INS Chilka Cadets Daily Routine, Lifestyle etc.

The candidates, who lived their life as Cadets in all the three forces of the Indian Army, repeat their life routine every day. Be it Army cadets or Navy cadets in any part of the country, the routine of all cadets is almost the same. In today’s article, we will talk about the daily routine of Indian Naval Service Chilka cadets of the Indian Navy. By the way, the life of INA or INS cadets is easy for some candidate and difficult for someone. But with this daily routine of every cadet, there is a change in their way of living. Due to this all of them become punctual and become loyal towards their work. So let’s start and give you information about the INS Chilka Cadets Daily Routine, Lifestyle etc. INS Chilka has a Sailor Training Institute. This Tanning campus is spread over an area of ​​more than 5000 acres.

INS Chilka Cadets Daily Routine:-

  • Hands Call / Wakeup Call
  • Morning Prayer “Jai Bharti”
  • Physical Training like PT Running and Other
  • Galaxy area Fooding Campus
  • Marination:- Rambha Sailing 24 km (Daily)
  • Lake Mouth Sainik Expedition 80 km (Weekly)
  • Seamanship Training
  • NCBD training
  • Militarization
  • Small Army Firing Training
  • Gaming Session
  • Mentor Session

Hands Call / Wakeup Call:-The life of the cadets of INS Chilka begins every day at 4:00 AM. In the morning, they are picked up with a hands call, that is, a siren to wake up in the morning. After which they have to get ready for boot camp exercise. Waking up in the morning, these boot camps gather at the parade ground for exercise and in the morning do Jai Bharti Morning Prayer.

Physical Training:-After Morning Prayer, cadets are called for physical training. Where they are doing running, PT, other physical exercises during physical training. During physical exercise, they are also exercised swimming in an Olympic size pool. This training is done from it so that the sailor can help do it at sea if needed.

Galaxy area Fooding Campus:-After morning exercise, they are called for breakfast. The cadets sit together in the Galaxy area of ​​the campus and have breakfast in the morning. Let us tell you that the mess built at INS Chilka is the biggest among all other INS.

Marination:-During the Marination, the cadets are taught product and essence, survival techniques, and selling skills. Rambha Sailing which is 24 km is conducted every week at INS Chilka. The main purpose of organizing Rambha Sailing is to test and test the boating skills of the sailors. Lake Mouth Sainik Expedition is also organized at INS Chilka to test the skill test. The total length of this event and sailing expedition is 80 km.

Seamanship Training: – The cadets of INS Chilka are trained to handle and operate the ship. During this training, they are taught to control, maintain, operate the boat, etc.

NCBD training:-NCBD training is also given to the cadets of INS Chilka.In this training, the cadets are given the training to deal with the disaster. After this training, they have to take part in parade training. During parade training, they are taught to salute, stand in a straight row, etc.

Small Army Firing Training:-During the small army firing training, these sailors are also taught the techniques of gun handling, cleaning, and other training.

Militarization:- During this training, much hard training like scrolling, physical training, zig-zag scrolling, crossing, etc., are organized for the cadets to be done in the military.

Gaming Session:- After all this training INS cadets are given time for sports and games. During this, they are fed outdoor games and indoor games. There is an increment in their physical and intellectual. In this game, cadets are given to play volleyball, tug of war, football, etc.

Mentor Session:-All this training is done every day by the cadets of INS Chilka. After completing the training schedule of the whole day, in the evening by the mentor of INS, all the cadets are motivated and prepared for the time to come.

Once a cadet completes their full training, they are appointed to the post of commission after the passing out parade. If you also have a dream to become a sailor in the Indian Navy, then you should also start preparing for your exam from today itself. To become a sailor a candidate must be mentally and physically fit. Every year the notification of SSR/MR/AA is submitted by the Navy Department to join the Indian Navy. So join us today for your dream of becoming a sailor and making your dream come true.

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