As we know the Psychological test plays very important role in SSB interview. Psychology test comprises of four important tests in which Word Association Test is also among one of them. In this test a candidate is supposed to write a meaningful sentence within 15 seconds. It puts time constraint and demands quick action and spontaneous reaction. This feature of WAT makes it one of the toughest task for candidates. Words ranges from positive to negative for which good practice is required. Here in this blog I will provide you the list of commonly asked negative words which you may come across in SSB interview.

Afraid Aggressive
Alone Sink
Attack Terrorist
Warn Waste
Difficult Injured
Dislike Cannot
Defeat Clumsy
Dead Confuse
Damage Cheat
Divorce Delay
Disease Danger
Dreadful Annoys
Afraid Problem
Alone Poor
Attack Poison
Damage Quit
Difficult Reject
Dislike Revenge
Grave Harmful
Quit Humiliate
Dull Impossible
Deteriorate Ignore
Dark Insecure
Grave Ill
Quit Insane
Dull Inferior
Deteriorate Bore
Dark Bad
Alcohol Broken
Beg Blame
Furious Beer
Bomb Booze
Anger Abandon
Avoid Abuse
Awful Disaster
Ashamed Dumb
Embarrass Evil
Enemy End
Fear Excuse
Fight Horrible
Deny Harm
Depress Pain
Drug Pessimist
Dirty Insult
Dishonest Jealous
Fault Kill
Fail/Failure Lie
Hate Foul
Hurt Fright
Hide Force
Hunger False
Lost Gossip
Loose Afraid
Miser Sad
No Sorry
Not Sorrow
Never Steal
Offensive Suspicious
Rude Traitor
Upset Tension
Un-fair, Suicide
War Delay
Worthless/Zero Fear
Attack Guilty
Offense Poverty
Torture Mourn
Bully Hate
Accident Accident
War War
Battle Battle
Serious Serious
Wreak Sorry
Reject Unable
Kill Refrain
Crisis Avoid
Withdraw Revenge

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How to approach Negative words-

Positive situation and positive words could be handled by everyone as it doesn’t demand any specific qualities but a true commander and leader is one who stood against the wind during the adverse conditions and same thing is tested in this test by giving negative words. Here are some of the key points which can help the candidates to handle these words-

  • Do not leave any negative word as it shows that you are incapable of handling the situation and you bowed down.
  • Do not make negative sentences.
  • Do not write the antonym of the negative word as it denotes that you modified that word as per the situation which suits you.
  • Write small sentences consisting of 4-5 words.
  • You can also change the form of the words.
  • Try to think as quickly as possible.
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  • Write sentences which projects your personality.
  • Do not cram the sentences.

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