How to Crack SSB Interview | Important Tips to Clear SSB

This article How to Crack SSB Interview will provide you lots of important tips on approaching the SSB Interview and ensuring that you easily crack SSB.

Many of you would agree that it is quite easy to clear the NDA or CDS written exam if you stay a little focused and prepare sincerely, but to clear the SSB is quite difficult, given the strict selection process and lower number of vacancies. One of the main reasons why cracking the SSB interview is difficult is that the officers are looking for certain OLQs in aspirants. These qualities are not easy to acquire if you don’t have them naturally. But it is not impossible. With correct guidance and training, you can evolve yourself and become ready to face one of the most challenging tests – SSB Interview.

Confidence is one of the most important quality, the Indian Armed Forces are looking for in cadets. Other important qualities they are hunting for are Leadership, Determination, Will-power, Teamwork and being able to take smart and quick decisions.

Before starting the tips of how to crack SSB interview, we are assuming that the reader knows the entire schedule of the 5 Day SSB Schedule. This article will solely focus on the important tips on cracking the SSB.


How to Crack SSB Interview #1 – BE NATURAL

Don’t try to pretend to be somebody you are not.

How to Crack SSB Interview #2 – DEVELOP OLQS

Some of the Qualities include Initiation, Resourcefulness, Communication skills, Self-Confidence, Decision Making Quality, Persuasiveness Quality, Liveliness Quality, Responsible and Loyal towards teammates, Unselfishness, Intelligence and Knowledge and as above mentioned Leadership Qualities will not only help you in the SSB. Even after the SSB Interview, whether you get selected or not, these qualities will make you a better person and help you in facing major life crises. These qualities will help you in handling major difficult situations whether you are part of army or not. So don’t think that you need to have OLQs only for cracking the SSB. One cannot be taught as how to develop these qualities. They come natural. Sometimes certain exercises or some tasks makes you think about yourself at some point, this is where you will know that do you have these qualities or not.

How to Crack SSB Interview#3 – READ CURRENT AFFAIRS

Knowledge of National and International Current Affairs will boost your confidence and you will have a better understanding and awareness about things happening around you. As you will be joining the Indian Armed Forces, develop a habit of developing broad minded and comprehensive opinions about topics that you read. Engaging with such topics and debating them with your friends will improve your communication skills. Use search engines like yahoo or Google for the latest happenings, register or subscribe yourself with daily news website and you are good to go. You can also buy our Current Affairs Magazines from our website. With the additional knowledge and awareness, you will stand apart from others.

How to Crack SSB Interview #4 – KNOW THE TECHNIQUES

There are 3 techniques which prominently assess the candidate’s personality and these 3 techniques are primarily used by a GTO. These are Interview, Psychological assessment Group Testing. Mastering these three requires time as it requires you to change your thinking and body language.


In SSB, candidate’s response is tested upon given a high pressure situation. This response should be given in a very short period of time and the structure of that response should be in the form of I.M.C Module which is IntroductionMain Body and Conclusion. Open your speech with a strong introduction which should take the attention of the attention of the entire room towards you, this introduction should be logically explained in the main body and should be summarized in the conclusion. Practice this module by taking any topic until you get confident in this.

How to Crack SSB Interview #6 – KNOW THE PSYCHOLOGY TESTS

Psychology tests analyses the insight or the inner workings of your mind. The SSB has 4 Physiological Tests which are Thematic Apperception Test, Word Association Test, Situation Reaction Test and Self Description. Important tip here is that the GTO checks the answers given in this test with the early filled Personal Information Questions form as to check whether that candidate is addressing himself/herself properly or not. This Psychological Quality of the candidate should be clear in every way. The mind shouldn’t be dubious in any sense.

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How to Crack SSB Interview #7 – STAY FIT AND ORGANIZED

5 Day schedule in SSB contains multiple physical exercises which are not very critical to follow but are mandatory to finish. The purpose of conducting these physical exercises is because the GTO keenly observing the candidates as how they approach of completing the given task and wanting to do more within a team spirit. There’s no need to show extraordinary skill while leaving your teammates as it will tell a lot about your character. Attaining this physical fitness takes a lot of time and it also tests your determination towards joining the army which will easily be observed by the GTO. Waking up early every day and exercising rigorously for the obstacle course, group task and other tasks tests your psychology too. It is important to note that during the SSB, don’t eat outside. It will be unhygienic and bad for your personality too.

How to Crack SSB Interview #8 – DO YOGA

While preparing for the physical test, after workouts in the morning, you can do a little bit of yoga/cardio as it will help you in preparing for both psychological test and physical fitness test. Yoga helps in building up confidence and focus.

How to Crack SSB Interview #9 – RELAX

A day before the physical test, ensure that you sleep early as your body needs that amount of rest. Be mentally and physically relaxed before the physical fitness test.

How to Crack SSB Interview #10 – HAVE A RIGHT ATTITUDE

Never boast about your achievements and never speak about your poor past performances. Be bold and but not loud. The most essential or should we say important part of cracking the interview is having a strong belief and a right attitude.

How to Crack SSB Interview #11 – PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR

Pick up any topic of your choice, allow yourself to think about it for few minutes and give a talk. This mental exercise will help you in both speaking skills and gathering your thoughts about a certain topic quickly.

How to Crack SSB Interview #12 – DON’T WORRY ABOUT OTHERS

Focus on the given task and don’t worry about what GTO is thinking or what your peers are doing. It will eventually make your subconscious disorganized and you won’t be able to give your 100 percent.

Do whatever you have to do to give your 100 percent and we are sure that you will come out of SSB with flying colours.

We hope that this article should’ve provided you with great details about how to crack SSB.

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