Indian Army Launched ASIGMA App for Internal Messaging

Indian Army Launched ASIGMA App:- An application developed with Indian technology to secure the internal messages of the Indian Army is in the great discussion today. The secure messaging application was launched by the Indian Army. The main purpose of launching this message application is that paper is required for many tasks in the army, now all work can be done on paperless work from this application. Many security features will be available in this application made by the Indian Army, which will be very important for the security of army messages.

Army Indigenous Messaging Application (ASIGMA)?

During the Corona epidemic, the Indian Army continuously forwarded messages from one end to another end on paper. But now to reduce the paperwork, the Indian Army has launched ASIGMA. It was very helpful and now paperless is capable by this functioning application. Launching Army Secure Indigenous Messaging Application (ASIGMA), the Indian Army said that this application works similarly to the contemporary messaging application. In today’s time, many types of state-of-the-art messaging applications are available on the Internet. But Army Secure Indigenous Application is based on very new web technology. This application has been developed completely with indigenous technology by a team of officers from the Army Corps of Signals.

This application will be used in place of the Army Wide Area Network messaging application. Army-wide network messaging application is being used by the Indian Army for the last 15 years. But according to a statement of the ministry, it has been said that this application which is being used in the Indian Army for the last 15 years. It is being deployed in the internal network of the Army as a replacement.

For the past several years, the Indian Army has been using Indian weapons companies and items made by other companies. Taking this step forward, the Indian Army has also prepared one of its applications completely indigenously. Indian Army has promoted Army Secure Indigenous Messaging Application to make many tasks of Army paperless. Soon the Indian Army will also add this application to its other captive pen army networks.

What is special in ASIGMA:-

  • Army Secure Indigenous Messaging Application is fully built on indigenous technology.
  • This application has been installed on the hardware working under the authority of the army.This application may be updated soon.
  • Messaging applicationscan fulfill all future user requirements.
  • Using this application will provide a better experience to the users.
  • With the multi-level security, priority, and tracking of Messages, the dynamic global address book can meet the requirements of the army in this application.
  • Apart from these features, it will also have many options which are available in contemporary applications.

What is AWAN (Army Wide Area Network):-

By the way, all of you must know what is a wide area network? A wide area network is a network area where messages can be easily delivered to any person located far and wide. Generally, the coverage of a wide-area network is kept in the range of 500 to 1000 km. But its range is also extended if needed. Today the whole world is connected through wide area networks. But the Indian Army had set up its wide-area network because of its security. A wide area network is used to improve the work of the Indian Army about 15 years ago today. This network used by the Army is called Army Wide Area Network. Recently, to further improve this area network, now indigenously operated messaging application will be used by this wide area network. Army Secure Indigenous Messaging Application will be operated on this Army Wide Area Network.

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