13 Tricky Questions Asked in SSB Interview for NDA

13 Tricky Questions Asked in SSB Interview for NDA:- More than 10000 candidates appear for the SSB interview to be conducted in the Indian Armed Forces. But in the completion of the SSB interview stage, only about 300 to 400 candidates perform better and get appointed for the academy. Now you must be able to understand that when you get selected for an SSB interview then your pass percentage goes down. Therefore, to be successful in the last stage, you have to show your full confidence in the SSB interview. If we try to understand with an example that when you fill the application form to join defence academies of the Indian Armed Forces then there is only a 0.02 percent chance for you to appear for an SSB interview. After getting selected in the SSB interview, when your full interview is done, at this point of time there is only a possibility that 1 candidate out of 2000 will be selected in the final merit list for the academy.

Now you must have understood what exactly SSB interview is and what kind of strategy you have to prepare to get success in it. Through today’s article, we will give you information about thirteen such tricky questions which are asked during the SSB interview. You are not able to generate much confidence to answer these questions and you are not selected due to a lack of influence over the officers. Let us first give you information about some common patterns of SSB interview which is asked by the officials.

SSB Interview Pattern: –

The candidates who are appearing in the SSB interview for the first time hardly know that this interview is conducted on a particular pattern. If you want to clear the SSB interview then you need to understand all 4 sections of the interview. Below we will give you information about 4 sections, by preparing for which you can ensure your selection.

  1. Questions related to General Introduction: – In the SSB interview some simple questions are first asked by the interviewer to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Interviewer tests your confidence. In this section, you are asked questions about your friends, parents, family, brothers, and place. You have to give optimistic and accurate answers to perform well in this section.
  2. Tense Question with Rapid Fire: – In the second section, stressful questions are asked one after the other to the candidates to test their decision-making ability, solution-finding ability, and originality search.Sometimes these questions may be asked repeatedly by the interviewer to annoy you.In stress flower questions, thoughts of your parents, thoughts of teachers, thoughts of friends, etc. can be asked about you.
  3. Questions related to social problems: – In the third section, the candidate is asked questions based on the issues of the country and abroad during the interview and your thoughts are known about how you can solve these problems.Keep in mind that while answering these questions by you I am quite simple and logically complete.If you are asked about the history of the country and the world, then you can state your desire to ask the answer of current affairs based on current newspaper.
  4. Questions related to practical knowledge: – If you appear in SSB Interview through Technical Graduate Entry then you may be asked by Interviewer Technical Basic Questions.For example, if you say that you like to play cricket, then the interviewing officer may ask you a variety of questions related to cricket.Many questions can be asked like how the swing is produced in bowling, how physical laws are followed in cricket.

13 Tricky Questions Asked in SSB Interview for NDA

During the SSB interview, the officials may ask you difficult and simple questions depending on your life situation. Many types of questions are asked by the officer about how you can handle a situation in different life situations.
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Below we are giving you information about some questions as well as what can be the answers to them.

  1. Why did you apply to join the Indian Armed Forces only in the Navy and the Army?(To test your vision, self-motivation, your potential as a leader)
  2. Why do you think you were not recommended in your attempt when you last visited?(Question for how knowledgeable you are due to lack in you)
  3. From which country have you come to join the Indian Defense Forces?(Question to see the passion of patriotism in you)
  4. If you fail in the SSB interview this time too, will you try again for NDA preparation?(Questions to test your confidence)
  5. Has anyone had an affair in your life, if not why, and if so why?(Questions referred to How focused are you towards your goal)
  6. As you have told about your area in your PIQ form, then tell some specific information related to that area.(Questions to observe your Intelligent Power)
  7. What do you think is your biggest strength and what is your biggest weakness. Can you fix these weaknesses and strengths?(Questions related to how much do you know about yourself)
  8. If you get selected in the Indian Armed Forces through the NDA exam, then you will not consider it as your source of inspiration?(Questions to see your passion for the country)
  9. If I reject you from the SSB interview then which course would you like to do after the 12th?(Questions to know your interest in the future)
  10. Tell me any 5 qualities of your best friend that you do not like.(Questions related to your being optimistic analysis)
  11. Why have you not consistently performed well during your academic studies? What was the reason that your percentage kept decreasing?(Questions about teaching you something from past experiences)
  12. Tell me any three qualities about yourself that will make me choose you in the Indian Academy?(Questions related to knowing your true potential)
  13. Who is closest to you in your life and how is that inspirational to you? (Questions related to how you deal with difficult problems in your life)

Why are these tricky questions asked in NDA SSB Interview?

Now you must be thinking that how to answer the above questions and why similar questions are asked during NDA SSB.So let us tell you that during the SSB interview all these questions are asked by the officials to check your ability to solve problems in difficult situations. If you are true to yourself and you have a strong desire to make a career in the Indian Armed Forces by clearing the SSB interview, then you can get the guidance of the best teachers.

Tricks related to the preparation of tricky questions: –

You have to prepare yourself for the tricky questions asked during the SSB interview. Different coaching institutes give you the best type of tricks and tips to answer these questions. But when all these questions are asked to you during the SSB interview, then you should be comfortable and answer the question considering the condition. You can also take admission in NDA’s Best Coaching Institute Major Kalshi Classes located in Allahabad to better prepare for tricky questions. Generally, you can answer tricky questions keeping your common sense and optimism, and alertness. If you want to get any type of book to prepare for other stages of the SSB interview then click on the link given below and get these books sitting at home.

Tricky Questions of NDA SSB Interview To get complete information and preparation for the SSB Interview, you must get yourself enrolled in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. Considered to be one of the best coaching institutes for the Armed Forces, MKC has consistently performed well in the NDA. In today’s time, more than 500 candidates through NDA in Indian Armed Force have fulfilled their dream by studying in MKC. If you also want to prepare completely related to the SSB interview or written exam of National Defense Academy then use the below-given contact number and official website and enrol yourself.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • What type of questions is asked in the SSB interview?
    Ans: –
    In the NDA SSB interview you are asked four-level questions.In these sections, you are asked questions related to General Introduction, Rapid Fire Questions, Social Problems Related Questions, and Practical Knowledge.
  • Is it extremely difficult to crack SSB interview?
    Ans: –
    If you prepare for the SSB interview with determination and under the guidance of the best teachers then you can get 100% in NDA through SSB interview.
  • Can the preparation for the SSB interview be done in the shortest possible time?
    Ans: –
    If you have prepared well for written examinations related to Armed Forces then you can prepare for an SSB interview within a minimum of 1 month.
  • Which coaching institute to take admission in for SSB interview preparation?
    Ans: –
    You can enroll in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to crack SSB interview.
  • Online SSB preparation is better or not?
    Ans: –
    If you want to prepare for an SSB interview online, then you can prepare better by joining the online platform of MKC.Preparing online can also ensure your success.
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