bring their sports shoes and shorts/Track pants.

Airforce X and Y Group Physical Eligibility Test Procedure

Adaptability Test 1:

In this test, you must pass the Situation Reaction Test before moving on to the Group Discussion.

Adaptability Test 2:

You will be given a Group Discussion in which you will sit with the other 15 applicants and debate the provided topic with them. While conversing with the other, keep in mind that you must provide some essential points in order to qualify for the following step.

Best Adaptability Test Book for Airforce X and Y Group.

Airforce X Y Phase-2 Tips

Following the paperwork and Physical Fitness exam, GD, SRT, and DFT all play a role in the selection. It is critical to improving in this area. Here are some GD and SRT tips and tricks.

Group Discussion or GD Tips & Tricks

  1. You should be well-versed in current affairs themes for this round. Prepare a variety of subjects and be aware of what is going on around you.
  2. You have the potential to be an excellent leader. Positively express your opinions. Give instances of supporting remarks to back up your claims. Never engage in argument.
  3. Make yourself relevant. When speaking, you should be precise and to the point. This is one of the most crucial GD hints.
  4. Be an attentive listener. If you make eye contact with someone, acknowledge him by nodding your head.
  5. During GD rounds, you may encounter a situation in which everyone is speaking but no one is listening. It would be advantageous to remain silent at that moment.

How to perform well in Airforce GD Round

  • Understand: Before speaking, understand the topic first.
  • Speak: Do not interrupt if someone else is speaking. Wait for your turn or make your chance to speak.
  • Initiate: Take the initiative to start the discussion.
  • Structure: Structure your arguments logically and give examples to justify your statement.
  • Summaries: Summaries the discussion.
  • Involve: Involve in GD or take part confidently.
  • Assert: Be assertive. and try to prove your point.
  • Articulate: Work towards articulating your ideas into meaningful sentences.
  • Listen: Be an attentive listener.
  • Quality matters over quantities: It is not about how much you speak, but what you speak is important.

Situation Reaction Test or SRT Tips & Tricks

  • Listen to the instructors carefully.
  • Time is very important in this round, so, use all the punctuations to make your answer as short and specific as possible.
  • Do not skip any situation.
  • Do not make incomplete sentences as it might show a lack of responsibility. Keep your sentence as short and meaningful as possible.
  • Do not forget your ethical values towards society.
  • React quickly and be natural. Try to write responses that come to your mind first.

Example of SRT Test:-

  • On a train journey, at midnight certain sounds disturbed your sleep. On being woken up, you found someone trying to steal through the window. He…
  • He is going to attend an important meeting and he is already getting late. Suddenly the road is blocked due to traffic jams. He…..
  • You have to go for patrolling duty in the field. Your driver is having a high fever. He…
  • While returning home after watching the cinema at midnight, you found two people quarrelling on the way. He…
  • You are required to dig trenches, but your colleagues are not cooperating with you. He…
  • While working in the kitchen garden, rain starts. He…
  • He is assigned a difficult task that he has not done earlier. He..
  • As a secretary of the Student Union of his college. He will do the following…
  • Returning from the market, three persons with a knife stop him and ask him to hand over his valuable possessions.

Join MKC for GD Class

Anyone can join the IAF X and Y GD SRT classes for the upcoming examination in three Ways-

  1. Online Classes on MKC Learning App
  2. By Books
  3. Join GD SRT Test Series.

GD SRT Round is not easy you need proper guidance to clear this round so join MKC and Clear the Exam.

1. Online Class for GD SRT:-

  • Unlimited access to live classes for 1 year
  • Recorded video, Notes, Online Test Series
  • Doubt counter facility available
  • Hindi and English Medium batches are available
  • Experiance Faculty

2. Books for GD SRT:-

You can buy the best books for the GD SRT round. If you have completed the syllabus by online class then start reading with books and solve some questions of SRT. These books are specially made for the X and Y group students who have cleared the written examination. These books are prepared by the best defence faculty at Major Kalshi Classes.

For more information about the GD SRT Books, you can click on the below Image.

To clear GD you need very good preparation because they can give you any topic, there is no particular field. It can be from history, geography, or defence-related news. So you have to prepare all the current topics related to everything. You can prepare that from the internet,  books, and newspapers or you can buy GD, SRT book from Major Kalshi classes which has all the topics related to GD SRT, you can prepare so well from this book.

3. Join Test Series for GD SRT:-

Test series/mock test is a very important part of preparation. After completing the syllabus you need to practice the question related to the GD SRT. MKC Test series is designed based on the real exam. Solve some mock tests before appearing in the examination, it will help you to understand the pattern and syllabus. So just join the Mock test of SRT.

Medical Standard for airforce X and Y Group

In the Air Force X and Y Group medical test in the Indian Air Force, the candidates have to fulfil the following criteria.

  • Weight
  • The height
  • Eyesight
  • ear
  • Disease status in candidates

Medical Standard for airforce

Weight and height

The height criteria and weight of the candidates by the selection commission in the Airforce are as follows.

Height (for men) (in centimetres) without shoesWeight in kilograms (15-17 years)Weight in kilograms (18 -22 years)Weight in kilograms (23-27 years)Weight in kg (28-32 years)Weight in kg (33-37 years)
+/- SD66.

Medical Standard for airforce X and Y Group Phase 3rd exam

Height & Weight (For Women)

Height (cm) without shoesWeight (20 -25 years)Weight (26-30 years)
+/- SD55

Medical Standard for airforce X and Y Group Phase 3rd exam

Eye-sight (Medical Standard for airforce)

To join the X and Y Group of the Indian Air Force, the candidates must fulfil the eyesight criteria. The criteria for eye position are as follows.

branchMaximum Limits of Refractive ErrorVisual Acuity ErrorsColour Vision
F(P) including WSOsBlurred vision – 2.0 DSph myopia – 0.5 D Sph squint – + 0.75Dd cyl6/6, 6/9CP-I
Aircrew other than F(P)Blurred vision – 3.5 DSph myopia – 2.5 D Sph squint – + 0.75Dd cyl6/24, 6/ 36 correctable 6/6, 6/9CP-I
Adm/ Adm (ATC)/Adm (FC)Blurred vision – 3.5 DSph myopia – 3.5 D Sph squint – + 2.5Dd cylcorrectable 6/9CP-II
AE(M) AE(L)Blurred vision – 3.5 DSph myopia – 3.5 D Sph squint – + 2.5Dd cylcorrectable 6/9CP-II
MetBlurred vision – 3.5 DSph myopia – 3.5 D Sph squint – + 2.5Dd cylcorrectable 6/9, 6/18CP-II
Accts/ Lgs/EdnBlurred vision – 3.5 DSph myopia – 3.5 D Sph squint – + 2.5Dd cylcorrectable 6/9, 6/18CP-III
  • Candidates who use glasses permanently cannot apply to the Air Force.
  • It is considered ineligible to apply to the Air Force after laser surgery.
  • Candidates who have undergone cataract surgery in their eyes also cannot fill out this application form.
  • Candidates with colour blindness are not eligible for Air Force.
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