The Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) relentlessly pursues professional excellence, and immensely dedicated to maintaining the morale of fighting forces both in war and peacetime by quality medical care and treatment. AFMS is a model of inter-service integration wherein all the three services are jointly committed to the task of providing comprehensive health care services to its clientele.

The ethos of the Army Medical Corps, are reflected in the Corps flag and its crest, with the three colours as “Dull Cherry, Old gold with Black, in-between. The flag and crest, denote positive health, succour, freedom from diseases, creativity, intellect and magnanimity, which epitomizes the Corps Motto SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA – may all be free from disease and disability.

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The AFMS delivers quality curative and preventive services and practice of social hygiene on a large scale. The Corps has some of the highest qualified super-specialist, specialists and medical officers in all branches of medicine. The AFMS not only implements all National Health Programmes to provide efficient preventive and curative services but has specialized treatment facilities for heart, lung, kidney diseases and cancer treatment.


The Army Ordnance Corps today is an organization that has been transformed into a well connected logistic chain capable of withstanding all challenges. True to their motto of SHASTRA SE SHAKTI, they ensure that the fighting troops receive intimate and state-of-the-art support on the battlefield.

The ‘Tuskers’ ensure that the required wherewithal is delivered at the right time, right place, and of the right quality. Perfection is striven for so that the fighting soldier does not have to look over his shoulder for his needs. The great challenge today is that of balancing economy with effort and getting the ‘best bang for the buck’. With automation and modern material management techniques, this is always the ultimate goal.

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In sync with its motto, ‘Work is Supreme Duty’, the ‘Soldier-Craftsman’ of the Corps of Electronics Engineers (EME) popularly called Eagles have been rendering yeoman services by providing integrated engineering support to the entire range and depth of Army’s equipment, be it vehicles, tanks, telecommunication devices, radars or any other conceivable equipment of the Army, right from design to discard i.e. support from ‘womb to tomb’. Wars involve the employment of a great deal of modern and sophisticated equipment and the EME plays a major role in assisting the Army’s operational preparedness status and combat effectiveness to win any war. It ensures operational fitness of the entire range of equipment. It also spearheads the management of technology transition for advancing the force modernization programme. If combat arms are the teeth of the Army then EME has a vital function of keeping them sharp, fulfilling the motto: KARM HI DHARM


Army Dental Corps is a family of dedicated professionals committed to maintaining the dental health of Armed Forces Officers, personnel and their families which in turn contributes to optimum force utilization and enhances operational capability.

The Core Values of the Corps are patient focused & comply with clinical and contemporary governance protocols; value each individual and their contribution; provide directed military & professional development and promote tri-service ethos.

The Corps Ethos have also been imbibed into the Corps Crest which has a laurel wreath enclosing elephant tusks and a lotus flower at the base. The beauty of the crest is highlighted by the noble Ashoka Lions at the top. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left, emotion.


Rashtriya Rifles is a specialist elite force raised in 1990 to combat insurgency in the country and is the premier counter insurgency force of the Army, today. The Rashtriya Rifles is an excellent classical example of Olive Green integration with its rank and file drawn from all arms and services. Its efficacy is reflected in its phenomenal operational success which is the result of a stringent selection process, training, enhanced mobility, surveillance, fire-power and protection capabilities. Rashtriya Rifles adopts a relentless approach with human touch in the execution of tasks, true to its motto of DRIDTA AUR VEERTA which means Determination and Valour.


“War is first and foremost a matter of movement; in the second place, a matter of supply…. and in the third, a matter of destruction”. This quote aptly describes the function of the Army Service Corps. This is the Corps, which moves and sustains everything that is required for warfare i.e. from a soldier to any kind of equipment, big or small. Moving by vehicles, mules and porters, it ensures flawless logistics support to match up with the operational plans.


The oldest and least glamourous of all services, yet it is omnipresent in all stages of warfare. Pioneer Corps units provide disciplined and well trained manpower, where civilian labour is either not available, or its employment is not desirable for reasons of security. Pioneer units are mostly committed in forward and operational areas. They may also be employed as guards and escorts for headquarters, installations, ammunition trains and convoys.

True to these words, the Pioneers have been there to support the operations of all arms and services, both in war and peace. Their resilience and eagerness to undertake all type of duties is aptly summed up in their motto; SHRAM SARVA VIJAYEE -meaning ‘With Labour, everything can be won’. The Pioneer Soldier is always true to his tasks.


The concept of Territorial Army in India was introduced way back in the year 1897, when it was raised as ‘Volunteers’. Since its raising on 9th October 1949 by Shri C Rajagopalachari, the then Governor General of India .

 The Territorial Army also known as TERRIERS has come a long way and earned a place for itself in the hearts of the people by its selfless devotion to duty, truly justifying the motto SAVDHANI VA SHURTA.

The concept encompasses the employment of disciplined, trained and dedicated citizens from all walks of life to support, supplement and augment the resources of the regular Army. The primary objective of raising the Terriers was to create a Citizens Army capable of augmenting and relieving the Regular Army of their static duties during national emergencies and for providing aid to the civil authorities in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services.

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