Indian Air Force Y- Group recruitment rally Air Force Station Assam for intake 1/2019

Indian Air force has released notification for young men to join the Indian Air Force as a Special Forces Soldier, Join Indian Air Force Garud Commando As an Airmen. Indian Air Force offers opportunities for UNMARRIED MALE INDIAN/NEPALESE CITIZENS from the States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland& Tripurato join as Airmen. The Recruitment Test for Group ‘Y’ (Non-Technical) {Indian Air Force (Security) [IAF(S)]} Trade will be held at Air Force Station Guwahati, VIP Chowk, Borjhar, Guwahati (Assam) as per the Selection Programme given below

• The Recruitment Test will be conducted from 6 AM onwards as per the details given.
• Candidates {from States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland & Tripura} fulfilling the domicile requirements and eligibility conditions reporting up to 10 AM on 17 March 2018 at Air Force Station Guwahati, Borjhar, Assam (Rally Venue) will only be permitted to appear in the Recruitment Test.
• Physical Fitness Test will be conducted at Air Force Station Guwahati, Borjhar, Assam and rest of the testing will be conducted at 11 Airmen Selection Centre, VIP Chowk, Borjhar, Guwahati, Assam.

Indian Air Force Recruitment Rally Dates:

Indian Air Force

Eligibility Conditions

Date of Birth Block:  Candidates born between 13 January 1998 and 02 January 2002 (both days inclusive) are eligible to appear in the Recruitment Rally.

Educational Qualification: Candidate should have Passed Intermediate / 10+2 / Equivalent Examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and English with 50% marks.

Domicile Requirement:  To be eligible to appear in the rally at Air Force Station Guwahati, Borjhar, Assam, the candidates are required to satisfy the following conditions:

  • The School / College / Institute from where candidates have passed the qualifying examination should be within the geographical / administrative limits of States of Assam/Arunachal Pradesh/Mizoram/ Manipur/Nagaland/Tripura. If the name of District is not mentioned with the name of Institution in the certificate / marks sheet of qualifying examination, the candidates are to produce ‘Domicile Certificate’ issued by SDM/DM/Executive Magistrate or any official authorised by the State Government of Assam/Arunachal Pradesh/Mizoram/ Manipur/ Nagaland/Tripura.
  • Permanent Domicile of States of Assam/Arunachal Pradesh/Mizoram/ Manipur/Nagaland/Tripura who have passed the qualifying examination from anywhere in India are to produce the Domicile Certificate prior to commencement of examination from appropriate authority.
  • Sons of serving Air Force personnel {Officer/Airmen/NCs(E) and Unit cadre Civilians paid from Defence Estimates} whose father/mother is presently serving in any Air Force Unit/any other organisation located in the States of Assam/Arunachal Pradesh/Mizoram/ Manipur/Nagaland/ Tripura, irrespective of their domicile status, are permitted to appear in the rally subject to production of latest SOAFP (Son of Air Force Personnel) Certificate (format available on AFNET CASB website)

Sons of Air Force personnel {Officers/Airmen/NCs(E) and Unit Cadre Civilians paid from Defence Estimates} whose father/mother is Retired/ Discharged/ Deceased and they are residing in the States of Assam/Arunachal Pradesh/Mizoram/ Manipur/Nagaland/Tripura, are permitted to appear in the rally subject to production of proof of minimum stay of one year along with original and photocopy of Service Book/Discharge Book/Casualty Service Certificate/Service Particular Certificate (issued from DPO-3/DAV, as applicable) in case of Officers/Airmen/NCs(E) and a Certificate duly signed by OIC Civil Admin and countersigned by CO/C Adm O of the last served unit, in case of Civilians.

Medical Standards:

(i) Chest: Minimum range of expansion: 5 cm
(ii) Weight: Proportionate to height and age.
(iii) Corneal Surgery (PRK/LASIK) not acceptable.
(iv) Hearing: Candidate should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters with each ear separately.
(v) Dental: Should have healthy gums, good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.
(vi) Health: Candidate should be of normal anatomy without loss of any appendages. He should be free from any active or latent, acute or chronic, medical or surgical disability or infection and skin ailments. Candidate must be physically and mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.

