10 Special Things You Get Only in the Indian Defence Services

Indian Armed Forces includes Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. All these wings are India’s shield and sword. They keep our nation protected and safeguard citizens from enemies. Be it soldiers, militants, or officers, their job role is respected and adored. Hence, they deserve extra perks and amenities. Here, in this blog, we are discussing some amazing and special things that only Indian Defence Services offers to their staff.

Unique Work Environment: There are hardly any employment options where you are required to be physically fit and strong, enhance your skills and knowledge, develop your personality, and get paid. Indian Defence Services is the only one where you will get all these perks. There are so many ways to join Indian Armed Forces after graduation; however, the maximum number of cadets can join after 10th & 12th standard.

No Need of Drugs to Feel High: You will get a chance to get trained at NDA, IMA, OTA, ACC, and so on. Once the training gets over, an adventurous life will wait for you. The sports you play, the tasks you perform, and the extreme conditions you live and work are incomparable. It is a lifetime opportunity. You have to be alert and available all the time. The adrenal level is almost always high.

Prestigious Life: The respect you get from your friends, family, and fellow countrymen is something that money can’t buy. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you will be treated with full respect. If you are an officer, you will have the power to make decisions and your subordinates will treat you like a king.

Well-Disciplined Life: This is one of the most amazing aspects of being a part of Indian Defence Services. Nowhere else you will get an opportunity to get up early, jog for five kilometres, exercise every day, attend camps, and trained throughout the career. Performing these activities on a regular basis will make you a well-disciplined person. Not only this, it will keep your body fit, mind at rest and soul at peace throughout life.

Explore the World: There are so many jobs where you get transferred from one location to another, but not as frequent as in the Indian Defence Services. Here, you can get transferred to exotic locations like plains, plateaus, mountains, and sea. During two or three years of postings, you will get opportunities to see famous religious sites, national parks and reserves, monuments and so on. It’s gratifying to experience all these things.

Canteen Stores Department: You may think that it is a futile and tactic space, but here you will find almost everything right from needle to vehicle or refrigerator at half of the actual price. Does not it sound amazing?

Amazing Medical Facilities: May God keep your loved ones safe, but in case if they get sick, you will be provided with medical facilities. These days, medical expenses eat most of the savings and consume a big chunk of monthly income for months and years. The staffs at the Indian Army hospitals are Indian Defence Services employee and the hospitals are non-profit ones, hence services are full of kindness, care, and selflessness and standards that are well-maintained.

High Standard Education for Kids: The Government has set up Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for all the Central Government employees but the maximum benefits are being harvested by the Indian Defence Services employees. It’s well known that KVs are at par with the best of the Schools in India. They have a modern and efficient curriculum in place. They have a highly qualified faculty and maintain the quarterly and monthly pace of covering the syllabus so that if you get transferred midterm, your child’s education is not hampered.

ECHS and Pension: Everyone needs maximum help and support during the golden stage of life. And, the Indian Defence Services do not leave their employees when they need it the most. ECHS Polyclinics are the hospitals for retired members and their families. The pension facility is available for Armed Forces retirees and their spouses as well.

A life lived well: The only thing that you are going to feel at the end of the life is – It was a life lived well.

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