Lecturette is one of the important task which comes under the Group Testing Series generally conducted on the third day of the SSB Interview. It is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and ability to express with ease and comfort. With the help of this blog we will understand about the whole procedure and some of the key points to be understood to well in this task.

Lecturette Procedure
Before starting the task GTO will brief the procedure of the Lecturette. In this test GTO will have some lecturette cards having four topics on each card. Every candidate will pick one card. 3 minutes will be provided for preparation of the topic and 3 minutes will also be given to speak on the chosen topic.

Let’s understand this entire procedure one by one. Suppose Chest No-1 has picked a card. GTO will show a nearby place where he will go and prepare on the chosen topic.

Once 2 minute 30 seconds will be over GTO will tap a single bell to inform candidate that only 30 seconds are left. Once 3 minute will be over GTO will signal double bell which will be the indication to come in front of the group, hand over the lecturette card to GTO and start speaking. Again after the completion of the 2 minute 30 seconds GTO will signal single bell which means candidate has to sum up the lecturette in next 30 seconds. After 3 minute two bell will be rang to direct the candidate stop speaking. With this the next candidate who is preparing will come to speak and as soon as he will start speaking next candidate will pick his card and go to prepare on the topic. This process shall go on till the last candidate is done.

Type of topics

GTO will have set of cards in which each card will have 4 topics. Topics will be of various category. If we observe these cards minutely we will find that we can divide the topics into two categories i.e. social events and current events. We can also distinguish the level of these topic in three levels i.e. average level topics, above average level topics and below average level topics.

1.Corruption in India
2.Women empowerment
3.Indo China Relations
4.My memorable moment of life

Here you can find a sample card. You can see that topic no 1 and no 2 is average level topic on which a candidate possessing observational skills and good confidence can speak well. Topic no 3 can be considered as the above average level topic as it is associated with current affairs and International relations for which a candidate must have good knowledge and command. No 4 is something which is very easy on which candidates having good communication skill can speak. These topics are diversified just to ensure that candidate must be able to speak something if he is unaware about the technical as well as knowledge based aspect of the topic.


Which type of topic to choose?

Now the biggest question is which type of topic a candidate should choose. Here it is very easy. No need to think much on this issue as all the topics carry equal weightage. It is given in such a manner that candidates from all the levels can speak and can project their qualities. But here I would like to suggest to all the candidates to prepare well before the SSB for this task and try to take on above average level topicas it shows good knowledge of candidate and awareness also and leaves better impression about the candidate.
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If a candidate is unable to speak on above average level topic it’s not a big issue. He can choose whichever he feels best and can speak with most ease and comfort.
Introduction before Lecturette
Before the commencement of this task GTO gives a chance to all the candidates to introduce themselves one by one before the group.

In this part he may ask you few things to cover in your introduction. This introduction may include the following points-
• Your name
• Where are you from?
• Academic Qualification
• What are you doing currently
• Parent’s occupation
• Hobbies
• Achievement
• What is the ambition of your life?
• Why do you want join the Defence forces?

You may be asked about any of the 5 things out of these given points. Try to follow the same sequence in which GTO has asked you to introduce yourself.

It is very important to do well in this task as good commanding speaking skill is one of the most important quality of an officer and proves very handy time to time in the Armed Forces.
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