What is Lasik Surgery? Is it allowed in Indian Armed Forces?

Vision is considered the most important thing in the Indian Army. Because if any kind of defect is found in vision then it can ruin your career. In today’s article, we are going to ask you the questions regarding the creation standard in the Indian Armed Forces i.e. is it allowed in the Indian Armed Forces. Many candidates become weak in their eyesight by continuous hard work. In such a situation, it becomes a little difficult to get these candidates selected in the Indian Armed Forces.

But if you have improved your vision with surgery and whether this standard is valid in the Indian Armed Forces or not. This article will prove to be very good and informative for you. Let’s start bro and let you know what LASIK surgery is and whether or not it is valid in the Indian army or not.

Short Information about LASIK Surgery:-

  • Full From of LASIK:- Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis
  • Use of this Surgery:- Eye Treatment
  • How it Work:- Adjust the Cornea Cell of Eyes
  • Where It Valid in Indian Armed Force:-

What is LASIK surgery?

It is common for candidates preparing for the Indian Armed Forces to have a visual impairment or visual impairment. For this they use glasses. You know this thing that if you are using glasses then your vision standard should be better. If you are wearing glasses and dream of joining the armed force then it will be possible for you to join the armed forces and serve the country. For this, you will have to undergo surgery. Now the question arises in the mind of some that what is LASIK surgery and when and how should it be done. In the article below, we are giving you detailed information about LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery is used to treat vision loss. This surgery is commonly known as laser eye surgery laser eye corrector. This treatment is done for the person or candidate who suffers from myopia, hypermetropia, farsightedness, etc. This treatment is a type of refractive surgery. Individuals or candidates who want to get rid of glasses can get this LASIK surgery done. According to the ophthalmologist, this surgery is done to give proper shape to the cornea of ​​the eye. Laser is used for better shaping.

Common Issue Face in LASIK Surgery:-

Some people believe that surgery does not improve the vision of the eyes. To confirm this, in 2006, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence collected a lot of evidence in the context of LASIK surgery. After inspection, it was said that this is very effective and safe for the correction of refractive errors of the eyes.

But such candidates or persons who are suffering from a thin cornea or high myopia should not get LASIK surgery.

Risk factors arising from LASIK surgery:

The following problems arise when asking or looking at the opinions given by people who have had LASIK surgery.

  • If you are using contact lenses and glasses, then they have to be changed.
  • After having LASIK surgery, you have to accept certain conditions and the use of certain medicines.
  • The condition of eye infection also arises.
  • Many such people believe that when they have had LASIK surgery, they experience dryness in the eyes, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision.

Is LASIK surgery allowed in Indian Armed Forces?

Indian Air Force:-

In order to join the Indian Air Force, if the candidate has used laser surgery to improve eyesight, then they are considered for selection.

  • To become a pilot in the Indian Air Force, a candidate must have good eyesight.For this the standard of vision of the candidate should not be more than 20/70.
  • Candidates who join the Indian Air Force for navigator training should not have a poor vision standard of more than 20/200 in each eye.
  • If you want to join as ground staff officer under technical branch and using spectacles then your vision should be 6/6.

Indian Army Lasik Surgery Standard: – The candidate who wants to join the Indian Army can also undergo LASIK surgery. For this, you have to follow the standard of the Indian Army.

  • According to this, if your surgery is done after the age of 20, then you are valid in the Indian Army.Apart from this, after the surgery, your eyesight should be 6/6 without glasses.
  • If you want to get selected for Army Aviation then your vision should be 20/40 (20/20) standard without any improvement.
  • You are valid with 6/6 vision in any branch of Indian Army except Indian Army Aviation.
  • Lasik surgery is not valid in NDA exam or for candidates selected by NDA.Because the minimum age of the candidates to appear in the NDA exam is 19 years.

Indian Navy Lasik Surgery Standards:-

  • LASIK surgery or other eye surgery is valid for candidates applying for the posts of Pilot, NFO or both in the Indian Navy.
  • With LASIK surgery you can apply for Onboard Duty Staff, the technical of the Indian Navy.
  • Your vision standard must be -0.75D to join Indian Navy.
  • If you want to get selected for Navy Fighter Pilot then your vision should be 20/40 (20/20) standard without any improvement.
  • You are valid with 6/6 vision in branch of Indian Navy as Transport Pilot
Armed Force NameArea
Indian ArmyIn All Service (Expect NDA- Due to its Min Age are 19.
Indian NavyOnboard Duty Staff, the technical, Pilot
Indian Air Forceground staff officer under technical branch (Some time as Pilot- If Eyes Vision are not more than 20/70)

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