LECTURETTE is one of the 9 GTO tasks. The meaning of the word Lecturette is “a small lecture”. And this is exactly what you have to do in this task.It is usually conducted on the second day of GTO. In this activity you’ll be given a card which will have 4 topics varying their difficulty level in3 levels, i.e. above average, average and easy level topic.

You’ll have to select one among those four topics and you’ll be given 3 minute preparation time. After 3 minutes are over, you’ll have to deliver a lecture on the chosen topic for 3 minutes.

Many candidates face difficulties in this task as it is an individual task. GTO will assess your Power of Expression, Confidence, Influencing Ability, Body Language, Command Over Language and then he relates these qualities with OLQs(Officer Like Qualities)

It is very easy to ace in this task by following proper strategy and doing a lot of practice. In this blog I’ll share few tips to clear your Lecturette task easily.

  • Choose the topic very carefully:- This is the most common mistake every candidate does in this task. SSB is not a test of your knowledge it is a test of your personality. So do not just select the first topic for looking smart. Choose only that topic for which you enough content and you are confident.
  • Body Posture:- A normal stand at ease posture will work just fine for you. Maintain proper eye contact with every candidate(DO NOT LOOK AT THE ASSESSOR). Do not use unnecessary hand gestures and avoid leg or body movement as it shows lack of confidence.
  • USE PREPERATION TIME CAREFULLY– Divide the topic into three parts, INTRODUCTION, BODY AND CONCLUSION, and brainstorm all the related ideas and then organize them in bullet points in your head. Do not try to prepare the whole lecturette word by word.
  • Don’t just speak, try to influence– Speak like you are narrating a story. Try to influence or imagine you are trying to make your audience understand something really important for them.  Do experiments with your tone; pitch and volume of your voice beforehand.
  • Start with a bang- Use catchy lines or slogan to grab attention of your audience(specially GTO)
  • BE POSITIVE-Always have a positive attitude while talking about any topic. Whenever you are talking about any problem in your Lecturette, do not forget to give the solution for it.
  • Time management- Practice a lot before your SSB to improve your Power Of Expression and fluency and also to get a exact idea of 3 minutes. Complete your lecturette in 3 minutes covering all the important aspects of that topic.
  • Any Lecture without conclusion is incomplete- When GTO will ring the first bell after 2 minute and 30 seconds, start concluding your topic. In conclusion always give hope and possible positive outcomes.

Last however not the least, that be confident and straightforward with your considerations. Never dread from the crowd sitting before you. All things being equal, appreciate their conversation. In the event that you feel shy talking like this, you can rehearse it before your loved ones as it will eliminate your stage dread.


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