Best NDA SSB Interview Coaching 2022

After completing the written exam every student is searching for the Best NDA SSB Interview Coaching. UPSC conducted the NDA examination on 10th April 2022 and lots of students appeared in this examination, I hope you guys scored well in the written examination that’s why you are searching for the Best SSB Interview Coaching to join.

Major Kalshi is known as the best NDA SSB coaching in India and Allahabad, if you guys have scored the expected cut off which was predicted by the MKC then you should join the SSB interview classes as soon as possible for the best preparation.

Join MKC for the Best NDA SSB Interview Preparation:-

Major Kalshi Classes, a major and recognised defence institute in Prayagraj, specialises in the Defense Entrance Exam and SSB Interviews. Our institute is the first to provide a unique education for the NDA SSB Interview. Our institute has reached unprecedented heights of success in the last 15 years by inducting hundreds of defence aspirants into the Indian Armed Forces.

As you have previously read about the examination selection system, you must go through the SSB Interview if you want to be a commissioned officer. Our Institute will provide comprehensive SSB Interview training from renowned defence experts, top faculties, and various analysts who will guide you through the Screening Test, Psychology Test, GTO Task, Personal Interview, and Conference. Each task is assigned a distinct weightage.

SSB Interview Process:

The SSB Interview lasts five days, with different types of examinations and activities on each day. You will be provided thorough information on each day of the interview and how you must act and perform, among other things, in the SSB Interview Online Classes. Here’s how the interview went over the course of five days. Candidates can observe the SSB Interview Pattern below:

Stages Tests
Stage 1 Screening Test
  • Verbal and non-verbal tests.
  • PPDT
Stage 2 Psychological Test
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SD)
Group Testing Officers Tes
  • GD
  • GPE
  • PGT
  • HGT
  • IOT
  • Command Task
  • Snake race/Group Obstacle Race
  • Individual lecture
  • FGT
Personal Interview

The SSB Interview is for 900 points, and you must score higher to clear the total cut-off scores. You should enrol in the Best NDA SSB Interview Coaching in India, which will train, educate, and prepare you to pass the interview. Because we have a limited number of seats, joining the Major Kalshi Classes is not possible for every student. As a result, the Major Kalshi Classes team has created its own mobile application, making it very convenient for candidates to attend classes and resolve their concerns on a regular basis.

The interview is very diverse, and good preparation is required to pass the interview. If you are seeking the Best SSB Interview Classes in India, enrol in the Major Kalshi Classes and get trained by defence examiners and ex-SSB interviewers. The SSB Interview lasts five days and is unlike any other interview. The following are the specifics of the SSB Interview procedure.

NDA SSB Interview Process:-

The SSB abbreviation stands for Service Selection Board. The SSB Interview lasts five days, and each day is different. The following are the specifics for each day of the interview.

Day-1 Of SSB: Reporting:

  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
  • Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
  • Picture Perception description test (PPDT), etc

This is a very significant day for everyone. Those who pass this round will be invited to stay for the rest of the Interview, while the others will be sent home.

Day-2: Following Tests Will Be Conducted:

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test etc

Day-3 Of SSB: GTO Task Round:

  • GTO (Group Testing Officers)
  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle tasks etc

The GTO rounds are notorious for being difficult to score. This day is primarily made up of mental games in which you must engage and score points based on your skill. For this round, Major Kalshi Classes will provide special training and education to candidates in order for them to perform well in this round as well. Join the Best SSB Coaching Institute in India, which is run and facilitated by Ex-SSB Interviewers and Defence Officers.

Day 4 Of The SSB: Personal Interview:

Examiners are free to ask any questions during the Personal Interview round, which might be connected to your personal life or subjects, etc. You must, however, respond kindly to each query. There are certain techniques for appearing, acting, and responding in the SSB Interview. Learn everything there is to know about the interview and how to ace it. Major Kalshi Classes are well-known for offering the Best SSB Interview Classes in India. The Major Kalshi Classes make it extremely simple to prepare for the SSB Interview.

Day 5 Of SSB: Conference

The conference day consists mostly of a test or activity. This is the day you will be informed of your results. All applicants who pass the interview will go to the next round of selection. That would most likely be a medical evaluation.

Major Kalshi Classes prepare students for the SSB Interview in less than a month, with training provided by ex-SSB interviewers and defence officers, among others. It is simple for every applicant to receive excellent training at MKC. Join a reputable SSB Coaching Institute in India to be well-trained in all areas and pass the interview.

MKC 14 Days SSB Training Details:


Days Details
DAY – 1 Introduction to SSB(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)
DAY – 2 Screening
DAY – 3 Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback
DAY – 4 Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test
DAY – 5 Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)
DAY – 6 Self Description Test & Complete Psychological Test and Feedback
DAY – 7 OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)
DAY – 8 Personal Interview Briefing
DAY – 9 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY – 10 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY – 11 G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette
DAY – 12 P.G.T, H.G.T, G.P.E, & G.O.R.
DAY – 13 IO, CT, FGT and Conference

Major Kalshi Classes For NDA SSB Interview Preparation:

Because our sessions are taught by ex-SSB interviewers, preparing for the Major Kalshi Classes becomes very simple. The training will be provided by someone who has participated in the interview and has conducted the actual SSB Interview. A regular teacher or instructor cannot prepare you for an interview as well as the Ex-SSB Interviewers. Join the Best SSB Interview Institute in India and be well-prepared for the interview. At the MKC, one receives

  • Spoken English Classes Every Day.
  • Current Affairs Classes Every Day.
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Motivational Lecture, Speech, Tips, and Tricks by the Retired Officers and Academic Director.
  • Regular Introduction with the recommended candidates.

So, join the batch and be on the list of applicants who have been chosen. Our team will psychologically prepare you to pass the SSB Interview and win the competition. The MKC Courses are described in full below.

Join the Major Kalshi Classes 14 days SSB program which will give you a real-time experience of the Service Selection Board. The classroom programs and assessments will assess your strength and weakness. From the screening test to the final selection board, we will provide everything of the matter. The Real GTO ground experience at MKC will give you an idea of how to perform on a particular day.


How many days need for the preparation of SSB?

You should prepare as your written exam end because there is not much time for the NDA SSB Interview after the written exam. Mostly after the written exam of NDA, there is a 2-month gap for SSB interviews.

Which is the best NDA SSB Interview Preparation coaching?

Join Major Kalshi Classes for the preparation of the NDA SSB Interview because MKC is the best and has more than 15-year experiance.

Why MKC for SSB Preparation?

Because MKC is best for the defence preparation, we conduct 14-day training for the SSB aspirants and provide them with the chance to interact with ex- SSB officers.

NDA SSB Interview duration?

There is 5 day duration of the SSB Interview, you need to pass day 1 for the complete all-day process. If you get rejected on the first day you have to return home.

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