Current Affairs Episode 04- 28 Aug 2020

Most Expected 20 Current Affairs Questions

Current Affairs Episode -04
Q.1. Hydroelectric power station    Location in Map
A. Srisailam
B. Sardar Sarovar Dam
C. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam map
D. Teesta Dam
A. 1,2,3
B. 3,2,1
C. 1,3,2
D. 2,1,3
Ans- A
Srisailam-Loacation :- Andhra Pradesh
Sardar Sarovar Dam-Locatoion : – Navagam Gujarat
Nagaruna Sagar Dam – Location: Andhra Pradesh
Teesta Dam- Location :- Sikkim
Q. 2. Match the followings
Warhead Type
Agni –III Short- range ballistic missile
Sagarika (K-15) Intermediate-range ballistic missile
Prithivi Submarine – launched ballistic missile
BrahMos Cruise missle
3 2 4 1
4 2 1 3
2 3 1 4
4 3 2 1
Anc:- C
Q.3. ‘Chapchar Kut’ is a popular festival of which Indian state/UT?
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Assam
C. Mizoram
D. Arunachal Pradesh
Ans. C (Mizoram)
Notes:- ‘Chapchar Kut’ is a popular and the biggest festival celebrated across the state of Mizoram. It is celebrated to welcome the spring season. The festival is celebrated by all the people of the state with many cultural events associated with it. People participate in dance and musical events including the traditional bamboo dance – Cheraw.
Q.4. This year, what is the theme of ‘National Scince Day’?
A. Woman in Scinence
B. 21ST century is an era of Science
C. Skilled & Digital India
D. Science : Make the life grea
Ans :- A
Every year on February 28, Indian celebrates National Science Day to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir CV Raman. Raman Effect was discovered by the professor on February 28, 1928. This year, the National Science Day is celebrated under the theme.
Theme : Women in Science
The National Science Day was first designated in 1986 and was first celebrated in 1987. Sir CV Raman announced his discovery in this day. He was later awarded the Nobel prize for this discovery in 1930.
Raman Effect
The Effect states about scattering of light. When a beam of light comes out of a liquid, the light wave scattered in a direction is different from that of the incoming light wave.
Q. 5. On February 26, 2020, the largest ever conference on traditional medicine was held at ?
A. Tokyo, Japan
B. New Delhi, Bharat
C. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
D. Doha, Qatar
Ans: B
On February 26, 2020, the largest ever conference on traditional medicine was hell in New Delhi. The ICoSDiTAUS-2020 called the international conference on standardization of Diagnosis and Terminologies of AYUSH was attended by 16 countries. It included Serbia, Sri Lanka, Curacao, Mauritius, Iran, Japan, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Switzerland, Myanmar, Cuba, Ghana, Jamaica, Equatorial Guinea and India.
The Conference was organized by the ministry of AYUSH
The major topic that was discussed at the conference includes ” Challenges in counting and classification of traditional medicine encounters”. It also discussed about international classification of diseases based on traditional medicinal systems
AYUSH is acronym of Ayurveda, yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy
Q6. Indira Dhanush Exercise 2020 : India-UK joint Air Force Exercise held at where?
A. Pune, Maharashtra
B. Jhansi, UP
C. Gharziabad, Uttar Pradesh
D. Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Anc:- C
The Hindon Air Force Station operates under Western Air Command. It is the eighth largest air bases in the world and the largest air base in Asia. It is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The Exercise focused on ” Base Defence and Force Protection ”. Around 36 specialized combatants of the Royal Air Force participated in the exercise. From the Indian side, 42 combatants of Garud Commando force participated in the exercise.
Q.7. On February 2020 Bharat declared which animal as’ National Heritage Animal ‘ ?
A. The great Indian Bustard
B. Indian Elephant
C. The Bengal Florican
D. Lion
Ans:- B
India declared India Elephant as ” National Heritage Animal”. This provides highest degree of legal protection to the animal under schedule I of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. The Asian elephant are called Indian elephants in the country.
The Great Indian Bustard & Bengal Florican listed under critically endangered species in IUCN read list.
Q.8. The union Cabinet has approved the constitution of the 22nd law commission of India. It works as an advisory body to the which ministry?
A. Ministry of Social justice & welfare
B. Ministry of law and justice
C. Ministry of education
D. Ministry of home affaris
Ans:- B
The union cabinet has approved the constitution of the 22nd law commission of India for a period of three years.
Law commission of India
It is a non-statutory body that is constituted by the gol from time to time. It was constituted in 1955 for the. Since then it has been reconstituted for every 3 years. So far, the law commission of India has submitted 277 reports.
The law commission will make recommendations based on the aspects of laws entrusted upon it. It will undertake works and suggest reforms that are essential to enact new legislations.
Q9. The government of India has renamed ‘The Institute of Defense and Analyses’ (IDSA). Now its name is?
A. Defence warfare and strategy college
B. Defence research and analytical institute
C. Manohar Parrikar institute of defence studies
D. Defence Technology for future warfare studies
Ans. :- C
Parrikar served as the Minister of Defence between 2014 and 2017. The institute of defence and analyses (IDSA) has been renamed as Manohar Parrikar Institute of Defence studies. His biggest contribution was the One Rank One Pension scheme for the armed forces
The IDSA was established in 1965. It was established for policy related studies in all aspects of defence and security
Q. 10. Which city hosted the ‘Bio-Asia Summit 2020’?
A. Berlin
B. London
C. Hyderabad
D. Newyork
Ans:- C
He government of Telangana is hosting Bio-Asia Summit 2020 in Hyderabad between February 17, 2020 and February 19, 2020. The main objective of the summit is to explore the capabilities of life science companies and their investments. Theme: today for tomorrow

