We love our Indian Army like we love nothing else. And this love can never be understood by those who have not felt or faced the passion for our Nation and Army. And if someone asks us, “WHY ARE YOU SO CRAZY ABOUT THE ARMY.” The most befitting reply would be silence because WE LOVE OUR ARMY BECAUSE WE LOVE IT. There are no ifs and buts for it. It is something very real and true which can’t be expressed in words. But still, if you want some facts for your question. Here are AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE INDIAN ARMY :

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    1. The Indian Army is the fourth-largest standing Army on the planet after the US, Russia, and China — with 3 million military workforce.

    2. The Army holds the record of taking care of the highest war zone, Siachen Glacier, over 5000 meters from the mean ocean level.

    3. The Indian Army additionally holds the record of accepting the world’s biggest military acquiescence. In the 1971 Indo-Pak war, India won the fight against Pakistan. The last needed to freely give up to India, and it is also known as the largest military surrender after World War II.

4. The Indian Army’s High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) is one of the world’s most elite military instructional hubs.

5. The Gorkha regiment is perhaps one of the oldest regiments of the Indian Army and has intrigued pioneers worldwide with their battle capacity. Adolf Hitler once allegedly said, “On the off chance that I had Gurkhas, no armed forces on the planet would overcome me.”

6. The Indian armed force has the biggest ‘voluntary’ military power on the Earth.

7. The Bailey bridge, the highest altitude bridge in the world, is built by the Indian army.

8 We also have a horsed cavalry regiment, one of the last 3 remaining in the world!

9 The Indian army has never initiated the first attack or engaged in a military coup to gain power or govern a nation.

10. India positions fourth in the rundown of worldwide firepower, next just to the USA, Russia, and China.

11. As part of Operation Rahat, the Indian armed force cleared many individuals from the gigantic flood in Uttarakhand. It was one of the biggest civilian rescue operations ever carried out in the world!

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