5 Crore, Group-1 Job, House Site For Col Santosh Babu’ Family

While partaking in the all-party meeting gathered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday evening, the chief clergyman reported ex gratia of Rs 5 crore to the group of Colonel Santosh Babu to pay tribute to his grit.

He likewise declared that the State government would give a private plot to the family and Group-1 occupation to the Army officer’s better half Santoshi.
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KCR said he would before long visit the relatives of Colonel Santosh Babu and present the check by and by for the benefit of the state government.

Likewise, KCR additionally declared Rs 10 lakh each to the 19 warriors who were martyred in the engagements with the Chinese soldiers. The sum will be given over to the deprived families through the Union Defense Ministry.

The chief clergyman said the state government would stretch out total help to the group of Colonel Santosh Babu in the future. He felt that the whole country should stand joined together and stretch out help to the groups of the officers who were guarding the outskirts.

Symbol of Unity

“We should show the Symbol of Unity and impart a solid sign that the country is with them and their families. Our activities will ingrain certainty among the military workforce and their families,” he said.

The Chief Minister said while the Central government will offer important help to the groups of the saints, the states also should assume liability and hold hands to broaden support.

He accentuated the requirement for the States to offer financial and other help to the deprived families by lessening their uses in any event, during the COVID-19 emergency.

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