Q.11. What was the theme of Milan exercise 2020 ?
A. Synergy across the seas
B. Protector of Indian ocean
C. Lord of sea
D. Broad Sword
Ans :- A
The multilateral exercise began in 1995 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The exercise will include multi-national groupings, simulation of operational scenarios and tactical maneuvers. Around 42 countries are to participate in the exercise. It includes Russia and USA as well. India has not invited China to participate in the exercise. The exercise is to be conducted in Vishakhapatnam in March 2020. Theme : Synergy across the seas
Q. 12. Which Indian Hockey player named as ‘player of the year, 2019’ by the international hockey federation ?
A. Surendra Kumar
B. Krishan Pathak
C. Manpreet Singh
D. Harmanpreet Singh
Anc:- C
On February 13, 2020, the international hockey federation named the Indian hockey captain Manpreet Singh as player of the year, 2019.
The international hockey federation is the governing body of indoor field hockey and field hockey. The headquarters is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The player of the year award is given by the organization to men and women since 1998.
Ques.13- Every year on 24 April day National Panchayati Raj Day is observed. On this day PM Modi launched a portal and scheme. What is the name of that?
A. E-gram Kaushal app & Sahodar Scheme
B. E- village Panchayat app & Aatmnirbhar scheme
C. E-Gram Swaraj application and Swamitva scheme
D. None of the above
Ans- C
The National Panchayati Raj Day was first declared by the then PM Manmohan Singh in 2010. The day is being marked every year by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.In the year 2020, on the eve of National Panchayati Raj Day, PM Modi launched the E-Gram Swaraj application and portal. Also, he launched the Swamitva scheme to integrate lands and reduce land disputes. The scheme was launched in 6 states. The portal and application were launched to develop the villages in the country.
The 73rd Constitutional Amendment came into effect on April 24. The amendment gave constitutional status to the Panchayati Raj System
Q.14. Which of the following country is not the member of the bay of Bengal initiative for multi-sectoral technical and ecomomic cooperation (BIMSTEC)?
A. Nepal
B. Bhutan
C. Bharat
D. Indonesia
Ans:- D
The bay of Bengal initiative for multi-sectoral technical and economic cooperation (BIMSTEC) is a regional multilateral organization . Out of the 7 members
Five are from South Asia
Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka
Two are from Southeast Asia
It mainly to create an enabling environment for rapid economic development accelerate social progress and promote collaboration on matters of common interest in the region
Q.15. What is the ranking of Bharat in UN world happiness report-2019?
A. 77
B. 50
C. 140
D. 106
Ans:- C
Released by UN sustainable development solutions network
Top :- Finland, Rank of India :- 140 th , Bottom : South Sudan (156 th )
Q.16. Match the following
Biosphere reserves Location
A. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve 1. Meghalaya
B. Nokrek Biosphere Resereve 2. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka
C. Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve 3. Madhya Pradesh
D. Simlipal Biosphere Reserve 4. Odisha
2 3 1 4
2 1 3 4
3 4 2 1
4 3 2 1
Ans:- B
Q. 17. Who is the foreign secretary of Bharat ?
A. S. Jai Shankar
B. Harsh Vardhan Shringla
C. Vijay Gokhale
D. Luv Agarwal
Ans:- B
The appointment committee of cabinet (ACC) has approved the appointment of Harsh Vardhan Shringla on December 2019, currently serving as India’s ambassador to united states (US), as the next foreign secretary. He is likely to take over will take over as next foreign secretary soon after republic day, 2020 i.e. on 29 january for a two-year tenure. HV shringla take over the charge from incumbent, Vijay Gokhale.
Q.18. Which of the following is not correctly match ?
Dam Krishna
A. Nagarjuna sagar Krishna
B. Hirakud Mahanadi
C. Sardar Sarovar Narmada
D. Srisailam Sutlej
Ans:- D
Q.19. Match the following:-
Pass State
Zoji La (Pass) Himachal Pradesh
Nathu La (Pass) Jammu & Kashmir
Bara-Lacha (Pass) Sikkim
Bomdila Arunachal Pradesh
2 3 1 4
2 1 3 4
3 4 2 1
1 3 2 4
Ans: A
Q.20. Where is the headquarter of Associated Chambers of Commerce and industry of India (ASSOCHAM)?
A. Bangalore
B. New Delhi
C. Gurugram
D. Mumbai
Ans:- B
The associated chambers of commerce and industry of India (ASSOCHAM) is one of the apex trade associations of India. The organization represents the interests of trade and commerce in India, and acts as an interface between issues and imitative. The goal of this organization is to promote both domestic and international trade, and reduce trade barriers while fostering conducive environment for the growth of trade and industry of India.

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