How to Prepare Mathematics for NDA Examination?

How to Prepare Maths for NDA

The NDA exam is conducted by the UPSC twice a year for the recruitment of officers. There are two sections in NDA written examination first one is Maths and 2nd one is GAT (General Ability Test), NDA Maths section contains 120 questions alone and has the maximum weightage in NDA written examination. Here we are going to explain how to prepare for Maths for the NDA examination.

The UPSC administers the NDA test, which is required for admission to the NDA’s Army, Navy, and Air Force wings. This test serves as a stepping stone for students interested in joining the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

NDA Paper 1 is made up of questions about mathematics. NDA Maths play a significant role in candidate selection. The NDA’s Mathematics component is simple to understand because the questions are largely from Classes 11 and 12.

Topics of NDA Maths Paper

A candidate will have to prepare the following topics in the NDA Mathematics. There is nothing left. All the questions will be asked from the NCERT Books of classes 11th to 12th.  Let’s see the topics to Chapters that you have to cover in the NDA Maths Examination:

  • Algebra
  • Matrics and determinants
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical  Geometry of two of three-dimension
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus and Differential Equation
  • Vector Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Probability

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Marks Distribution of NDA Topics

The National Defense Academy’s first shift arranged the Mathematics question paper. This question paper had a total of 120 questions. After reviewing the questions on the question paper, it was discovered that the answers to the questions on the full question paper were practically mild. You may find information on the themes of the Mathematics question paper, the number of questions linked to them, and the level of questions in the table below.

Mathematics Number of questions Difficulty Levels
3D Geometry 6 Moderate
Binary 2 Easy
Binomial Theorem 3 Moderate
Complex Number 2 Easy
Conic section 3 Easy
Differential Equation 4 Moderate
Differentiation and its applications 5 Moderate
Height and Distance 2 Easy
Inequality and Logarithms 1 Easy
Integration and its application 5 Moderate
Limits, continuity, and differentiability 4 Moderate
Lines 4 Moderate
Matrices and determinates 10 Moderate
Permutation and combination 8 Moderate
Probability 8 Moderate
Quadratic equation and cube roots 6 Easy
Sequence and Series 5 Moderate
Sets relations and Functions 8 Easy
Statics and DI 11 Moderate
Trigonometry 14 Easy
Vector 5 Moderate
Total 120 Moderate

NDA Exam Pattern

As you know, 120 questions are asked in Mathematics subject in the National Defence Academy exam.

NDA Marking Scheme
Subject Total Question Marks Per Question Marks Negative Mark per Question
Maths 120 300 +2.5 -0.83
GAT 150 600 +4 -1.33
  • Each question carries 2.5 marks and one-third of the marks will be deducted if any question is attempted wrong by the candidate.
  • If you are estimating the marks in Mathematics, then for each correct answer you have to add 2.5 marks and for every wrong answer you have done, you will have to deduct 0.83 marks.
  • Like if you have attempted 70 questions in the question paper and out of these 50 questions are correct then you are given 50×2.5 = 125 marks for correct answers. 20×0.83 = 16.6 marks are deducted for 20 wrong questions attempted by you.
  • Thus for 70 questions attempted by you, you will get a total of 125-16.6 = 108.4 marks.

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How to Prepare Maths for NDA?

To better prepare for the NDA Maths. Your fundamentals must be obvious. You must have memorised all of the formulae. The only way to improve your maths preparation is to practise. To obtain better practice for the test, attempt to solve sample question papers and previous year’s question papers, among other things.

Look for MKC Online Videos or Tutorials

Visual learning helps a person retain more information over a longer length of time, therefore online tutorials are beneficial. Visual learning entails a lot more than just seeing and recalling because the learner is immersed in the experience.

Memorize all Formulae

Most of the NDA Maths is made up of formulae. Preparing a revision sheet with all formulae and significant points stated in order of importance is the best method to remember them. This will come in handy if you need to revise at the last minute.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers and Take Mock Tests

Solving practice papers will give the student an idea of how much time he will need to spend on each question and will also help him decide if he needs to improve his time management abilities.

Previous year’s question papers will assist the student in gaining an understanding of the exam pattern and the weightage given to each topic and sub-topic.

A typical NDA & NA paper contains approximately 30 to 32 questions from algebra and vector algebra, totalling 75 to 80 Marks.

