Territorial Army Physical Standard 2022 and Medical Test

Territorial Army Physical Standard:- Every year, the Indian Army issues an application form for the post of officer and soldier for the recruitment of soldiers guarding the country’s borders. But it is very difficult to dream of joining the Indian Army through the application form. To become an officer in the Indian Army, a normal person not only has to pass the written examination but it is also mandatory for a normal person to be physically and medically fit. The application forms for the Territorial Army in the Indian Army are issued by the Indian Army. In which thousands of candidates from across the country appear and appear in the examination according to merit.

Through today’s article, we are providing you with detailed information about the Physical Test and Medical Criteria for Territorial Army. The medical and physical process for the Territorial Army is the same as in other examinations. But in some respects, it differs from the medical and physical process of other major examinations. Let us discuss what the similarity is and what is the difference between the procedure under Territorial Army and other armies.

Physical Standard for Territorial Army 2022:-

As you all know that the Territorial Army acts as a reserve army. The candidates who are selected for these examinations are screened and tested according to the medical and physical standards of the Indian Armed Forces. The selection process of soldiers in the Territorial Army is very different from the selection process of other examinations. Because the soldiers of the Territorial Army are selected on a direct basis, it is also called direct recruitment in the Indian Army. The selection of soldiers in the Territorial Army depends only based on their physical fitness. The Medical and Physical Fitness Test is an important step in the stages of any type of examination to be conducted in the Indian Army.

So all the candidates have to clear the physical fitness test in the selection process of the Indian Army. If the candidates are successful in the process of physical fitness tests then they are sent for the next stages and the qualified candidates are selected for the Territorial Army. According to the Territorial Army, the selected soldier or officer is kept in reserve. The selection of candidates as an officer in the Territorial Army of the Indian Armed Forces may be different, but the physical and medical process of the candidates is only after all other examinations.

Let us know how the details of the Medical and Physical Standard 2022 for the candidates who are recruited into the Territorial Army of India. At the beginning of this article, we will know what should be the body measurement of a candidate and how important it is for physical fitness tests. After that, we will discuss in detail the further process and standards.

Territorial Army Physical Standard 2022:-

Here we will give you information about all the tests which are valid for the test. Candidates should note that the physical criteria of the body should be as per the criteria given below.

  • The height of the applying candidate should be a minimum of 157 cm.
  • The body weight should be based on the body mass index of the candidates as per the height standard.
  • There should not be any genetic disease in any part of the body such as color blindness, night blindness, or diseases like hemodialysis.
  • The chest expansion of the candidate should be a minimum of 5 centimetres and the measurement of the candidate’s partner should be eighty-five centimetres at the normal level.
  •  If the elbow of the hand is rotated, it is not valid to rotate the arm more than 15 degrees in the outward direction.
  •  The joints and bones of all the bones in the body should be fine.
  •  If there is any kind of serious disease in the joints or problems like fracture of bones, you will be deprived of the selection.

For Vision Standard: –

To join the Territorial Army, the candidate must also fulfill the criteria of the vision standard.

  • The candidate’s eyesight should be 6/6 without glasses.
  • If you are using glasses your vision should be no worse than 6/12. If a candidate is suffering from Myopia, then his norm should be 0.75 D, and for a candidate suffering from Hypermetropia, +1.5 D.
  • Eye diseases like night blindness, colour blindness, squint, etc. should not happen.

If you do not have vision according to the physical standards of the Territorial Army, you can have LASIK surgery to improve your vision. LASIK surgery is a better option to make up for the deficiency of your vision standard. For detailed information about what is LASIK surgery and how it is useful for the eyes, click on the link of the article given below.

TA Dental Checkup: –

Under the medical checkup of the Territorial Army, the oral cavity of the candidates is also inspected in detail. In which a complete examination of the tooth is done by the candidate. The number of teeth in the mouth of the candidate should be 14 points. There should not be any kind of wound or blackness inside the teeth. The reduction in the number of teeth or the variation in the structure of the teeth does not make the candidate eligible for the medical standard.

Rejection rule for Medical Examination: –

These are some of the tests that one has to go through. A candidate will also have to appear for physical fitness activities. If the candidate is applying for Soldiers, he/she must qualify for the Territorial Army India Physical Fitness Test. If one gets rejected in the Indian Territorial Army Medical Examination, then he/she can apply again for the Medical Test for Medical Examination. If he gets rejected again, there’s no way to get back. There are two types of rejections in the Indian Armed Forces Medical Examination. Temporary rejection and permanent rejection.

If a candidate has any minor issue which can be rectified within some time. The medical board will give you some time to fix it and it is called temporary rejection and one gets a permanent rejection from the medical board. He will have one more chance to re-apply to the medical board for the medical tests.

The detailed information about Territorial Army Physical Standard 2021 with the medical test was given to you through today’s article. If you have tried to join the Indian Army and stay fit and healthy. And if you do not get success then join Major Kalshi Classes today and make your dream come true. One small mistake can ruin your career as well as your dreams.

How to prepare for Physical and Medical Standards?

To prepare for any physical and medical standard of Territorial Army or Armed Forces it is necessary for a candidate to keep the following points in mind.

  • While preparing for the exam, take care of your diet and contact the doctor immediately if you have any kind of illness.
  • Do daily exercise every morning and improve your digestion power by taking a balanced diet.
  • Do not treat yourself in case of general exhaustion or any type of body related disease; try to take medicines from the best doctors around.
  • To keep the internal organs safe, stop eating outside things and follow a nutritious diet.
  • If you have any kind of problem related to your eyes, then you should contact the doctor and use LASIK surgery or other treatment.

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Frequently Asked Question:-

  • What is Territorial Army?
    Ans: –
    The Territorial Army is recruited based on Reserve Military Forces in the Indian Armed Forces. These soldiers are selected for the Union Terrestrial areas of the country.
  • How to fill Territorial Army Application Form?
    To fill out the Territorial Army application form, the candidates who have passed the graduation examination or working in any government or non-government department can fill out the application form.
  • What is the difference between Armed Forces Medical Checkup and Territorial Army Medical Checkup?
    Ans: –
    The criteria for the medical examination to be conducted for the Armed Forces differ in the criteria of examination of the candidate’s body. Whereas many medical standards are not valid under the medical criteria for the Territorial Army.
  • What type of job is the Territorial Army?
    Ans: –
    Territorial Army is a job done under short service selection.At this time the selection of candidates is done directly.
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