Army TES-50 Cut Off Marks, JEE Mains Cut Off Rank, and Eligibility for SSB Interview

The Indian Army’s Technical Entry Scheme (TES) is an esteemed gateway for young engineering enthusiasts to join the armed forces and serve the nation with pride. The TES-50 course is a sought-after opportunity that offers candidates the chance to pursue an engineering degree at the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) after their 10+2 education. In this article, we will explore the cut-off marks for Army TES-50, the JEE Mains cut-off rank required, and whether candidates who secured 4 lakh in JEE Mains are eligible for the TES-50 SSB Interview.

Army TES-50 Overview:

The TES-50 course is a special entry scheme conducted by the Indian Army for male candidates who have completed their 10+2 education with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects. The program is designed to groom young minds to serve as commissioned officers in the Technical Branch of the Indian Army. Upon successful completion of the TES-50 course, candidates are awarded a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree from the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA).

Army TES-50 Cut Off Marks (JEE Mains Cut Off Rank for Army TES-50)

Candidates must also appear for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains. The JEE Mains cut-off rank for Army TES-50 may vary each year based on factors such as the number of applicants and the performance of candidates in the JEE Mains examination. But those candidates secured approx 4 Lakh rank in JEE Mains will get chance to appear in TES-50 SSB interview.

The JEE Mains is a highly competitive engineering entrance exam, and a good rank is essential to increase the chances of being shortlisted for the subsequent stages of the TES-50 selection process. However, the specific cut-off rank for the TES-50 course is not fixed and can only be determined by the Indian Army based on the pool of applicants and other relevant factors.

Eligibility for TES-50 SSB Interview:

The eligibility for the TES-50 SSB interview is determined by meeting the prescribed academic and JEE Mains cut-off criteria. Candidates who secure the required cut-off rank in the JEE Mains and fulfill the academic requirements are eligible to proceed to the SSB interview stage.

Regarding the claim that candidates who secured 4 lakh rank in JEE Mains will get a chance to appear in the TES-50 SSB interview, it is crucial to note that such information must be verified through official sources. The Indian Army issues specific cut-off ranks for the TES-50 course, and any updates or changes in the eligibility criteria are announced through official notifications.

The Army TES-50 course provides a unique opportunity for young engineering aspirants to embark on a rewarding career while serving their nation in the Indian Army. Candidates aspiring to join the TES-50 course must fulfill the stipulated academic and JEE Mains cut-off requirements. It is vital for candidates to stay updated with official Indian Army notifications to ascertain the exact cut-off ranks and eligibility criteria for the TES-50 SSB interview. With dedication, hard work, and determination, candidates can pursue their dreams of joining the Indian Army through the TES-50 course.

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