Complex numbers, vector algebra, matrices, quadratic equations, and linear equations are usually given the most weight. Permutations and combinations, as well as Logarithmic functions and the Binomial Theorem, are frequently given less weight.

The candidate, on the other hand, should prepare these themes as well. The candidate should have a good understanding of the context and sub-topic from which the questions are drawn.

Another option for a candidate to gain real-time experience with the exam in terms of time management, paper layout, and space management is to use test simulators.

Learn Shortcuts and Mental Math

The candidate will have to solve plenty of questions in a very limited time. In other words, each question will be answered in less than a minute. Hence, the candidate should use mental maths, learn tables, squares, cubes, useful formulas and short tricks to speed up their calculations. This will cut down on the quantity of rough work required, saving time.

Remember the Basics

Every subtopic under NDA Maths should be remembered by the candidate. This will not only provide the candidate with an advantage over the competition, but it will also aid in additional preparation and comprehension of the topics.

Use Reference Books or Guides

Many previous aspirants prefer NCERT books when it comes to maths. We have already discussed the crucial books for NDA that can be used to prepare for both aspects of the exam. You can use it to find the best books for studying the mathematics component of the NDA exam.

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MKC Maths Books for NDA Exam

It is quite confusing to select the best books for preparation for any exam. It is always better to take a proper review before you buy that book. The Competitive exam books are a bit costly and must select the only book that could give you complete preparation for the exam. The syllabus of the NDA Examination is a bit broad and hard to cover. One can prepare a complete syllabus through the books, only if one selects the best book.

The Major Kalshi Classes is the best coaching institute for the preparation for the defence examination.  Our Institutes have their publication. The team of the best teachers and officers have designed the best books for the preparation of the defence examinations. Our Institute has designed the best book for the Prepare Maths for NDA 2022. All the candidates who want to prepare for the Exam. must check the Books of Major Kalshi Classes that are specially designed for this Examination.

Why MKC Maths Book for NDA is best for the Preparation

The Team of brilliant teachers and some naval officers have designed this book. This book has been designed after analyzing the last 10 years of question papers and some sample papers etc.  In our Publication team, we have an Ex-Examiner of Defence Exams. He has also helped us a lot in making this book. This is the best Study material for the NDA Exam.  The main motto of this study material is to give complete preparation for NDA Maths Syllabus Examination. So, All the candidates could prepare for the examination by sitting at home.

Many Books that are available in the market are just full of questions and nothing else. Those books can not give you better preparation for the examination. The MKC Books for NDA Maths have enough sample papers and Model papers for the practice.  The Sample papers are designed by the experts and the experts guess the questions that may be asked in the examination.  Most of the candidates pay some money to get the sample papers for the practice. This book is enough for your preparation, you will not have to look for any other book for the same exam preparation. In this book, you will also get some important questions that are asked almost every year.

NDA Cut-off Marks (Expected)

The probable cut-off for this NDA written exam which is going to be held on 10th April 2022 is as per the cut-off of the last 5 years. Probably the cut-off of this NDA written exam can be between 350 to 360. Below we are giving you information about the last 5 years’ cut-off.

The last 5 year’s cut-off from NDA Exam
NDA and NA (I) 2017 342
NDA and NA (II) 2017 258
NDA and NA (I) 2018 338
NDA and NA (II) 2018 325
NDA and NA (I) 2019 342
NDA and NA (II) 2019 346
NDA and NA (I) 2020 355
NDA and NA (II) 2020 355
NDA and NA (I) 2021 343
NDA and NA (II) 2021 347
NDA and NA (I) 2022 350-360 (Expected)

After reviewing the question paper of the written examination of the National Defense Academy and estimating the marks through the answer key, candidates will take admitted to coaching institutes for further preparation and information about the procedure. Such candidates, who want to prepare for a written examination of the National Defense Academy as well as an SSB interview and a physical and medical test, then join MKC.

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute is preparing for National Defense Academy and other Armed Forces exams for more than 15 years. If you enrol yourself in MKC then probably you can fulfil your dream. You can access the MKC YouTube channel and MKC learning application to watch live solutions for both the NDA question papers. To get more information, use the contact number given below and the official website and get all types of information related to NDA.

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