Life of Indian Navy Sailor at Sea, Daily Work of Navy Sailor.

The Indian Navy is known as the most groomed forces of the Nation. The Indian Naval force has many vacancies to join the service as an officer, as an engineer or as a Sailor, etc. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details about the Life of the Indian Navy Sailor at Sea, the Daily Work of the Navy Sailor. To get complete information about this, check the complete articles below. I have also given all the details regarding the salary and allowances that one sailor gets in the service.

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Life of Indian Navy Sailor at Sea, Daily Work of Navy Sailor:

The Life of each and every person who is in the Defense sector is very disciplined. They are responsible for the security of the nation. The Indian navy deals with the Enemies at the sea and maintains the disputes at the sea and makes our sea line border safe. The Sailors are basically trained in some particular areas like fire fighting, gun firings and other areas that are important. Life at the sea is completely different and then it may seem hectic for some persons but once you get into this it all seems very easy.

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Daily Works of Navy Sailors:

Every sailor has to do at least 7 to 8 hours of work in their disciplined departments and after that, they have all the free time. These Routines are only for normal days, At a time of emergency, there is no routines and no scheduled all the officers and sailors have to follow captains order at the ship.

Work onboard ships are divided amongst teams that do different kinds of jobs. They could be involved in the operation of various equipment and There is also some sailor at the ship who doesn’t involve in the armed activities of the ships, these sailors are. Here are the type of works that one Sailors can be allotted as per the recruitment:

  • Radars
  • Sonars or communications
  • Firing of weapons such as missiles, guns, or rockets.
  • Chefs
  • Stewards
  • Medical Assistants etc. 

Each and every person on the ships are additionally trained to operate the weapons. At a time of emergency, every sailor can do every work and activity at the ship.

Navy Rank Wise Salary of the Indian Navy Officers and Sailors

Indian Navy Sailors Life at Sea:

At the sea, you will get almost everything to eat and most of the ships has proper gym set-ups, Swimming pools, etc. The Gyms may be the same for the officers and sailors but the swimming pools are different for officers and sailors etc. 

The Life at Sea is awesome, you get to breath fresh Air which is impossible to get at the shore. The Indian Navy Known for paying well to their employees. Here are the details about the Salary and Allowances of Indian Navy Sailors.

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Salary and Allowances of the Navy Sailors:

The Salary of the Sailors in the Indian Navy depends upon their types of entry they have made. Once the sailors get posted on the respected post after the training, they will get a salary of around 21,800/- per month to 61,300/- per month.

The sailors in the Indian Navy are divided into two categories. There are X group Sailors and Y group Sailors. Here the X Group means Technical Sailors and the Y group Sailors means Non-technical Sailors. The Salary may be a bit different in nature. let’s see the complete Rank-wise Salary of Sailor of Y Group (Non-Technical Sailors) and after that, we will see the salary of technical Sailors (X-Group)

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Y Group Sailors:

RanksSalary Per Month
Seaman I5200 – 20200
Seaman II5200 – 20200
Leading Seaman5200 – 20200
Petty Officer5200 – 20200
Chief Petty Officer9300-34000
MCPO II9300-34000
MCPO I9300-34000

X Group Sailors:

RanksSalary per month
Apprentice5200 – 20200
Artificer V5200 – 20200
Artificer IV5200 – 20200
Art-III-I5200 – 20200
Chief Artificer9300-34000
MCPO II9300-34000
MCPO I9300-34000

The Salary Structure of the Indian Navy Sailor of the X group and Y group is completely the same. The salary of the candidate may get a range between this. The salary in the Indian Armed forces always depends on the nature of work and area of posting etc. A candidate also gets some extra pays like MSP (Military Service Pay) of 6200/- per month which is after the salary. There is also some Grade pay and other Dearness Allowances and Travel allowances etc.

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What is the Salary of Indian Navy Sailors?

The Salary of the Indian Navy Sailors can be between 20,200 per month to 54,600/- per month depending upon their rank.

What are the allowances given to the Navy Sailors?

There are many allowances are given to the Indian Navy Officers and Sailors. Some common Allowances are, Travel Allowances, Dearness Allowances, Medical Facilities, Free Stay with Ration etc.

How to Join Navy as Sailor?

There are many vacancies after the 10th or 12th. The Selection will be done through Written Exam, PFT and Medical Examination etc.

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