AFCAT-I 2018 Question Paper (Memory Based)

On 25 th February 2018 Indian Air Force conducted AFCAT 1 2018. For the first time this examination was conducted online with the efforts of CDAC across many centers of the country.

The paper was online so there is no availability of question paper yet on the basis of the feedback by the students we have compiled some questions. Candidates can go through these questions.

Q.1-At which port Vasco de Gama arrived?

Q.2-Through how many states of India Tropic of cancer is passes?

Q.3-In Which years Asian games held in India?

Q.4-Who won 4 back to back titles of Badminton?

Q.5-What is the name of institute for oceanography with

Q.6-which Indian Navy signed MoU?

Q.7-Vaduz is the capital of which country

Q.8-Who scored fastest 9000 runsin One Day International?

Q.9-Salal project belongs to which river?

Q.10-In which year the modern Olympics started?

Q.11-When was Indian National Congress formed?

Q.12-Which is the tallest building of Mohanjodaro?

Q.13-Book named “India divided” is written by?

Q.14-Which device is used to measure speed of wind?

Q.15-How many hurdles are there in 400m race?

Q.16-Who holds Indian National record in long jump?

Q.17-Where is the Headquarter of NATO is situated?

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Q.18-Hurdle in 400 m race?

Q.19-How many countries are there in Asian Continent?

Q.20-In which state Theyyam dance is performed?

Q.21-What is the name of first artificial satellite of United States of America?

Q.22-India divide written by?

Q.23-Who is writer of Panchatantra?

Q.24-Ryder cup is associated with which sport?

Q.25-What were the deals signed between India and Russia in 1954?

Q.26-What is the test done for measuring hardness of minerals in water?

Q.27-In which city the first British factory established in India?

Q.28-In which year first FIFA world cup held?

Q.29-Guwahati is on the bank of which river?

Q.30-Who was the Governor General of India during the formation of Indian National Congress?

Q.31-hakra in Indian flag is taken from?

Q.32-Who is the author of ‘Sleeping on Jupiter’?

Q.33-How many stakeholders are there in Cauvery river dispute?
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Q.34-In 1954 which French settlements is joined to India?

Q.35-Who found American national Red Cross

Q.36-Which planet contain highest magnetic field?

Q.37-What is the capital of Gabon?

Q.38-Who was the Prime minister of India during the second nuclear test?

Q.39-Who was the first sports person to receive Rajiv Gandhi KhelRatnaAward?

Q.40-“Double fault” is related to which sport?

Q.41-What is ecosystem?

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