Indian Air Force Y- Group recruitment rally

Height, Leg Length, Visual Standards and Colour Vision

Body Tattoo: Permanent body tattoos are not permitted, however tattoos only on inner face of the fore arms (inside of elbow to the wrist), back (dorsal) part of the hand/reverse side of palm and Tribalswith tattoos which are as per custom and traditions of their tribes may be considered. However, right to decide on acceptability/unacceptability of the individual shall rest with the Selection Centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos shall submit two photographs (close up and distant view) with details of size and type of the Tattoo.

Pay & Allowances: During training, a stipend of Rs. 14,600/- per month will be paid. On completion of training the starting gross emoluments at the minimum of scale of pay including Military Service Pay (MSP) will be Rs. 26,900/- per month plus Dearness allowance (as applicable) which, in subsequent years, may rise as per the career progression of the individual.  Special Force (SF) Allowance {IAF(S)} @ Rs. 17,300/- per month on completion of training will be applicable to Indian Air Force (Security) Trade.

Perks:  Perks such as Ration, Clothing, Medical facilities, Accommodation, CSD (Canteen) facilities, Leave (60 days Annual and 30 days Casual in a Calendar year as a privilege, subject to service exigencies), Recreational facilities, Transport for school going children and Leave Travel Concession (LTC) are also provided as per the existing rules. Group Insurance Cover of Rs. 37.5 Lakhs at a premium of Rs. 2300/- per month for all airmen and facility of Group Housing Scheme are also extended.

AIF Airmen Examination Special Forces Garud Commando:

Group ‘Y’ (Non-Technical) IAF (Security) Trade

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

  • 6 Km run – within 5 minutes 40 seconds: The Candidate is to run 1.6 Kms on a marked course, within timings.
  • Chin up – minimum 08: The Candidate is to hang from a bar with under-grip and pull his body upwards till the chin clears the bar. He is to lower the body until the elbows are completely straight and the body is in the ‘dead hanging’ position.
  • Push-ups (plank type) – minimum 20 : The candidate is to place his palms flat on the ground directly underneath the shoulders with the elbows straight and locked. The body is to be straight and inclined to the ground with the body weight supported by the hands and the toes. The body is to be maintained straight when being lowered with only the elbows bent. The chest is to remain off the floor in the lower most position.
  • Bent Knee Sit Ups – minimum 20: The candidate is to lie down flat on his back with fingers interlocked behind the head, with knees bent in a comfortable position. A partner is to stand on the candidate toes to prevent them from lifting. The candidate is to sit up to a vertical position touching the knees with his forehead and return to the starting position. Candidates are advised to bring their sports shoes and shorts/track pant.

Written Test: All candidates who qualify PFT will have to undertake Written Test on the same or subsequent day depending on the local conditions. The Written Test will be objective type and question paper will be bilingual (English & Hindi) except for English paper. Answers are to be annotated on OMR sheet. Detailed procedure shall be explained before conduct of the examination.

Duration of the written test will be 45 minutes and will comprise of English as per 10+2 CBSE syllabus and Reasoning & General Awareness (RAGA). CANDIDATES ARE TO QUALIFY IN EACH PAPER SEPARATELY. Results of the written test will be declared on the same day.

Adaptability Test-1:  All candidates who pass the Written Test will have to undertake Adaptability Test-1 on the same or subsequent day depending on the local conditions. Adaptability Test – 1 is to assess suitability of a candidate for employment in the IAF which involves deployment in varied geographic terrain, weather and operational conditions.

Adaptability Test-2:  All candidates who pass Adaptability Test-1 will have to undertake Adaptability Test-2 as per policy in vogue. Adaptability Test-2 is to select candidates who can adapt to the environment of Indian Air Force and are able to adjust to the military way of life.

Dynamic Factor Test (DFT): All candidates who pass Adaptability Test-II will have to undertake Dynamic Factor Test to assess the required qualities to function as IAF(Security) in Indian Air Force.

Medical Examination: Candidates who qualify Adaptability Test-2 will be medically examined in the month of July 2018 at SMC, Air Force Station Tezpur, Assam. Medical Examination will be conducted by Air Force Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and existing policy in vogue.


Note: Indian Air Force is the only organization which recruits aspirants for Special Forces [GARUD Commandos] directly.

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